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  1. Surprisingly...not-bloody-creepy! I'm really excited to be reading more about your new character!
  2. Life on a plain old Monday 6.00AM - I wake up, realize it's too late for my daily yoga session (wishful thinking), shower. 6.30AM - Coffee + feeding the cats (Lars and Milo). 7.15AM - I wait for the tram on the worn down platform, listening to Mumford & Sons, checking myself out in the reflection of a malfunctioning billboard. 8.00AM - I open up the gallery, check mails, coffee. - 4.00PM - Closing up early because of a lack of visitors and confidence, grab Mark (my camera), head out on the streets of New York. 4.45PM - Snap some shots of peculiar looking strangers, get scolded because of it, head to the grocery store. It's organic. The wine, that is. - 6.00PM - Have a glass, feed the cats, Spotify, salad. Another glass. Homework. 9.00PM - Editing, call from a Tinder match to head out for drinks. I agree. - 1.00AM - Somehow I don't recall...
  3. Fluffles

    How many of you roleplay as yourself?

    Even if I tried, I'd be dead after an hour. Legit, an hour, not longer. I like my characters delicate but badass
  4. Fluffles

    When will it end pt. 2 Is there a fix for this?

  5. Fluffles

    How do you make Tea?

    NO. MILK. EVER. Unless you're making chai latte. In that case: water + chai mix first, boiled milk after. NO MILK. And don't even think about turning your brew into poisin using any kind of sweetener.
  6. <3 Thank you Ramon, I certainly will! Damn, I feel honored! Glad you liked it
  7. I just added chapter 4 part 1! Part 2 coming soon -
  8. I really like your writing style, you could certainly do something with this! You'll be writing more, right? You better!
  9. Hahaha glad to help out! Working on the next chapter
  10. Thank you so much! I'm working on the next chapter right now
  11. Thank you so much Castiel! Thank you! I'm glad you like it