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  1. The Regulator's Media Thread

    Happy day
  2. Police group idea?

    Everytime we try to they always fight. D:
  3. Group Alignment Sections/Tabs

    I think I might have made this happen. I think I might have made this happen.
  4. Hostile Factions and You: A Question

    You can trust the Regulators man will help you whenever we can. Unfortunately you never know its us as there are so many people trying to kill us we have to hide. I scout before I engage in rp or make sure I have the upper hand in case the guy or guys aren't so friendly.
  5. Rustled Jimmies

    http://rustledjimmies.com/ You can thank me later.
  6. What do you listen to ?

    Man this guy can do a great cover of a song.
  7. Attempted KOS Pavlovo

    I with APTerminator that night on the server. We found the truck in zelenogorsk with no one around. We spent about 10 minutes trying to find parts to fix the truck that had nothing.
  8. Escape from Tarkov

    I see this game to be interesting and may be something you all might want to look into. Also since its the 24 Merry Christmas if you celebrate it. [video=youtube]
  9. Impersonating

    My computer cant handle running a recorder while playing. My specs are high right now to do so. I have no Ingame footage of the incident. I was saying I'm going to join the 53rd, yes I did. Make your verdict. I know that impersonation is restricted and have read that rule the day it came out and understood it.
  10. Impersonating

    I didn't say I was part of reds group. I said I was part of another unit not reds unit. I told people I was looking for red but not part of reds group. I must have been miss heard.
  11. Impersonating

    I have always wanted to join the U.N just never the old U.N. I heard they caused trouble and in no need was I to cause trouble and give bad rep to the new U.N after what had happen to the first one. I played as a U.N member from a different unit asking others around for info on the new U.N. Not many were happy to see me. I went on throughout the time my character was alive. I was killed along with another guy in vyobor by a large group of military style group who did seem to not like the U.N. It seems from what I have played most aren't too hateful towards the U.N but the some hold a something against the U.N still.
  12. So where must we go to join. I been just dying to see the U.N.
  13. Where the people at?

    I been traveling around and found no one at the regular places like green mountain or stary and even gorka. Where has everyone gone? New locations to meet up now?
  14. Old UN

    Why not bring the U.N back. Start on a fresh page and leave behind the issues and problems of the old u.n. I been looking for a group to join and you have experience with the U.N as you have led them.
  15. Kos Robbery, Bad rp nw airfield

    Server and location: The server which the event took place in is Standalone S2 US. The location is nw airfield at the end of the airfield at the tents. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): The time is 09:46 at the date of 28-07-2015. Daytime or Night-time: It is dawn at the time of the incident. Your in game name: My ingame name is Artyom Bjorn. Names of allies involved: There were none but myself involved. Name/Skin of suspect/s: The two suspects didn't identify themselves but wore all black. The first suspect wore a all black and a skull balaclava. The second suspect also wore all black. Suspects weapon/s: The first suspect carried a mp5 and mosin. The second carried a ak 74 rifle and Winchester model 70. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I have no evidence of video or photo. Detailed description of the events: The start of what lead to my death is not quiet simple. It started with meeting a man dressed in all black, alone. I said hello and offered to trade with him giving him my pinch what, who and what I trade. We traded somethings and then he asked me if he could tag along. I said of course and we set off to the end of the airfield towards the tents. We talked but I mostly told of stories and he listened and responded every once and awhile. He broke rp every once and a while saying spawning which I had to tell him to stay in rp also asking if he was new. He said he wasn't and had come back. In which we went back to rp. We looted for a good ten minutes then it took a turn. Another guy, saying he was watching us came up to us. I did my thing and told him my pinch and started to trade but then as I was crouched he pointed his gun at me and told me to turn around and drop my gun. As I began to turn the guy I traveled with shot shot and killed me. Then the two began saying how I was stupid for not turning around. After that they started to say how they heard me shooting them. After, they left with my loot.