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  1. Im mick micky mcflanagan. My parents were irish but moved to chernarus as my daddy got a good job at the hospital in cherno. It was good money at the time i was 15years old i had to go to a foreign school it was scary i didnt speak the language i was bullied. The way i would deal with my stress was to go hunting in the woods. Now im 23years old and as a grew up i learnt the forest of chernarus and how to use a range of guns and weapons but mostly now i shoot infected. The day i killed my mother and father was the day i became a true survivor everybody i knew was dead or a better term... A walking corpse only one of my friends is alive and we stick together through the rough times and support eachother in time of need and illnes. We agreed to attempt to create a small settlement once we are set up and ready for a responsibility of others lives and needs. Until then we survive together for ever for better or for worse to hell or to heaven we shall be together. Having a friend is what its about having nobody is lonely and not nice. My best friend Michael saved me after i was shot by a bandit. I was critical when he found me. He taught me how to survive encase he died. Now we travel trade hear stories of what have or had happend to the people we meet. Who knows we could meet you! this is for my account acctivation!