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  1. whats are sticky templates ? I DID IT WOOOOOHOOOO!!!!
  2. by looking at it again do you mean mine or yours?
  3. http://www.dayzrp.com/rules it can be anywere in 0. Introduction 1. Community Rules 2. Cheating and exploiting 3. Punishments 4. Staff authority ???? ??????????????????????????????????????
  4. ok befor i look another 100 times can you give me the link to the rules that i will find it at so i know im looking in the right place
  5. this is so frustrating any chance i can have a new one?
  6. uggg i cant find it im about to give up just to be sure i am meant to be reading the roleplaying rules right?
  7. this is so annoying! lol why did you make it so hard
  8. ok thanks guys for the help.i cant wait to do rp if it a sentance or a word? or random between does two?
  9. i have man ive have ive read it out loud slowly and quickly but i cant crack it. is it possible if i send you it you find it out and help me with it from there?
  10. i cant find its so godam hard! i have read all the tips and still can doing. please if is possible can someone talk to me throught voice (skype,ts ect) and help me please