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  1. Jeremiah Jackson

    Jeremiah Jackson is a simple man. Born in 1975 at the peak of one of America's most polarizing times, Jeremiah is raised in the mostly secluded town of Great Falls, Montana. He lives out a normal civilian life with friends and family alike and gathers information about the world around him by adventuring in the nearby forests and nature preserves around him; as well as every night when his family gathers around the television. Jeremiah's favorite TV shows quickly become "The Dukes of Hazzard" as well as "Starsky and Hutch" which influence his personality and mindset deeply. Throughout his time in both elementary school and High school he gets into a fair few fights, Jeremiah has always had a mouth on him which gets him into trouble quite often. After high school ends he joins the Police Academy to follow the message he learned from his childhood idols; help those in need and hurt those who defy you. After graduating the academy with mediocre scores he becomes a patrol officer on the night shift, not the best job in the world but hes happy to serve his town. He becomes extremely close to his partner Wade Walters, they become best friends; work is slow and they hardly have much to do on the job. One night they get a call about a burglary at the local hardware store, they respond to see a man in the store window emptying the cash register. Wade enters through the back of the store while Jeremiah resides out-front in case the perp attempts to flee from the front. Jackson see's the man approaching in the dimly lit store and can make out the outline of a gun being raised towards him. With razor sharp instinct he raises his .44 Magnum and fires 3 shots as the man drops to the floor and Jeremiah takes a sigh of relief. He then hears a groan come from the darkness within the store, he turns on his flashlight and as he approaches he can see Wade bleeding out on the floor. He caught a stray bullet from Jackson's gun and dies on the scene in Jeremiah's arms before paramedics can arrive. The incident is deemed an accident and Jackson isn't charged with anything; this doesn't change the scar that is left unto Jeremiah, he is disgusted by himself and resigns from the force. He decides to seclude himself in fear he'll hurt others he cares about and see's himself as a danger of society. He moves to Chernarus to enjoy its rural landscape and beautiful views, they remind him of his home in Montana.
  2. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Ah, alright thank you for the clarification
  3. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    So will everybody be forced to create a new character or will we be allowed to just wipe our past experiences and start over as the same character? I have no problem making a new character and background, I'm just looking to clarify.
  4. Return to DayZRP

    Howdy all, after about 2 years of inactivity I've decided I want to rejoin the community and enjoy some good old fashioned RP. I had to stop playing due to school and work but luckily now I'm able to get back into the swing of things. I can't wait to meet and interact with you all, I'm looking forward to many great encounters! ~HarlemMS