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  1. Its funny I found this thread because I thought the same thing today while playing on S2. A group calling themselves, Red Berets, told me to kneel and they tied my hands. They started RPing asking if I had been infected by a zombie. I told them no, and began RPing as their interrogated "prisoner" when they walked me inside a house and took all of my gear/clothes off and put it onto the floor. They emptied all of my ammo onto the floor and paraded me up and down the stairs naked. It was quite immersion breaking to try and have a serious RP session with 'not bandits' who stripped me to my underwear to ask if I was affiliated with any military groups... TL;DR I think stripping people to their underwear can really take away from a good RP session, and rarely fits into any characterization or role.
  2. I want to be a part of this! Where do I sign up?! Seriously I would love to meet up with a great bunch of guys like the NFC. Where could I find some of you?
  3. Its there. I even went on TS the first time I couldn't find it. I had read the rules probably 4 times through. After about an hour, I read each sentence twice and when I saw it...