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  1. *Sal drops everything in his haste to get to the radio. He's definitely broke something in his pack, but he doesn't even notice* Tom! It's me, I'm holed up in Kamyshovo. I can't believe I hadn't found this radio until now, I would have contacted you sooner. I'll wait, buddy. I'll wait. *Sal falls to the floor, caught between surprise and joy. Tilting his head back, eyes skyward, he whispers a "Thank you" before getting back to work*
  2. *Sal clears his throat, eyes darting over the brief announcement he had written down. Paranoid about the old radio failing at any second, he stops stalling and holds down the button* This is a broadcast to all frequencies. My name is Sal Hasan, I'm a survivor in search of an old friend. Tom, if you're still out there, I've been waiting for you and Laura to come back to Kamyshovo for some time now... but I guess you two got swept up in something and... I... *Sal releases the button, refocusing with a deep breath. "Stick to the script, keep it short"* Thomas, I need you man. I'm not living on scraps or anything, I'm getting by. But I just need someone, man. One more conversation with myself and I'll snap, I swear. If you can hear this, please answer. If not I... *Sal releases the button again. "God please let them be alive. Please don't tell me I'm wasting my time on this."* I'll be waiting on an answer. ... And don't be dead, prick. *Sal drops the radio, exhausted by the effort of keeping his voice emotionless. Crouching down and scanning the town with his eyes, he begins his wait.*
  3. Sal H


    I'm helping Tom with the whole media creation tool business, just need to upload it and he'll be good.
  4. Glad to (hopefully) join this community, if my application checks out! I really wanna join everyone in this experience, and I'd like to thank Tom Fyfe for telling me about this amazing place. Anyway, thanks and hope to see you soon!