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  1. This group looks like heaven to Shane. Application sent.
  2. IGN: Shane 'Bags' Davidson Age: 31 Country: Australia English skills: Fluent DayZ Mod Experience: 0 DayZ Standalone Experience: 20 hrs Roleplaying Experience: A couple of years of DnD back in University What kind of In Game role best describes you: Peaceful survivor. Have you been in any clan/group previously: No Additional notes: Shanes positive traits Optimistic Friendly Resourceful Excellent problem-solving skills Shanes flaws Thinks he can convince bad people to be good. (because he doesn't understand how, after nearly losing the entirety of humanity, people could think of robbing or harming the few precious people left.) No understanding of firearms Extremely scared of the zombies Best way to contact you: I'd prefer a reply to this thread. Otherwise a forum PM will do. Backstory: There was an old guy from my town, always sharing bits of wisdom. I've forgotten most of it now, but one little piece keeps coming back to me. 'People think they know all sorts of stuff, but they don't. A person will only ever really know a handful of things in their lifetime. You ever met a person and thought, no knew, that they were content? Chances are that they've worked out what their handful is. Why share this? Well, when your first whiff of food in four days is fat being slowly rendered over a wood fire, then... well turns out part of my handful is hunger. I mean, don't feel sorry for me. This isn't the first time I've gone without food for days. I've been out here for over a year. I'm sure it's been over a year. I was travelling with my partner - a backpacking trip through Eastern Europe. Catching buses, riding trains, thumbing lifts here and there. If we found a nice spot we'd stay for as long as we liked. We were always on the lookout for a good walk, overnight trips mostly. She's really into hiking, me... not so much. Kinda ironic that pretty much all I've been doing lately is hiking. Is that ironic though? I feel I need a stronger word for what's this particular situation. We were so close to heading back home to Australia, too. Just a week or two more and we'd be back to our life in the city. I was looking forward to getting back into work - I had a new job lined up at an up-and-coming software company where the hours weren't set and the coffee was good. Shit happens... and did it ever. We knew about it earlier than most I think, when we met a local telling us about their cousins-friends-brother who knew a whole family that was deathly sick. I've seen a few of the 'sick' and I don't intend on seeing any more. Hopefully I can find a boat with some fuel in it, so I can start searching. There has to be somewhere that hasn't been touched by this disease.
  3. With the grunts and groans of those... things... only reaching him though the occasional well directed breeze, Shane guesses he's far away enough to finally risk the sound that his new found prize may let out. He had never been more scared in his life going into that army tent, hearing how close they were. It was worth it though. He twists the knob on the top to the 'on' position. Silence. Relief and uncertainty come over him at once. He thinks to himself 'Well at least I'm still hidden, but is this radio even working?' He gives the radio a quick whack on his palm, for which it lets out a short sharp squelch. He notices that a small LED has now turned on. Relief turns into excitement. He depresses the thumb sized button on the side. You hear a gentle voice speaking in an Australian accent. "My name is Shane Davidson. I have been lost for 2 days. I have food and water, and means to defend myself... but I'm scared... and lonely." "I am on the outskirts of a town, ummm... C, T, A, P, little B, I, backwards N with a thing on top. Then C, O, upside-down little G, O, P." "If there is anyone listening to this, I will be here for another 24 hours." Shane twists the 'channel' knob to the next increment and repeats his message, he changes the channel, repeats the message and so on and so on.
  4. Shaun_Begley

    Disk Drive Space?

    +1 to Sebias idea for searching by file size. I've found myself in your situation a few times before (having a tiny little 60GB SSD) and what I've done is start in the root folder, then right click > properties on each folder. I'll check the size of each folder to make sure it's a sensible value. 99% of the time the culprit is the C:\Users folder. You can rinse and repeat this method within any folder you think is too large until you're happy you've gotten rid of the junk. You may need to show hidden folders to make sure there isn't anything hiding - Start button > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Folder Options > View tab > Advanced Settings > Show hidden files, folders, and drives > OK Hope this helps.
  5. Certainly channeling some nasty thoughts with yours! I'd guess you're avatar is implying that your character has a pretty solid understanding of the evil in our new world. 8/10
  6. Shaun_Begley

    Should the rules be changed?

    As someone new to DayZRP, I agree that the rules are explained poorly. A short sentence before each rule explaining their intention and what they are trying to encourage/prevent would help immensely. Although it is implied, I feel there should be a separate rule stating that above all, it is up to the player to decide when their character dies. This alone could clear a lot of the confusion, especially regarding the NLR. Speaking of, it would be great to see the NLR explained with a lore-mechanic in the future - we are survivors of (and presumably immune to) a zombifying virus after all. It wouldn't be difficult to have a system where at the edge of death, the virus seeps into our body - and although it would normally turn those not immune - it rips us from the brink. Of course it would take some time (like 90mins) and involve some cognitive disruption (say... short term memory loss?) and it would probably multiply itself to dangerous levels right near where we died (making it far too dangerous to pick any of our gear back up). Imagine the RP possibilities. Your character suffers real and explainable set backs, a bandit can say to your face 'hey haven't I dropped you before?', and everyone has a consistent and coherent understanding of what went down. Those that were 'dropped' don't bother with revenge, either, as it's more akin to a couple of roughnecks sorting their problems out with their fists - once it's done it's done, the winner won and it shouldn't be brought up again. I understand I'm clearly overstepping my mark as a newbie with that big of a suggestion for the lore but I think it has merit: You don't have to think about roleplay over ruleplay if roleplay is ruleplay.
  7. Heya all, time for an introduction. I'm a 31 year old working in the power electronics industry, doing a bit of design and engineering. I'm also at Uni again to study Industrial Design. I live in Melbourne, Australia with my partner of 6 years. I've really got my fingers crossed that I can get her to join in here, she's not much of a gamer but maybe she'll see this isn't exactly gaming. I've always been interested in RP, having played a bit of DnD back in University. Unfortunately most of my friends think it's a bit too nerdy and Skype tabletop RP'ing has never really worked out for me. I have plenty of gaming experience but I'm only just learning DayZ. I'll do my best to keep the OOC game-mechanic questions to a minimum. If you've got any questions or just want to say hi, feel free.