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  1. Hope you guys enjoy my first parody. Singer: MissChalice Twitch Streamer:https://www.twitch.tv/MissChalice
  2. The radio button clicks on and a faint voice is played through the speaker........ "Bruce.? anyone. ... Hello is anyone there .? this is John.... wil.son I got taken hostage,,.. from campp ..h.ope Long static is heard...... and thrown out near svet..... they took me ....for what I had, colddddd... starving. ... alone." The radio falls to the floor next to John laying next to the small candle for warmth from ocean breeze.
  3. The button clicks on for the first time ever. *hello, iss....this thin.....gg on?? "I really hope so, itss.. John. Wilson..... I am trying to..gett in cont.acct with Lucy, If you can hear this Somm....ehhow, I met you in dolina and we fell asleep.... Together at.....your cafe, please, if you can hear this, I'm in need of help, badly...." *The radio clicks off and falls to the ground.*
  4. Well my first day back was quite the adventure, firstly John met the beautiful Lucy Steele. We met one another in dolina and headed toward Novy Sabor to meet up with one of her old friends. During that walk John(Myself) and Lucy were able to talk to one another, and I guess we kind of clicked. Almost done with the walk to Novy, Lucy asked John if he wanted to race her to the church. John agreed and the race began. John tripped a couple times and the race was won by Lucy. You can actually find everything here in my video. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_9bv2mqz_c
  5. Hey guys, been here before but now im back, heres my channel, check out my stuff and leave some comments if youd like. And if you remember/or see yourself in any of the videos, Awesome!!! : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxLiuOeqX8W9N68-vydZFlw
  6. Ethan Cooper is in This one If anyone knows him, or knows his profile name, plz help me
  7. Hey everyone, the names John.. John Wilson, I have returned after what happened over at saga, So can everyone please help me with something, I am TRYING to find/get in contact with everyone i met back when i was on here, So everyone please help me, this is my whole series and if you are in one, please let me know, but most off all , I am desperately trying to find ETHAN COOPER!!! Please help me, Thank you!! -John Wilson
  8. Hello everyone, im looking for an in game character by the name of Ethan Cooper, Thanks.
  9. I have video proof of both my self and the killer because i found it on youtube, i also uploaded it onto youtube. The whole scene was a big fight between two people claiming about whose truck it was, one guy was yelling at him in russian accent, than shot the back tire. The guy who we all believed owned the truck than shot him in the head, along with his buddy on the hill sniping down at us. Once the guy shot the russian in the head, me and another guy asked him to calmly slower the fun and walk to the police station cause he just shot another man just for shooting his tire. Than i got shot out of nowhere from the guy up on the hill. It sucks cause after i died i kept recording and hearing my buddy that i finally met up with yelling why and who would do this, than he ended up *crying* as part of RP. it Just SUCKS to finally meet up with him finally and than just lose my life. Server: US 2 Approximate Time: July 10 maybe 11th 1am NightTime: As in Video IGN: John Wilson Name of Allies Involved: Henry Rogers Name/Skin of suspect: Ghillie Suit/As in Video Suspects Weapon: Blaze 95 Double Rifle/as in video Killers POV:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ml6BXBZBqLs My POV:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwOY2FFrIC8 Thunderbird