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  1. S2: Cherno - ARDM (Invalid KoS) - 08/19/17 ~ 02:00

    Also, to reply to this. Even if you did think we were robbing your "apartment". I'll use this term loosely as Oliver was using it for a while. If you commanded us to leave your apartment and as we leave the room, you instantly open fire. This seems like a case of not trying to fulfill RP and instead just KoSing. You wouldn't exactly be in your rights to KoS, either. That room would not be considered that of a settlement or something, so you can't claim KoS rights, unless you tell them specifically that you will open fire if... That apartment was in the middle of Cherno, that's anyone's game. So, not only did we not hear anything you said during the entire time I was in there and speaking to Oliver, but you opened fire when we were exiting, which would have meant, following your demands. I will let the staff deal with the rest, but I just want you to realize the backwards logic that you did there.
  2. S2: Cherno - ARDM (Invalid KoS) - 08/19/17 ~ 02:00

    Here is the video. At the time that I posted (1:34:22), I was just beginning to RP with Oliver as he got on and tried to RP like he had a hangover. The incident where he got shot is around 1:35:47. https://youtu.be/QuV2vwjVvjI?t=1h34m22s
  3. S2: Cherno - ARDM (Invalid KoS) - 08/19/17 ~ 02:00

    I've been at my dad's for the past few days. When I get the opportunity I will upload and I also want to have a personal talk with @Markus Spear.
  4. S2: Cherno - ARDM (Invalid KoS) - 08/19/17 ~ 02:00

    The thing Is, just saying, "Get the fuck out of my apartment" is not rights for you to KoS. Also, to add, I heard no one say that at all. Plus, that was Oliver's apartment and oil barrel
  5. Server and location: S2 in Cherno Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 08/19/17 around 02:00 Your in game name: Casey Halls Names of allies involved: @Taryn, @CorbSlayer, @WulfeGirl, @Saintz, @Jman14102 Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video will be uploaded. Detailed description of the events: So, my friend Olliver was getting on, and at the time i was playing with the dynamic group above. @Corbslayer (Olliver) had me sleep in his apartment the night before so when he told me he was logging in, I started to head over there to engage in hungover RP. He spawned in and we had some laughs about how Casey always got hangovers. We were RPing like buds at the time. So, from the yellow apartment building, we started to walk out of the first door to the corridor that lead to the stairs. We continued to talk and the suddenly, when we opened the door, Olliver suffered 2-3 shots to the chest by what seemed to have been a .45 ACP Pistol. No initiation happened prior. Post-Olliver being shot, I hit the assailant with a few .22 rounds from my spotter and he goes down. I put one in the head to be careful. I feel this attack was unprovoked and very much unfair and bad role play.
  6. @CorbSlayer @Taryn @Otter and anyone else in the Riptide Collective. You guys delivered me brilliant RP. I felt fully immersed into my character and I feel like there will be a massive amount of development with my character being introduced to you guys. I had some of the most fun doing some drunk RP and I'll make sure to upload some of the clips! #VDV all day.
  7. Mental disorders

    I'm surprised there's nothing on DID (Dissociated Identity Disorder). People have so fucking many wrong misconceptions of split personalities. I have two friends with DID and it's the most interesting thing I've ever fucking seen. I can help you make a section as I've looked really deeply into DID.
  8. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: Casey Halls Country: Canada English skills: 10 DayZ Mod Experience: Over 1000 hours. DayZ Standalone Experience: 50 hours regular. 700 hours on DayZRP. Roleplaying Experience: Have been playing DayZRP for over 2 years. (I took a massive break) What kind of In Game role best describes you: Businessman Have you been in any clan/group previously: I was the leader of the Andronicus Corporation. Best way to contact you: TS and on the forums. Backstory: I wish to keep this classified. All I will say is that he has been through a lot.
  9. Casey Halls

    Casey grew up in a very well upbringing. He was successful at school and he cherished his relationship with his parents. However, everything changed when he turned 17. While at school, Casey's father, David, got Casey from school during lunch and said it was an emergency. At the hospital, it was revealed that Casey's mother, Anna slipped into a coma after suffering from a car crash. David Halls was working in a harsh environment so he struggled to get the money to pay for the treatment and otherwise. Casey was forced to opt out of high school for the better of his Mother. He got a job and he worked full-time. He wouldn't quit. WIP
  10. Back Once Again (Reason For My Break)

    I'm going to work on it, really hard to find similar minded people.
  11. Back Once Again (Reason For My Break)

    Thanks, man, I appreciate it. I hope I'll return and forming a close knit group again. It's a tough life and I need something to occupy myself.
  12. Back Once Again (Reason For My Break)

    Thank you
  13. Well, this is becoming a common occurrence, but I'm coming back today (Friday). The reason why I took a break has a lot of reasons, one of the bigger reasons was education. I was getting so ducked into this that I pushed a lot of needed work to the side which obviously caused a lot of issues. The next reason is stress, through these recent days I have been going through a lot of change within my family and otherwise. One major change was in my own house where my 19 year old brother got arrested for attempted robbery of a taxi and attempted break and enter while on Ativan, Adderall, Xanax, Cocaine and marijuana. He's most likely going to be jailed for 3 years. Over this past month I've been struggling a lot and it has been making my experience on the server less enjoyable. However, I've been finilly willing to reach out to the community for support as I come back. My progression with the Andronicus Corporation will continue. As my brother would always say, "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst" - Hawk
  14. What are the dying last words of the person above you?

    "Try me, I'm gonna fucking destroy you"
  15. @Lyca Could you please close this report? I've had a talk with @ToeZies and we've resolved the situation respectfully.