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  1. Proud Parents Thread

    And we have #1 DILF! Don't worry, me Canadian friend. I shall cross the bridge and meet you and we shall pretty much show everything wrong with humanity within 2 hours.
  2. Proud Parents Thread

    Yes, mummy
  3. Proud Parents Thread

    #1 MILF of the year. <3
  4. Staff Feedback: Aiko

    Link to situation: Everyone knows about it Feedback: Well, it's been an absolute shitstorm every since that report. However, I wanted to give my personal feedback on how I feel about all of this. I've been here since 2015, I've seen a lot of people come and go from the community for a lot of reasons. Now, for a long time, I was having an issue for how I felt about the Nigerian characters and the people who roleplayed them because I, quite frankly, found it as really abhorrent role-play. The only thing I really saw from them is how loudly they can yell with an African accent and make references to popular memes or otherwise, but not being direct with it. I saw Law using his character being a Captain being nothing but a way to abuse the, "I am the Captain now," meme as much as possible. I was thinking about bringing this up to an admin beforehand. However, I was being told by so many people and by some friends that, "No, this is amazing role-play. I'm laughing so hard". That or, "Nah man, that's my best friend, he lead MS-13". However, they were not contributing to the dynamic of role-play at all. They were not doing anything that was interesting. Sure, they might have just wanted people to laugh and have fun although the way they went about this is nothing but under a troll attitude. You can have a very funny character, but a funny character with no realistic characteristics or behavior in his surrounding does not work in this environment and should not work. If someone's attitude completely takes you out of role-play just for the way they are acting; there might be an issue. Personally, I remember a friend I role-played did something similar to this, but it was done in a very humorous manner and dropped it after one time. He woke up from sleeping and when he was walking up to us, he sounded really uncomfortable and said, "Man, you know I just had the weirdest dream that the Eagle were beating the Patriots 9-3 in the superbowl... Weird dream right?". This situation was very comically done and we all let it slide just for the cleverness. Now, I will get on to Aiko's decision. I found they did end up deserving a permanent ban from the server. Either that, or a very long period ban. I was an admin on a few servers on different games and I easily see Aiko's side in her decision. However, I see the other side with how they feel. Because of the system that the server has almost always been ran on, I felt like just letting another admin deal with it would have made things go smoothly. However, Rolle gave the go ahead so, who is to go against that. Rolle is the one who makes the rules, so there is not much you can say against that. Aiko, I don't think you made a wrong choice by doing this, not one bit. The idea that people think this is great role-play is horrible and I'm glad people opened their eyes and I wished it wasn't pointed to the admin team and they would look at the style that certain people role-played and actually assessed it. The server is not dying, we have been through a lot of hiccups and this is one of them. However, if a community is dying, all details needs to be looked at. Remember when everyone freaked out when Terra and them all left because of something Rolle did (Won't go into detail). Everyone lost their shit. But we are still here. Mistakes were made, there's no easy way to saying it. However, I do believe that your decision was correct in the end. Suggestions for improvement: Perhaps let a different admin(s) or gamemaster(s) take a look at it just for the sake of an impartial outlook.
  5. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    It's basically surrounding my current character and his self perception from schizophrenia. Yours is creepy af I like that 9/10
  6. Nope, guess again biotch Daisy
  7. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

  8. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Cute girl in a short dress doing a cute dance? That's a 10/10 from me man
  9. What do you suggest?

    Elekcity H7PX+, the absolute definition of a bang for your buck. Costs like $49 USD. Amazing crisp sound quality and enhanced bass. The microphone quality is amazing and I can even show you by talking to you on TS. It's durable, has a really nice LED display and is really comfortable with faux leather. It's a USB port and comes with a software that you can use to change a lot of settings and even do a voice change. It really has a lot more than what you'd get out of a $200 USD headset. My last one lasted 2 and a half years and I just got a new one.
  10. The Black Roses

    Good luck ya beautiful Irish cunt <3 Ulman will be back after this TV Commercial break. Or is it a Tide Ad
  11. Abusive Channel Admin Also, DM it to me no balls
  12. Nah, you got the more manly man Daisy