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"This ends one way for us, Dean. This ends bloody. It ends bad."

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  1. While I do find myself agreeing with what you point out @Erik, one thing that has been bothering me the more I look into it is people doing things for purely OOC reasons. There's been a select amount of people that tell me the only reason they do it is, "It's a meme" or "It's funny and if I have an issue surrounding It, I'm told, "I'm sorry you don't have the same sense of humor". Personally, it is infuriating when people do things in character just for the pure fact that they want someone to laugh OOC. It's a discussion I've held with many people that you should never drive your character to do things because of OOC reasons. That's like me making an character who lives Anarchy and chaos and hostility, but then I go and try to torture Anarchists because one of them insulted me OOCly. People need to realise that some characters are worked on for days or even weeks, hell even months in development so they can fully immerse themselves and be their character and not the PLAYER. Biggest distinction I always make that you are not your character, nor should you ever. All my decisions are based on what my character would do, not what I think would be funny or fun. Because reality says that not everything will be fun or interesting. You have to make it interesting, you have to push for things to happen. However, never push them for OOC reasons, always IC. As I always think, be realistic, have integrity, and always try to push for more roleplay, not just for more laughs. People play on this server more than just to have fun or laugh. I'll leave people to tell about that, but this server means a lot to them. People make characters to reflect what they will never be able to become in their mind to make themselves more proud and get through shitty situations in life. You should always consider if your roleplay is at all interesting to the people you are meeting or people that wouldn't be close to you or friends. You need to accept sometimes that your roleplay may not be as good as you think and you do not need to win. I admitted that pre lore, I was a fucking abysmal roleplayer, but I took that and I tried to better myself for other people, not just myself. It created one of my favorite characters that has affected a lot of different people in very different ways (Ulman Romanov Tolstoy). Now, I play Casey and try to make people all have interesting roleplay with me. Always strive to be better, always.
  2. To be completely honest I really want to get myself into airsoft. It seems like so much fun. But holy fuck does it cost.
  3. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Casey would groan for a moment and hold his side. He would take out his radio and hold down the PTT. Casey sounds relatively calm.* "Oh my god, now who is this slimy cunt? Shoot to kill? Also, fuck out of here with that voice changer, why don't you talk in your normal voice instead of ominously saying shoot to kill?" *The transmission cuts*
  4. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    *He holds down the PTT. His voice sounds unusually stern.* "Mr. Bond stop now! We are attempting to deal with it! We will not go to active war for Christ sake! You will go back to the station, now!" *The transmission cuts*
  5. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Casey would laugh very lightly as he takes a drink of water. He would take out his radio and hold the PTT. His voice calmer than before.* "Well, I have some bad news for you, Russki. Like I said, internal. Don't piss me off. Please and thank you, have a beautiful day. *The transmission cuts off.*
  6. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Casey would be searching through the area around Dubrovka and Novy Lug, scanning each building. He would take out his radio and speaks very sternly as he hold down the PTT.* "This is not a threat, this is a manner of interal affairs. I will contact for a doctor when I find her. This is a situation the Network will focus on, please keep away from this. We do not need more situations." *The transmission cuts off.*
  7. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Casey would be searching tree by tree through a forest near Altar Hill. He would hear Aaron on his radio and sigh is annoyance. He would put the radio to his mouth and speak calmly while he holds down the PTT.* "Again, this is of personal matter. You wouldn't understand... Fuck. Just please keep out of it... it will... it will be resolved." *The transmission cuts off.*
  8. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Casey would shake his head as he gets ready to leave the station. He would take out his radio and speak to the Russian man. He holds down the PTT.* "This is none of your business, whoever you are. Keep. Out. Of. It. Don't make me repeat it twice." *The transmission cuts off.*
  9. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Casey would be watching the sun rise high in the day as he hears Polly's panicked voice go through his radio. He would jolt up from lying down on the top of Altar Hill station and takes his radio from his pocket. He would listen in closely and speak into the radio. He would hold down the PTT, his voice, for once would sound panicked, worried.* "P-Polly? Where are you? Are those wolves? Polly!? Speak god damn it!" *He would pause as he begins to load his 12-Gauge.* "For the love of God, I better hear back from you... I'm securing the station. Find any landmark, Polly! Find shelter and just please stay safe..." *The transmission would cut out.*
  10. You hit me with that hard Y E E T <3 Time to broadcast like a motherfucker when some of our employees get back from vacation and being literally hunted by wolves
  11. Svoboda Brigada

    idk what you mean. He was never there, Mason. He wasn't even there!
  12. Everything is sound in this and I'll discus. You being a LM? Hell fucking no! You'd be going from character page #1 to most recent to see if there is any fallacy at all in the character backstory With all seriousness, thanks for the feedback, the first broadcast was rocky to say the least but the best way to put it is that we are News & Entertainment station. I agree too much music turns people away and too little will do the same. Currently, we are focusing on finding out stories that not much is known about them. Such as, the Skin Collectors or The Cannibals. We also intend on learning about the pilots and whatnot. While I see what you're coming up with neutrality and that being a given. Right now, we are trying to be in the process of gaining neutral status and various diplomatic talks have been made. It's probably the single most important thing for the station to remain neutral. If we don't? The station is gone. With the equipment, dunno what to say? We've been around a lot and that's the best we are getting As for now, the motives for the group are kept hush hush, so adding more goals may just end up being tedious. I'll talk to Allen and Kimmy.