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  1. @CorbSlayer @Taryn @Otter and anyone else in the Riptide Collective. You guys delivered me brilliant RP. I felt fully immersed into my character and I feel like there will be a massive amount of development with my character being introduced to you guys. I had some of the most fun doing some drunk RP and I'll make sure to upload some of the clips! #VDV all day.
  2. Mental disorders

    I'm surprised there's nothing on DID (Dissociated Identity Disorder). People have so fucking many wrong misconceptions of split personalities. I have two friends with DID and it's the most interesting thing I've ever fucking seen. I can help you make a section as I've looked really deeply into DID.
  3. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: Casey Halls Country: Canada English skills: 10 DayZ Mod Experience: Over 1000 hours. DayZ Standalone Experience: 50 hours regular. 700 hours on DayZRP. Roleplaying Experience: Have been playing DayZRP for over 2 years. (I took a massive break) What kind of In Game role best describes you: Businessman Have you been in any clan/group previously: I was the leader of the Andronicus Corporation. Best way to contact you: TS and on the forums. Backstory: I wish to keep this classified. All I will say is that he has been through a lot.
  4. Casey Halls

  5. Back Once Again (Reason For My Break)

    I'm going to work on it, really hard to find similar minded people.
  6. Back Once Again (Reason For My Break)

    Thanks, man, I appreciate it. I hope I'll return and forming a close knit group again. It's a tough life and I need something to occupy myself.
  7. Back Once Again (Reason For My Break)

    Thank you
  8. Well, this is becoming a common occurrence, but I'm coming back today (Friday). The reason why I took a break has a lot of reasons, one of the bigger reasons was education. I was getting so ducked into this that I pushed a lot of needed work to the side which obviously caused a lot of issues. The next reason is stress, through these recent days I have been going through a lot of change within my family and otherwise. One major change was in my own house where my 19 year old brother got arrested for attempted robbery of a taxi and attempted break and enter while on Ativan, Adderall, Xanax, Cocaine and marijuana. He's most likely going to be jailed for 3 years. Over this past month I've been struggling a lot and it has been making my experience on the server less enjoyable. However, I've been finilly willing to reach out to the community for support as I come back. My progression with the Andronicus Corporation will continue. As my brother would always say, "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst" - Hawk
  9. The Andronicus Corporation Media Thread

    Pictures and Videos of the Members of Andronicus Corporation Thanks to @Finn for taking these two
  10. Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "In these days, all we have is hope. Without hope, what's worth surviving?" - Casey Halls
  11. *While Casey was writing down schematics for his corporation, he hears a voice through his radio. He raises an eyebrow and listens in. He holds down his P-T-T.* "Holy hell, it's been awhile since I've heard a voice on this frequency. I think it was Bobby who gave me this... Are you trying to get old Coldwater back? That'd be hella great, I could use them. Fuck up those slavers then get your boys to have a talk with me, it'd be nice to get something back together. I need a force like Coldwater to support what I'm planning. Good luck out there, you'll need it." *Casey smiles and leans back in his chair.*
  12. I fist fought and he knocked me down on my ass, this was about 2 weeks ago @Lemons
  13. Keep in mind guys, this isn't like a trading group that we've seen in the past. We'll have a base of operations where groups may negotiate and other operations will happen there. And what Casey feels is that having some kind of general economy is how to Kickstart the beginning of humanity again. That's why the slogan is "Reforming Humanity". We're trying to change the dynamic of battles and the consequences of what may happen if battles do happen. We'll be causing less fights indirectly. Also, in regards to the mobile convoy thing. This is not something that is constantly on the move. Dealers would be sent to towns with a guard, basically the dealers would accept orders and then at the B.O.O. there will be a discussion with the executives about how to go about the orders. We can talk later. We need a person to lead the security department.