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  1. Kain


    Am I the only one who finds it concerning that PVP Training is slowly becoming a necessity for this server? 

    1. Eagle


      Your so funny man.

    2. Brayces


      You either train to be a PvP Frag God, or hide in debug. APPARENTLY.

      There's no middle ground.

      There's no trusting the other party to provide good RP. /s

      Maybe that's why I'm happy I have friends who play Hostile Chars so I can have hostile experiences that don't result in a 5 sec robbery, a meme initiation, or a pvp hunt fest. Friends who I can trust to respect my limits/boundaries and provide good, lasting and impactful character development. People I reach out to give or get feedback about the RP I had with them.

       People will say I hide in debug when I actively reach out to people who are hostile and see how our stories can progress, I actively "slip up" and drop IC hints about who I'm with or where I am to them. I just avoid hotspots and the triangle or military loot zones. I hear IC big groups are in Svero? I avoid Svero. Simple!


      Perhaps it's a good thing all this stuff is out in the open now. People need to learn to lose, and to take a loss and develop their char. off of that. 

      Most just go "Fug u, u didn't hit me actually i lived lmao u shit shot" or they shit talk non-stop or act trolly to get a rise to get in a fight. Instead they should RP being injured, being weak, being beaten and being down. Take breaks to recoop their loses from a fight, heal and re-set up. I know most people don't get medicalRP but I think it's needed as it helps to progress when a char does RP being injured, so you can play weak or get help or form bonds with people you normally wouldn't.

      But they don't and they won't so what can ya do? 

      In the end, I'm happy I have friends who I have hostile storylines with. Because at least when I have a shit hostile situation it can be made up when I engage with my friends who provide a wonderful experience. 

    3. Sacralegend


      I'm more worried that Kaz told me his name was David last night 😠

    4. Kain


      Well, this got some attention. I'm well aware how many people now train on PVP servers. @Eagle you can call me funny, but there are dozens of people who do. It simply feels odd to me just hearing people say they have to train for PVP before getting on the server. 

    5. Mademoiselle


      Double carrying guns on your back be like:

      hot sweat GIF

    6. Rover


      Nothing wrong with people training on a PVP server if they want to try to stand up to hostile groups that already know how to PVP. Honestly those groups probably approve of people practicing and getting the skills to be an actual challenge.


      I can count on two fingers the number of times I've ever 'fought back' but thats because my characters dont fight back, or were in situations any effort to fight back would be NVFL (I was playing a blinded dude.) 


      If people think they can't play here unless they know how to PVP, they are simply wrong. As someone that is the roll-over-and-capitulate sort, I rarely if ever have issues with the hostile groups. I don't provoke them, I don't troll them, and I don't shit-talk them. And what a surprise, they don't harass me!


      Only time I ever needed to take a break due to it was when I was part of Galapagos, and by the nature of that group we weren't really much for 'fighting back'.

    7. Para


      It's really not though is it?

      If you want to fight back doing some PvP from time to time helps with your chances of winning, bout it.

      You don't like PvP? Comply. There's a non-pvp option every single situation that occurs.

    8. Malet


      Is it? Didnt notice.

    9. Kain


      May have sounded dramatic. Not what I was aiming for tho. I'm just noticing how more commonplace it is compared to the past. Not sure if it's good or not, just concerned about it

    10. Elmo


      Having friends is more important tbh. You can be the best PvPer on the server but you can't fight 5 people all at once.

    11. Kain


      @APositiveElmo calling in @Joe for his POV on that statement.

      Tbh, I shouldn't be making status updates with no sleep. Bad idea

    12. Aisling


      I have had zero issues with pvp on the server.. the entire time Ive been whitelisted.

    13. Zero


      PvP on a PvP based game? Who woulda thunk?

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