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Status Updates posted by Kain

  1. Kain


    Stay classy, DayZRP. Stay classy.

  2. Kain


    Quarantine can suck my ass

  3. Kain


    Kain's Roleplaying Tip of the Day: Voluntary Dissociation


    There is probably a far better term to use for this tip, but for the sake of it, I will just call it Voluntary Dissociation.  So, have you ever found yourself having difficulty with staying or even getting into character? Have you ever noticed that a lot of your real personality seems to seethe into your character? Do you have a hard time feeling a personal connection to your character? If so, I hope this tip may be able to help you.


    Dissociation in the psychological community is often referring to detachment from your mind, body, or so forth. Sometimes this may be considered an out-of-body event. In psychology, dissociation is often defined as being involuntary. These episodes of involuntary dissociation can prove traumatizing for some. So, if you already struggle with dissociative issues, I'd suggest caution. 


    Something that I've practiced for years now while on this server and elsewhere is the act of voluntary dissociation. For a lack of better words, I remove myself of all I am. I attempt to remove the way I think, the way I act, and the way I feel and replace it with a forged sense of self. I take whatever characteristics, thought patterns, ideals, past, and so forth for my character and I place it into myself; Essentially, becoming my character and no longer being myself. This act of dissociation allows for character to flow easily. Speaking in character seems natural, the voice as well, the things he supports and so forth. You become your character, no longer yourself. It allows for some of the best experience in roleplay I've had in my entire life and developing a rich story unlike anything I could imagine. It's truly revolutionized my roleplay.


    Please do keep in mind, this is not for everyone. Nor do I ask that you completely remove yourself, always maintain control of yourself mentally and physically. A partial shift in your sense of self goes a far way. By no means, do you need to fully give into this idea. 


    I hope this tip may help someone in thinking about roleplay differently in any way. Thank you for reading.

  4. Kain


    Kain's Roleplaying Tip of the Day:

    When dealing with items in game, always try to relate them to your character's understanding and even attempt a little bit of previous research if you do not know it, but your character may. Such as the manufacturer of the M417, Heckler & Koch.

    If your character may not know what item you are dealing with, be vague. This goes a long, long way personally. There is far more character in discussing about the details of a backpack you are looking for instead of, "A mountain military backpack." or "black combat jacket" when referencing the two items: Mountain Military Backpack and TTsKO Black Variant 'Combat Jacket'. For the most part, it will help a lot with immersion.


    You can go quite far with this, really and be quite creative. You don't have to call everything by the in-game descriptions, and I honestly think most people would appreciate that overall. It really brings together a better flow and allows people to focus on the roleplay, less the actual item itself. 


    On a separate note, I might actually post daily or whatnot some small tips on Roleplay. It's the details that really change an experience.

    1. TurkRP


      this tip made me feel like playing dayzrp again, +1 !

  5. Kain




    I recognize that profile picture pretty easily. 

  6. Kain


    Thanks to all the babes that have gotten me back into RP. I never imagined having so much fun on here again. It's a break that I've needed for too long. 

    1. edgy Dingle

      edgy Dingle

      Been a pleasure having you around, buddy. Happy you made your return!

  7. Kain


    I gotta say, it's been some damn time but uhhh. Kazimir is going north ladies and gents. 

    1. Brayces



    2. Mommy


      Sneaky The Cw GIF

  8. Kain


    Yo, when did we start using so many new mods. This is crazy. 

  9. Kain


    Livonia looks a little tempting, ain't even gonna lie to ya chief.

    1. Mellstrom


      Get it, super worth it!


      For once i actually have to explore a different map and learn new loacations, also, less gear rp and big boi groups.

    2. Rover


      Its quite fun. The map is well fleshed out.


    3. Kain


      I would try it but uhhh. It's been so long since I've made a character. Let alone play here.

    4. Wolfen


      Miss you Kain

  10. Kain



  11. Kain



    1. bunny



  12. Kain


    University starts in 6 days. Fuck. 

  13. Kain


    About 2 hours away from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Great aftergift for my birthday!

    1. Rover


      My home town ❤️

  14. Kain


    Had an awesome birthday yesterday. Got to have my first shot of my people (Slava Rossiya). Hit me like a motherfucker but it was worth it. 

  15. Kain


    I really think we need to have execution rights tied in with PK. When you give your final words, say your goodbyes to everyone, turn yourself in and get publicly executed under correct rights due to past interaction. There should be a PK there right? 

    1. Lyca


      Don't we already have enough suggestions and threads about that? 😛 

    2. Kain


      I'm just saying, if people are willing to PK over a small mistake ( @Pinkerton ) then I think a properly done execution should result in a PK of sorts. It's just confusing as fuck.

    3. Lyca


      I was just teasing you tbh. 😄

  16. Kain


    Surprised I've made it long enough for another birthday. Happy 19 to me 

    1. Kordruga


      Happy Birthday! Dying to infected twice in one night is my gift to you ❤️

    2. Itsmez


      Happy birthday ! 🙂

    3. DrMax


      Happy Birthday, TheTrueHawk!

    4. Kain


      You're making me feel old @DrMax

    5. Pepper


      hey happy bday! 

    6. SofiaWG



  17. Kain




    1. SofiaWG



  18. Kain


    Imagine about to fall into a nice sleep just to be usurped by you starting to panic over the idea of death and how the fuck I can even accept it. 🙃

    1. Ducky


      I don't know what you are going through or what situation you are in.

      But if the thought of death keeps you awake at night you need to see a doctor or a psychiatrist, not the DayZRP Status Updates.

  19. Kain


    Playing Metro: Exodus again today. It's Artyom time m'boys.

  20. Kain


    So, I made sure before I go to sleep that I update my character page a lot. I've added a lot of people to his friends and his timeline and goals. Just a lot of new information on his profile now. Really happy with the RP I've been involved with for the past while!

  21. Kain


    Hope you all have a wonderful day!

    1. Malthis



  22. Kain


    If Dead Matter ends up being as good as it looks, we definitely have to make a server on there. So much potential, they better not fuck it up.

    1. Brayces


      Got meh eyes on that one.

    2. Kain


      For once, it would make sense for people to be there. Why someone would be in Calgary, Alberta? A lot of reasons could be named. Plus, we wouldn't have to guess a lot of things pre-infection. 

  23. Kain


    Is it normal that my brother sounds like SCP-096 breaching containment? 

    1. Banshee


      what do that sound like friend

    2. Otto


      like this


  24. Kain


    Didn't even realize but I just passed my 4th year on this community. Damn. 

  25. Kain


    Is there a high score for how many friends you can push away? 

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