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  1. Kain


    Do you ever think to yourself that you could die at any moment, any second for thousands of reasons? That you wouldn't be able to make it to where you want to go in life or something good disappears because of it? And which outcome would be better. Living in eternal life where there is no end or goal or living in eternal nothingness, where there won't be any consciousness and you just cease to exist. 

    I'm having an existential dilemma. 

    1. Banshee


      Honestly, this the kinda shit that pops up in my mind every single time I try to get a good night sleep.

  2. Zero

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    • Kain

    Die, die, never comply.

    1. Kain



    2. Zero


      I only deliver R O L E P L A Y of the highest S T A N D A R D good sir. 

    3. Kain


      I couldn't even read that with a straight face :^)

  3. Kain


    I mean, it's without a question we need a ghosting rule for both PVP and just RP. Don't see much of how this can be debated well, really.
  4. Kain

    Dan's Revolutionary Idea

    I could get behind that, it sounds good on paper.
  5. Kain

    Community Tribalism, from the perspective of a Campfire Text RPer

    Anyone who pre-determines their experience OOC is an issue. On really any side of the "RP Spectrum", same goes for meeting up OOCly just to be with OOC friends. In the defense of the so-called Campfire RPers, I think most, not all, have an issue with over-the-top hostile RP, not hostile RP in general. At least from my perspective what I've seen and heard during the Anarchy RP boys reign, it was less about the fact they were Hostile RPers, it was just at times that petty things would be picked out for a reason to be hostile. In my opinion, I am okay with the idea of someone doing frankly whatever, as long as it makes sense. What makes sense to me? Insulting you, doing something immoral, going against your beliefs, hell, if you want me gear, I'm okay with that. I don't really care for the reason as long as it is genuine and has quality RP with it. Another argument I've heard from other players is that they hide away in the woods and make RP stale. Well, as people argue, it's the apocalypse. So, as much as bandits will do as they wish, it only makes sense that the people who don't want harm would go hide from the masses. Now, the arguments that I will defend with the so-called Hostile RPers. The biggest one is about the PVP and this is sadly a case-by-case situation. Unfortunately, there has been a surge of mentality surrounding PVP, but that does not mean you should bundle all people who are hostile into that category. However, the people who are often accused for being a PVPer are being thought of for someone else. There are a select few who are godlike in their abilities to PVP, but that is the exception, not the rule. Another thing I've heard is the "Die die never comply" mentality and again, this is tricky. As some people have stated in the past, they've gotten little RP from people when they surrender and often just lead to a quick execution. This should lead into a conversation regarding how hostage RP can be done successfully and in an interesting manner which concludes with a satisfying end for both parties. I think the whole concept being hostage RP has been lost to both sides in my honest opinion, it's felt more as an annoyance recently rather than something to fear. Another argument is that Hostile RPers ruin fun. Again, just because a small group of people acted in a manner which you could perceive as trolling or otherwise, doesn't mean they should all get the treatment. Hostile RPers are here to enjoy RP just as much as the next, the only difference is they enjoy bring the antagonist. However, I do have my personal thing about this style of RP, I do feel like the motivations of said hostile characters can be played out better overall. Always avoid the "Bad because I can" which is where I see most complaints really originate from. But back to my point, they are here to have fun just as much as you. If you get caught by one, don't think so much OOCly about it, try to resolve it with your character and take whatever happens in a purely IC manner unless rules are broken. Overall, there is nothing inherently wrong with Hostile RP, a lot of the other side just like to paint everyone with the same brush. Now that I'm done with that, I feel like I should say this. Both sides should learn something about the other. Keeping yourself confined to one area and denying the other's opinion won't get us anywhere as a community. Both hostile RPers and Campfire RPers need to stop getting at each other's throat and instead give constructive criticism to each other in a respectful manner and even befriend them.
  6. Kain

    Community Tribalism, from the perspective of a Campfire Text RPer

    Arrogance, ignorance, categorizing, belittlement... The list can go on regarding the massive issue that the community faces. I've talked time and time again about the massive issue behind us vs. them mentality. People like to believe that they are superior in their opinion and their beliefs and that because you aren't us, you obviously can't understand our issues or pain. This is an issue in real life with beliefs and opinions as well, as I would hope most of you know by now. We've gotten too comfortable with the name-calling with 'hostile RP' and 'Campfire RP'. I used to just remember when it was Hero, Bandit or Survivor RP. Now, this has just gotten into a pissy fit on who's RP is worse. How far have we really fallen to get to this level of hate for the other group, I've seen so much hate from these so-called Campfire RPers to Hostile RPers and these so-called Hostile RPers to Campfire RP. When can we mature as a community to respect the idea that both sides have reasons to roleplay as they do and that everyone can learn from each other? I hope we can get out of this high school clique style of the community soon.
  7. Kain

    Dan's Revolutionary Idea

    Honestly, I'm torn and I have been for some time on this topic. I've debated a lot of different people in regards to Roach's old post about creating a perma-death system and I've argued into the issues with another community's permadeath rules and the issues with it. There are two extremes: no perma-death at all and perma-death at any player death. I really and sincerely feel like we need to find a middle ground so it comforts both sides of this argument, some kind of compromise. I do not feel fear from players much as time goes on, because if I die, it won't matter unless I make it. So, unless I make a very hardcore character who can be killed from the suggestion you've made, I do retain a sense of fear. However, I do see the other side of the argument. While the idea behind this is great, honestly. You do have to see issues that can be poked through it. For example, my old character Casey Halls was acting as a caretaker with Hondo and Aleksei to Mademoiselle's character Blue or Meika. For joking reasons and really no purpose, he was accused by someone for being a pedophile out of left field and people just decided to stick with it. I eventually killed Casey off, but I felt like the reason it went down that way didn't feel sincere and felt like it was an OOC meme, which Casey Halls had become a meme to a lot of people. So, this is where I ask a question regarding it: if these rules were in place with the same standards of rules involving who you can execute, could Casey just been publically executed for a meme and I would have to permakill? That's the issue at hand, it's not the issue behind purposeful and interesting execution that I think is the issue the side is against you, Dan. It's more of the unrightful or forced feeling behind an execution, that if you felt like you were just framed and just be killed on the spot, it feels really out of place because you may not have been able to make a story arc out of that at all. But, I will use a case of where I found permadeath to really bring out some really great RP. When the server was really down in popularity, I went to play on QRP for a bit with my friends and brought my old character Ulman Tolstoy on there. Eventually, he went into a relationship with someone and became an adoptive father and was also a drunk. He'd do some fucked shit and would get a lot of interventions regarding his drunkenness. I remember at one point, the town that Ulman's family was staying in was being attacked and there was a lot of panic when Ulman's adoptive daughter had been shot. This fuckin broke me OOCly because that meant that character is dead, and it let me easily get into a panicked, sobbing state of acting. But yet I still sit here and looking at this and think, what is the best way to go forward? What way can we truly compromise for the enjoyment of all roleplayers? I think the first thing we need to do to open a conversation is to accept said opinion. We need to let any mentality of "Us vs. Them" to go away, I don't care if you are a 'hostile RPer' or a 'campfire RPer' we are all here to find enjoyment and create a compelling story within the server. If someone makes a petty comment, forgive them and explain in a mature and professional way why you feel different. If we devolve this conversation to calling out people, we won't go anywhere with this. I think it's finally time we try to have a conversation on this.
  8. Kain

    Stay Classy DayZRP [Don't Tell My Wife!]

    The only ads I've witnessed since allowing ads quite literally 5 minutes ago are: Mazda CX-5 Ashley Madison Gamekit A fuck ton about debit Grammar.ly Shady write-your-essay businesses. I shall call these the 6 pillars of being in university.
  9. Kain

    Stay Classy DayZRP [Don't Tell My Wife!]

    LMAO, how I love these advertisements. Thank you @JimRP and @Roland for the gems that are made. Also, that face above the ad. I'd like to imagine that it the face of the person looking at her.
  10. Kain

    [Open Broadcast]

    *Kazimir would speak in a stern Russian accent.* "How about stop swinging around cock and act like a civilized being for once, da? Moody needs to address this or shit is only going to get worse. I lived through the shit war between the Anarchists and the Coalition, it's the fucking last thing we need when the Russian Federation is about ready to take Chernarus. Or don't listen and let them slaughter you. Stupid bickering among senseless men, find some common decency for once! The time is not to see how many people you can kill, we have a bigger fight soon. Drop it before it's too late." *The transmission fades.*
  11. Kain

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    People have. This was just a clusterfuck that involved a lot of people at the same time.
  12. Kain

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Let me put my two cents into this whole situation. I was outside of the church area with all the civilians, you guys were looking for Communists when there were maybe two or three in the town as a whole. The ENTIRETY of the civilians was given the treatment of, "If you talk, I'll shoot you. If you put your hands down, I'll shoot you." We literally were given little to no RP as we herd all the civilians away. Once the whole firefight was finished, you guys just left? There was no statement to the whole firefight, just come, shoot anyone who didn't comply and leave? I'm sorry, you guys don't seem like you're here for much RP with that mindset and attitude if I'm going to be brutally honest.
  13. Kain

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

  14. Kain

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Ah, the original vision for Kamenici returns. Bring the glory to Chernarus that it deserves. Slava. This is where the fun begins.
  15. Kain


    The Zelenogorsk walls... All the buildings... Covered in the blood of innocent. So many fallen, so needlessly. So many explosions. I will never recover. Yeah, this will continue to be a massive issue until some serious reworks are done involving how to trigger it, how to log it and more. It's too much of a hassle and we all know people will abuse this to get away with mass RDM as they have many times in the past. -1