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  1. Kain

    Newbs unable to find roleplay.

    Find someone to play with OOCly. It makes the roleplay experience feel better tenfold. All you do, is just stick in location where there might be some traffic and you RP with your friend and you might come across someone. Discuss things with that person so you learn where other people are. The current political stance in SZ is that Anarchy rules the North. Chances are, you might come across groups like The Black Roses, Svoboda Movement and Riptide Collective in the south. But you won't be handed any roleplay on a silver platter, it is all about working for it. First time I played Ulman? Took me a week to start roleplay with someone, but it turned into one of my favorite character I've ever played and it matured me as a roleplayer. You need to take the initiative to meet people, other people don't have to give it to you on a platter. Roleplay is a two-way street, you need to be willing to give what you may get. Or, just accept nothing.
  2. Kain

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I think that the boys get more recognition for the great roleplay they gave me yesterday. @LouieRP, @ItzzNate, @stage, @G19RP, @Eagle and @Zero. For once out of all my character, I am not being fucked up by you guys and it's been some amazing development. Thanks to the boys who are going to be in a world of shit soon @Anoymouse, @Zeeorc and any of the other of the Roses that thought that was a brilliant idea. Kazimir now has some enemies to kill. Great RP from @Taryn, @-Chow-, @UncleB, @Lyca, @Malet, @Jman14102, @TheEvilFlea, @Saints, @Malthis, @JkpFrog and whoever Simon and Dominic were. You guys really helped pave the first major story arc for Kazimir. Thanks for @Honeybee for making a character so edgy I got a few cute from it. I always hate and love our interactions, but hey. Both Kazimir and Avery are asshole so it works out well. and obviously, great RP from @Lori for being sister #1 and great avoiding-the-fact-they-are-so-a-thingRP from @Karma. You all are great RPers and I'm anxious to see where this goes for my character! I'm honored to roleplay with you guys.
  3. Kain

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    Rare image of Major searching for his love (Circa. 2018, colorized)

    Image result for german shepherd

  4. Kain

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Kazimir and Rose right now
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    1. Kain


      Literally you and @Malthis during all of that


  6. Kain


    Hey, Swarx! It's your friendly neighborhood lore whore, Kain! Welcome to DayZRP! I'm glad you're deciding to try and get yourself out there already on who you are and the things you have done. I personally have a lot of experience from similar servers in my past and definitely can say that this is a much different environment, especially when compared to Garry's Mod. And yes! Many people do permakill, but it is all in the choice of the player who is playing said character. I've killed off two of my characters in this lore so far and both of them had emotional ties and impacted people. I always say, don't PK when the story is starting, but do it when the time is right. My personal recommendations for you integrating into the community is this: read the DayZRP lore extensively and then do it again to really cement what it said. Don't play military characters the first time around unless you understand that there will be an extensive amount of time and research to be put into it. Before making a claim that something in lore is happening, speak to the loremaster team to confirm your claim. Read up on the guide section of the forums and soak in a lot of the information in there. Go to the Stories and Journals and give @Major the love he deserves on the lore posts he works on like a fucking mad man. And finally, look at some other people's characters to get ideas on how you should forum your character. Always set some flaws so your character is not perfect. Most importantly, follow the rules, I wouldn't want to see you get banned in a week. If you need any help on anything from the whitelist to your backstory to character page creation, you can always message me on the forums or over the TS. Other people you can contact are the lore masters and the support team, as they have sold their souls to the server in order to help people! That being said, good luck with your whitelist and hope to see you soon!
  7. Mademoiselle

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    Dedication 100?

  8. Kain

    To Майо́р Markov [Encrypted Free Russian Movement Lore Transmission]

    *Kazimir would walk into a cabin and take out his radio transceiver. He would power it up and put the headset over his head. He would enter the Free Russian Movement encrypted code and frequency. Kazimir would speak firmly into the radio with his thick Russian accent.* "This is Призрак-Семь-Четыре-Восемь-Пять-Девять-Два-Один, Полко́вник of the Свободное российское Движение radioing to Подполко́вник пламя. I need this to be noted. I've learned recently that there are people who are researching infection origin at Kamensk. What I need to be found out is if they are using it to find a cure or for malicious intent. I need you to find any information about a Доктор named Rose. I require any background check as possible. If what this woman is saying is true, we need to smuggle in high-class technology to assist. I need this update as soon as possible. Additionally, keep me updated with the situation with the Belozersk's People Republic. This is necessary to bring Russia back to core if true. We must do what we can to eradicate Russia of the инфицированных людей and if word of this gets out, more will join our cause to free Russia, to free the rest of humanity. Призрак over. " *The transmission would fade.*
  9. Kain

    To any and all - North Bound

    *Kazimir would turn up his volume to hear what she was saying quietly and then shook his head. He then lowers the volume and waits for her to return. He then holds down the PTT* "Indeed, Доктор Lady. My name is Pytorevich. Keep in contact with me, okay? 107.42 MHz. Спокойной ночи, до свидания." *The transmission would fade.*
  10. Kain

    To any and all - North Bound

    *He would hold down his PTT* "I'll try what I can, Да? Sorry for incon...Inconvie...vience? Inconvenience!" *He would chuckle to himself before the transmission would fade.*
  11. Kain

    To any and all - North Bound

    *Kazimir would sit in a house, resting in the same room as Katya. He would hear the mention of the Severograd Summercamp and shake his head when he was there. He takes out his radio and speaks into his radio.* "Пиздец... извините, Doctor Lady. I didn't realize anyone lived at camp and took liberty over blue truck. I left Мой truck just next to it in case. It helped мой сестра and I help our друзья, it at least it went to good use, Да? I'll try to find some way to... repay? Да. Again, извините!" *The transmission would fade out.*
  12. Kain

    The Treason of a Soldier - The Journal of Kazimir Yazov

    Entry #2 is now finished.
  13. Kain

    Spojené Nové Zagoria

  14. Kain

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "The secret of Happiness is Freedom, and the secret of Freedom, Courage." - Thucydides
  15. Kain


    Edited my character page and started working on Free Russian Movement artwork