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  1. Kain

    God Bless The Great White North

    I've never heard such true words.
  2. Kain

    God Bless The Great White North

    It's rare! But I just love the Saint John River, even though it is gonna fuck us up the ass with no lube this summer by the looks of it in Freddie
  3. Kain

    God Bless The Great White North

    New Brunswick my entire life and I can confirm, we've got some amazing maple syrup here
  4. Kain

    God Bless The Great White North

    Atlantic Pride
  5. Kain

    God Bless The Great White North

  6. Kain

    Denigrata [Recruiting]

    Hi Denigrata, before I say anything in another post, I just want to be sure on my curiosity: Did any of you take hostage a freshly spawned player who called himself "Kirill Ivanovich" around the Balota area yesterday around 8-9 PM EST?
  7. Kain

    Requesting Medical Personnel

    *Kazimir would speak softly over the radio in his thick Russian accent.* "Huh... that is name I have not heard in a very long time. It is nice to hear you are still kicking Ms... Picses was it? I can attempt to help if you so wish. Stay safe." *The transmission fades.*
  8. Kain


    First time coming back on the site and I have 69 notifications. Nice.

    1. Aisling


      heres another

    2. Kain


      Damn you @Aisling

    3. BrianM


      Another one.

    4. Queerios



  9. Journal Entry #1 The day is the 14th of January, 2019. Food shortage is high, rations are even more strict. My people can not go on in this state of desperation. We have tried to keep our involvement in the war to the minimum and have been as diplomatic as can be. Russian occupation of larger cities has made our task as security an even harder one than imagined. If we needed ammunition or food or god knows what, we could rely on myself and a few of my friends, like Mishka. He's always called me Idiot since the day we met as young men, I took pride in it oddly enough haha. Always reminded me of Dostoevsky afterwards, so I kept the name. Plus, it can be funny to hear someone call for 'Idiot' over the radio. Anyway. The winter has been harsh on us, admittedly. We had a lot of bad crops last harvest and it's been leaving my people to slowly starve. So, I have to find a good source of food, which has proven to be more than difficult. Sergeant Volkov wants me and Mishka to get to Sochi, out of all shitholes. It's quite a distance, but he wants us to steal a car and bring a load of food back to Tuby. Some kind of suicide mission if you ask me. So, today, I will be leaving the collective and saying goodbye to my love. I hope she stays safe, with all the chaos that's been happening around us, I'm scared this place could end up like the rest. We're lucky to have not been killed by a hoard yet or killed by bandits. I'll be taking my old father's Kombi down to Otdalenyy and then Mishka and I are going on foot. I'm not too worried though, what will a few wolves do to us? When I have my trusty Okhotnik on my side. Cleaned the baby twice and it's ready to see combat. Now, I need to go take a few shots with Mishka at the bar. Wish me luck. Journal Entry #2 The day is the 15th of January, 2019. To think this would have been an easy trip, but no. Fucking Mishka got the car to break down while we were on our way to Otdalenyy. Dmitry is going to be pissed about this. We tried to radio back to them and thank god they heard us. Had to set up a makeshift camp next to the car and wait for someone to bring the tools down. Fucking Mishka. Journal Entry #3 The day is the 16th of January, 2019. By some mystical force, Mishka did not break down the damn car again. Probably because I decided that I will drive from now on. Anyhow, we arrived at Otdalenyy and we gave the car to the associate there. Looked so shady, I made sure that my knife was sharpened when I told him I needed to piss. I'm not going to die to some Matrix cosplayer today. He apparently lives in a basement here, looked like a fucking armoury almost. Edgy but deadly, I guess. He gave us some extra ammunition, looked like it was piss poor made, but hey. My Okhotnik can take anything. Anyhow, we followed the Reka Pshekha and stopped at the sharp turn at the river to make camp again. We don't have a car, so Mishka has no excuses for fucking up again. Knowing him, probably will get eaten by wolves.
  10. Kain

    • Kain
    • Major



    1. Major


      I'm sorry who are you?

  11. Major

    • Major
    • Kain

    Get active scrub

  12. Kain



    1. Osku


      You will be receiving 3 warning points for unnecessary post

    2. Limpan



    3. Popet



    4. GenjiRP


      DO IT OSKU

  13. Kain



    *Germany wants to know your location.*

    1. Spartan


      *France wants to know if you're free this weekend*

    2. Kain


      *The Treaty of Versailles wants to take your location.*

    3. Spartan


      *Angry mustache man wants to know if you're still seeing the French*

    4. Kain


      *Germany wishes to know if you want to be on their special list of living space!*

    5. Limpan


      *Sweden wants to offer free passage to norway to germany*

  14. Kain

    • Kain
    • Mademoiselle

    Me watching your stream right now:

    Related image

    1. Mademoiselle


      Don’t even make me start ? I was so confused

    2. Banshee


      @OxeN, watching her stream always;
      Gerelateerde afbeelding

  15. Kain

    The SRD - The Sheriff's Ranger Department

    Ikr man. I'm actually really shocked to see one come up after so long.
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