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  1. Kain

    Spawn vehicles in working condition & decrease weapon flinch

    Then that's a serverwide issue that should be addressed. Death needs to have some punishment somehow rather than gear because no one gives a shit about gear.
  2. Kain

    Spawn vehicles in working condition & decrease weapon flinch

    I'm not trying to be sarcastic, just honest. It seems unreal to be in a PVP scenario every single day on an RP server. I know for a fact there are some people who have admitted they just get on for PVP only. I do apologize if it came off rude, I just get frustrated from that playstyle very quickly. However, I am just being honest, if you're on an RP server, you shouldn't be in PVP every day,
  3. Kain

    Spawn vehicles in working condition & decrease weapon flinch

    I do PVP whenever I'm out of the RP server. And I was going to comment on your other post that I agree with you. I just want a heavy punishment when you're shot instead of being essentially perfectly fine when you get shot. I just like the idea behind the stunlock/flinch because it's an immediate punishment. I think i would be chill with a massive punishment to balance/aim/etc. Also @HenningRP, if you're getting into a firefight on the RP server literally every day, I think there's probably a bigger issue behind that.
  4. Kain

    Spawn vehicles in working condition & decrease weapon flinch

    A punishing hardcore survival game at that
  5. Kain

    Spawn vehicles in working condition & decrease weapon flinch

    I would say that's fair game. You get a stun when you get shot, that's the shock.
  6. Kain

    Spawn vehicles in working condition & decrease weapon flinch

    A bit? If you got shot, good luck shooting at all. Once you get shot, most people should book it at that point. I'm perfectly fine with how it is now, makes PVP a whole lot more cautious.
  7. Kain

    Spawn vehicles in working condition & decrease weapon flinch

    Contrary to popular belief I do PVP. Assuming makes an ass out of you and me. If you get hit by a gun, you are fucked. Especially up close and that's fair. Taking a 5.56 round to the chest would stop you on the spot, you wouldn't just take that like a god and keep sprinting. After the initiation shock, yeah, you could, that's adrenaline. Most firefights are just simply to kill the other player and that's it, screaming in OOC comms and whatnot. It's why I don't like PVP when I'm on the RP server personally, no immersion to it or story building. People are so trigger happy at all times, so I just try to avoid firefights as best as possible.
  8. Kain

    Spawn vehicles in working condition & decrease weapon flinch

    I think cars should stay as a relative endgame, keep some goals happening and whatnot. I like the feeling of trying to fix something and whatnot. The bullet flinch? I'm perfectly fine with that. If you're in the open and get shot, good luck just gunning someone down. I think it's extremely realistic and if it's such an issue, don't get into so many firefights. .63 is supposed to change the way PVP works into a methodical and tactical style. Simply don't rush, it would make all firefights a lot more RP for once.
  9. Kain


    Heavily edited my character page with new photos and a lot of new story. More is to come from this character soon. 

  10. Kain

    MCS Foundation [Open Recruitment]

    Hi! So, I'm the friendly neighborhood lore whore and I'm going to try and pick out some things about the group's lore that seem a bit far-fetched or otherwise. The first thing I'm confused about is how your group claims that they were monitoring the outbreak since the month of July when the first signs of it only really started to occur on the 10th roughly. Even then, everyone was spotty about it and not too many were looking too deep into it. Most of it was being hidden by the Russian Federation and the Chernarussian Government. That's just a date issue, nothing too much regarding that. By the 15th, most areas in South Zagoria were pretty much taken over at this rate leaving just Zelenogorsk, Chernogorsk and Elektrovodsk. Which that leads me to the next issue I saw with this. You claim that this Task Force created a secret research bunker in Zelenogorsk on the 15th without NATO or CDF or anyone else knowing about it? This would seem highly illegal and unlikely. Someone would need to create that and someone would need to transport all of these people there and equipment to do such heavy research. This would be quite a big operation. Also, on the 17th, all hell was already broken loose. Pretty much since the 7th, hell was breaking loose in South Zagoria when the Russian bombed Kamensk and a lot of weird shit started to happen. Then I get very confused with what you mean by, "Lost contact with command on the 24th due to the storm," what storm are you referring to? If this bunker was as important as you state, they would have gone the extra mile to make sure that they don't lose power and otherwise so quickly. But again, if you could give more detail to the storm, that would be amazing because I am truly confused by it. If the team had been in this bunker for so long, they must have been able to hear some broadcasts including some very important ones like Taryn's call to Utes . I would think that at that point, they would change what they would be looking for. This is my suggestion. Go away from the "Looking for a vaccine" it has been done countless times, but always ends the same way. Instead, perhaps look towards what caused this, do extensive research on that. To this day, no one knows what exactly caused the infection, but some of us do know how it functions and how we aren't all infected . That's just my suggestion, you don't have to do that, but it's something that hasn't been done from what I've seen. If you need any help with correcting any lore, feel free to talk to me further on anywhere from Discord to the forums. I wish you good luck on the group!
  11. Kain

    Changing the Building Placement System

    So, tell me if anyone has had this situation yet. You got a tent and a few other supplies so you think that it's time to start making a small base. You go and find a flat part of a scenic forest that can hide things well and you can't put shit down for the life of you. Yet that tent you had? It can be buried about 15 meters in the ground and the DayZ gods will give you a pat on the back and allow you to place it down. It's ridiculous and it just gets people pissed off when you try to make a base near any forestry. My suggestion is that the base building mechanics should have a tweak regarding how placement works, similar(Not exactly) to how DayZ Mod Epoch works with base building placement. As it stands, the game is far too anal about how you can place things and I think just as long as there is nothing directly in the way, you should be able to place it on the ground, and if it's on a slant? Then have the wall or whatever go on a slant. I do realize that this will take a while to mod in, but I believe that it will be better for base building later on. Furthermore, I think as we advance in base building, we should try to look at a system like Snapping very much like DayZ Epoch's system because it works! I want nicely lined up walls to defend a place, not a fence that looks like it could have been put down by a 5 year-old. Give any suggestions you have about this below and let's have a discussion about it.
  12. N-ToxRP

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  13. Kain

    Group loadouts

    I'd only be okay with this if it involved patches and whatnot. If it involves guns, no. Definitely not, it would just fuel a PVP-Centrist situation. I know damn well some people like to play just for the PVP and some for the RP, so the die die never comply thought will just become worse because now you wouldn't even lose anything. You would just die, respawn and have all the same gear to do it again. So, big nope on my end.
  14. Kain

    Base Building/Destroying Durability Change

    I honestly think the community has spoken on that behalf. It's a clear cut nearly 80:2 wishing for it to be changed.
  15. Kain

    Open cans?

    "April fools! We're actually removing modding!" - Bohemia Interactive before the collapse of their company