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  1. Kain

    Camp eden Has fallen (open frequency)

    *Kazimir would speak over the radio in his thick Russian accent.* "Congrats, you have destroyed a last bastion of civilization. Feel proud? Feel fulfilled? Or do you require more bloodshed until you realize your pathetic path of inhumane genocide is not going to make you feel better? Camp Eden was destroyed when the vision was lost, you just nailed the coffin. I have nothing more to say." *The transmission fades.*
  2. Kain

    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    Good steps to the betterment of the community! I aspire more to think like this and to take criticism and try to find either a win-win or a compromise for both. However, Scar, this is more just a general compliant beyond just you as a leader, it's something that each player should think about as well. Regardless of all of that, you guys are good roleplayers at heart and I know you mean the best. Even if some of you beat an old man in 4 hits @NorwayRP
  3. Kain

    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    Oh, keep in mind I'm not generally talking about during hostage situations. Like if people talk back in an insulting manner right after you say that you'll kill them meanwhile, that's fair game. But for example, just recently there was the "Don't turn towards us, or we will shoot you" but matters of using ALT. Which, I'll be frank, don't talk, don't move, don't look, don't do anything? It really is a shitty way of stopping people from being able to do the simplest of roleplay as a hostage. However, some of you went about it during it in the right way by keeping us engaged with questions and shit. My criticism mainly lies in dealing with individuals who you have had issues with, the black armband guy at Lopatino, Grace, and Katelyn for examples. None of them were confirmed to permakill, but a lot of you pushed to execute immediately and did go through with it with I'm pretty sure two of them not even permakilling. It is just frustrating for some because all that means is they just have to collect gear again and roleplay out an injury. What should be done is a beating, slavery, torture, something. Going right for execution is a cut-off of roleplay if no one is permakilling. You really only should have to do an execution style of killing if that person plans on permakill, or it's really just inconvenient for everyone.
  4. Kain

    • Kain
    • NorwayRP

    Taught that old man a lesson god damn.

  5. Kain

    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    While this might be a general feedback for more than the House, I do want to leave it here because I've noticed that it's been done significantly by this group. You guys have been able to pull some really great RP and I'm honestly impressed, sometimes it can be a bit much, but that's not what I'm here to talk about. What I want to make a point about is the way this group has gone around regarding executions in game. I've noticed on several occasions, most of the time if someone crosses the group, it's just immediately to execution regardless of PK or not and just creates significant confusion as the status of that character. My criticism is that I feel you guys are too quick to decide to execute someone. To be frank, it's a blatant cut-off of potentially really good roleplay. I think you guys should try some other methods of punishment more. I would rather be tortured than executed because at least then, if I want to continue playing my character, there won't be any confusion and the story will live on. Executions without PKs are worthless. They are absolutely pointless. Unless someone is going to PK, there should be no reason to ever execute someone because all it creates is confusion for everyone. To me, it doesn't feel creative, it is the simplest solution. However, I don't think I've seen you guys ask for permission to permakill a character before executing them and then telling people that they are in fact dead, when on an OOC term, they are not dead yet. That's just my two cents, I think you guys are creative and could do far better than this in my eyes. Hope this helps at all.
  6. Kain


    While I'm at it, I might as well throw in what happened to generally ignoring bugs or unrealistic/immersion breaking animations? In recent times I always see people spam QE with fists out, 360 jumping, unnatural bending, disappearing, car glitches, and a fuck ton more in game used as comedy RP. Why is this okay now? The amount of times I lose my immersion from people doing that is insane. Also, why do people mention these things in game, I'm guilty of it as well, but we have OOC chat for a reason. 

    Tl;dr, why is it accepted to focus on immersion breaking features in roleplay? 

  7. Kain


    Also, what's going on with a recent trend on how stupid you can make your character being a good thing? I've never seen so many laughably bad character page from long time members. Is the drive to creating an interesting character no longer wanted and only ones who creates memes? 

    1. Zilly


      I guess memes are just super important to some people. I would hope theyre not playing on the characters youre referencing.

  8. Kain


    So you can be hit with combat logging without participating in any combat. That's rather amusing.

    1. Zilly


      You referring to a hostage logging out after being released or somethin?

    2. Kain


      Yes, I am. If you complied and did nothing to have KOS rights on you. Why should you be punished for combat logging if you never were in combat.

    3. Zilly


      Yeah, I agree with you. Hostages should be able to log out anytime they want as long as they've broken line of sight with their takers. 

      Its complete crap that hostages are required to stay the full 30 minutes. I can understand if the hostage had attempted to fight back before they were taken or something. But a complying hostage should not be restricted by the Combat Logging rule when, ya know, they were not in combat.

  9. Kain



    1. uSxRB


      Excellent song. Great band.

    2. Kain


      Just lying in bed listening to em. So easy to feel to them. 

  10. Whitename

    • Whitename
    • Kain

    i’m in game for the first time in 10 months and you’re not? smh

  11. Kain

    Community Members Represented by Spongebobs Memes

  12. Kain

    S1 Camp Eden - RDM + A lot of ARDM

    First of all, I did not PK my character as I felt like that situation would make zero sense to PK. There was no story or anything, I usually hold PKs to my characters to a higher standard than a possible RDM. They were saying I was not dead because I told them OOCly that Kazimir is not dead and I am not PKing him. Until you know the status of my character OOCly, you cannot dictate whether or not he is dead. If you guys are going to start complaining about making accusations and now you are accusing me of FailRP and Powergaming out of no where is really hypocritical. Jackfish was faced with a possible NVFL situation as there were ~10 people against 1 in that moment, so sure. Plus, it's his character, he can do whatever he wants to do with his character. If anyone is powergaming, it is you in this scenario as Kazimir Yazov is NOT dead and you are trying to make it so he is dead. All the rest were roleplaying correctly as I was not dead. I am not going to continue any further replies unless asked to by staff.
  13. Kain

    S1 Camp Eden - RDM + A lot of ARDM

    Not you, but Oxen did do that to my character according to @Isaiah Cortez. You quite literally, QUITE LITERALLY said you baited @BigDaddy. Don't start being condescending, I really don't like the attitude man.
  14. Kain

    S1 Camp Eden - RDM + A lot of ARDM

    That's not how Defense Rights work. You as a group of individuals started the attack against the people inside of the camp, as Jackfish was the aggressor to the situation. In that moment, Jackfish shot me in the somewhere and that gave basically everyone around defense rights considering Kazimir's position around the camp dynamically. The fact you guys used baiting and whatnot just to kill people and apparently what I heard, shot my body multiple times after my character died to say "Nah, he's dead" really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  15. Kain

    S1 Camp Eden - RDM + A lot of ARDM

    Kazimir Pyotrovich Yazov POV: I went on the server and almost immediately gunshots were going off and I saw Grachi @Isaiah Cortez near the base that the Sentinels were making. After the firefight, I went over and we scavenged what was there, I picked up someone's SCAR-L for Robbie (Not involved in situation). After a bit, we all return to the base when the Asylum stuck around there. Once everything calmed down, Grachi was talking to people about the rules of the camp and I started to leave, following Evan @BigDaddy down to the gate. We start to talk about the base we are building and begin heading to the sentinel base, there I see Rose @Mia and I think James. (I've yet to look back at my recording, so some details might be hazy). Once we are talking with each other, a volley of gunshots go off at Camp Eden and we rush back to hearing Grachi say over the megaphone "What the fuck did you just do in my camp? Get the fuck out of here you... something something". Once I get into the inner area of the camp, the door to my right swings open and I get shot, I charge the guy with Evan and he goes down, as well as myself. I did not hear any initiation or really anything of the sort, just someone started opening fire into the camp. VOD will be uploaded later tonight.
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