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      DAMN YOU @Aisling

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    Please welcome @RpgPanda into the group!
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    I might always want to kick your ass, but at least you did that buddy. Hell, if it weren't for you, this whole thing could haven't taken much longer.
  5. Kain

    World On A String: A DayZRP Series

    Can't wait for the part about grizzly bears being lit aflame by napalm with dynamite sticks up their ass on a parachute being transformed into a hot bear balloon to attack the Americans.
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    Thanks for all the positive reception you guys! Genji and I have worked really hard the past week to make sure we can bring you a really good group idea and we are hoping to help push further server lore out of the pit it's in.
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    Updated many things on Kazimir's character page including:

    Relations, timeline, goals, relationship, affiliation and role.


    Get ready for this gem tomorrow.


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      Woohoo hype

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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Russia is coming.
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    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    Well spoken, man. Not much more I can say but that, you pointed out basically everything I thought of. With removing the restriction on initiation, it comes with a price from the community. Are we willing to respect the roleplay behind it or will people use it to find an easy way to PVP? Sadly to say, there's a far bigger issue with the community at hand right now. It's got nothing to do with the rules, but at this point it's about respecting people not in someone's circle. If we are going to try and tackle one issue, we should try to tackle the others.
  11. Kain

    A Message to the Reds

    *You could lightly hear very quietly hear Kazimir speak saying "Now". Auley McKormac would speak over the radio in his Irish accent.* "This is Irish. Fuck the Reds, I never want to see you guys again. I'm leaving." *The transmission would end abruptly.*
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    Just 2 guys, locking tongues.

    Classified information
  13. Kain

    Just 2 guys, locking tongues.

    Not as hot as the Kazimir x Fae x The Black Roses gangbang tho
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    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    Does that also including getting shot by 6 people
  15. Kain

    Platform Switch Discussion

    I mean, if you have followed the community Discord for Dead Matter, you would have figured out that it's probably by far the most promising game being developed that I've ever seen thus far in the survival horror genre. They're not trying to hide their development, if you ask any of the devs, they most likely will have an answer. They do constant updates of everything they are working on. Plus, it's on Unreal Engine 4, they are giving full mod capabilities immediately as Alpha comes out. Since it's on Unreal Engine, you can pretty much mod in literally anything your heart desires. While I'm not fond of kickstarter in general as they usually create... unsatisfactory results. These developers have showed an immense amount of dedication and have already began to implement more content then Bohemia. The reason why they will already have a better time with development is because they aren't trying to create an engine on their own like what Bohemia did. It's sad to say, but that's the only true reason why DayZ has been in alpha for so long. The biggest issue that Bohemia tried to look at is that they wanted to create a new engine but also try to continue to release new content to the players even though the engine was limited. They pretty much bottlenecked themselves. They should have waited until they created this engine before they even released the game, but what happened has happened. However, this brings me back to Dead Matter; with the fact they are using Unreal Engine makes their development far easier and it has shown significant progress. If a game not even in alpha so far as more attention to detail and content than DayZ does right now, I would say that's worth checking out. I'm sure plenty of people can back me up with how the development has been going with the community. I'll leave you with all of their development diaries which goes through their current development, as well I'll give you the Video logs #1 and #2 AND the first gameplay trailer that was released in May and their teaser trailer that was released in July, 2017. Why I think this will be even more successful for the sake of a roleplay community is the fact that the developers themselves were avid roleplayers and have that in mind when making the game. Plus, it's in Canada! We don't have to make up bullshit anymore because it already exists. Characters would have a great reason why they would be in either the USA or Canada and not the slavic toxic dump. I would recommend anyone take a lot of research into this game and speak to the devs on the Discord, they are very open to suggestions.