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  1. Well I've spoken to Mr wong and believe it to have just been a misunderstanding because of the situation around the incident so I'm good with the report being thrown out as far as I'm concerned
  2. Server and location: S2 at Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 23:00 Daytime or Night-time: Night-time Your in game name: Wade Fischer Names of allies involved: None Name/Skin of suspect/s: Unknown (Didn't get a good look) Suspects weapon/s: Ak I believe but unsure Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: While approaching green mountain I heard shouting between 2 groups of people so chose to quietly crawl around the perimeter to get a better view of the event. Throughout this I heard the argument get louder until bullets were fired and people were killed, as this happened I was able to sprint across the road and lay down in order to hide in the ditch but watch green mountains gates. This is when I heard further killings and sat with my binoculars watching the event. At that point 5 men left the premises with their hands in the air after having been told to leave that instant. As they left, they began to pull out weapons and run then with no warning, having not said a word or make a move, a man either from the group that left, or the inside group, ran out to where I was, stood over me, and shot me multiple times without any prior requests or warnings. At that moment in time I was holding an AK74 chambered with 1 bullet and no Mag but did not show any signs of threatening. I do not know why the person killed me as they had no reason too and due to that KOS I've lost a character that I've used and developed over months now. Hopefully this can be sorted out.