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  1. Ok so through this video, I realized that you and your group were not part of the handcuffing of Tommy. I was the person who shot at you at around 2:30 in the video. Us being in the moment we didn't want to take any chances. It just happened to be a wrong moment wrong time situation.
  2. I watched some Mr. Moon videos and he plays on the DayZRP servers. Me and my friends then decided to sign up.
  3. Name in Game: Marcus Woods Allies: Tommy Reyes Alright, so me and Tommy went into Novy to get some gear for us and we spotted a light at the pump since it was very dark. We managed to make out two people, a man and a woman. We decided to sneak around and see what the two people at the pump were saying. After sneaking around for a little bit, we dropped our deer pelts, and decided that we would rob the two people. We attacked it from both sides and initiated the robbery. We told the two to get on the wall as we searched their items for something of use to us. After that, someone came up to Tommy and told him to get on the ground and proceeded to handcuff him. I then turned around and yelled at him to get on the ground and he didn't comply. I then shot the guy who handcuffed Tommy. We then heard gunshots from afar and we took cover. Tommy then proceeded to take cover somewhere else. The woman we robbed ran away and the man she was with proceeded to sneak up behind me with a weapon and I shot him on the spot. We meet up and we see a man move towards the water pump with his gun equipped. I then shot at him twice and missed both, Tommy also missed his shots. We then decided to flee the scene, we ran down the road to see what I believe was the same guy (because it was dark and he/they was/were wearing dark clothes) behind the barn area, we shot at him again. We then decided to to retreat back to the barn where we left our deer pelts. As we got to the door, the door opened and someone ran out. I shot at him thinking he was also with the group shooting at us I shot at him thinking he was also with the group shooting at us. I missed the shot and got caught on the barn door and I got shot several times against the barn. That was it for me as I was killed. Moral of the Story: You were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  4. Are you allowed to change your in game? Like, let's say you die and you want to change your name. Is that allowed?
  5. I waited for around two and a half minutes and I went to the fountain and Dima met up with me. I explained to Dima that I already had waited a couple of minutes and we left to Nizhnoye.
  6. I understand that it wasn't that hard to understand you as I got the basic idea of what you were saying. I could have made it easier to understand you by turning up my DayZ volume or separating the distance between me and you. Dima went to go chop down a tree and I went to the nearby water fountain where Dima joined me to get hydrated were we then headed off to Nizhnoye to look for your team.
  7. Viktor Markov here: I admit to breaking RP as I didn't realize it at that specific moment. Me and Dima happened to both stumble upon a bug in the game where you can not equip or holster any item in your inventory which caused us both to re-log. Regarding the "lackluster" RP. Me and Dima Markov could only understand a minimal amount of what Jack Whiskey said because as he said, he "voice was going dead". I felt that if I kept asking him to repeat his previous statement, it would start to lose the RP feel. I kept my answers minimal because I didn't want to respond improperly to his questions. When the server reset, Me and Dima stayed at that dock for around 2-5 minutes. After those several minutes, we made our way over to Nizhnoye because Jack previously informed us that his "Tactical Training Team" would be stationed there. When we reached Nizhnoye, we did not gain visual on his team. We kept searching for Jack's team, but we could not find them. At this point it was around 3:00 am EST and Me and Dima decided to call it a night. I realize that our RP was inefficient and it could be improved upon. This situation has caused me to learn from my mistakes and make sure something like this doesn't happen in the future. I did not get an alert to reply my POV on this forum which is the reason my post is late.