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  1. Welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy your experience here!
  2. Lt. Ledger

    Anti Virus/Malware etc Protection

    Norton is trash, try Comodo Antivirus. There is a free version and it even comes with it's own version of the Chrome web browser.
  3. Lt. Ledger

    [ACTIVE] The Starved (Recruitment:Open)

    Had a strong feeling you would be the kind of person who hated Nickelback. I dont hate Nickelback - I just find the music shit Fair enough.
  4. Lt. Ledger

    [ACTIVE] The Starved (Recruitment:Open)

    I hate Nickelback too but I feel that Shaman's Harvest doesn't sound like Nickelback. I like two songs from Nickelback, but only those two. "Savin' me" and "Photograph". I think the two bands sound similar, but different enough to tell the two apart.
  5. Lt. Ledger

    [ACTIVE] The Starved (Recruitment:Open)

    Had a strong feeling you would be the kind of person who hated Nickelback.
  6. Hope to see you around! If you get accepted stop by the USAF page.
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    The Vigil - Strict IC Recruitment - [Active]

    Congrats guys~
  8. Looks like USAF is going to have some new friends.
  9. Lt. Ledger

    Prepare for battle - Agario

  10. USAF has been in the process of setting something up for a few weeks now. It's mostly just been planning, but as soon as the update happens everything will immediately be set in motion.
  11. Alastair Ledger POV- Myself and a large portion of USAF personnel entered Green Mountain on Intel that there were individuals possibly associated with Chedaki. As we entered through the front gate we saw numerous people outside of the "Jail Building" and could hear voices from inside the "Jail Building." For a few minutes after entering the compound we talked with the those outside of the "Jail Building", trying to get a feel of who was here and what we were dealing with. After talking we were still not entirely sure who all was in the compound. The door to the "Jail Building" was closed and had a guard posted right in the middle of the stairway. Finding that a bit sketchy we planned to initiate on the entirety of the compound. USAF personnel was divided into two groups, Initiation group and security detail. I moved behind the "Jail Building" to check for anyone who we might have missed. Not seeing anyone, I then gave the order for the compound to be initiated on. All occupants were to be accounted for and detained until we knew everyone's story could be heard. Frank Thompson told everyone in the "Jail Building" who we were and that the building was surrounded. Frank argued with them for a good while about them coming out. After a while, my character lost his patience and told everyone in the building to get out of the building with their hands up or we would breach the building and use lethal force. They eventually complied. After we had everyone sorted out two of the people detained (the two who were executed), continued to mock and insult us. I told them once to "Shut the fuck up". That didn't seem to do much. So, a second time I said, "If we are not addressing turn around, face the wall, and close your fucking mouth or you will be shot," I was very clear on what I wanted them to do. It seemed to matter little to them. I was about to issue another warning when a bullet flew past me. I dove to cover as did many other USAF members. The hostile was quickly eliminated by Nathan Lennox, who was on the security detail. After there was a confirmed EKIA we went back to RP'ing with those that were detained. Only a few minutes a USAF member, Nathan Hill was killed from an unknown location. We got into cover again. After that situation was solved we dismissed those who stories checked out, leaving only four captives left. After a while of quiet we went back to RP'ing with the captives again. I went inside to RP with Jessica and the other male character that was in there. That lasted for a good while. When I finally made my way out of the building I walked towards where the other two captives were (the ones that were executed on the video). I stood there for a moment listening, and in that time heard my members issue several warnings for them to stop talking. They did not. I was shot soon after. the men proceeded to mock my death, one of them with a long laugh. Both were shot soon after for failure to comply with demands earlier given. Roy was in the middle of issuing yet another command when they were executed. I would like to add that the entirety of USAF was not present during this operation, and that the entirety of USAF did not pull the trigger on the two hostages. Only one USAF member pulled the trigger. I also would like to add that if any other video evidence was recorded I would like it added in. The event that happened took a lot longer than four minutes. At the very least it was half an hour. I do not understand why they are saying we didn't RP with them enough. Myself personally talked to each person there, and it is clear in the video that that weren't getting a lack of attention. As for the captives not being provided with food or water at any time they could have told us they were hungry or thirsty. There is also a pond at the end of the dirt road. I am requesting that hit logs, chat logs, connect/disconnect logs, and kill logs all be added to this report. End of POV.
  12. Welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy yourself here~