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  1. 9mm

    Pulse Checking

    I refrain from this completely it kind of ruins the immersion in RP for me. Also I had some guy who did not know me in game say my name because I had typed something. What a killer, but that's another subject though.
  2. 9mm

    DayZRP 3rd anniversary

    Happy Birthday DayZRP and congrats on the success it's been.
  3. 9mm

    Let it Snow?!?

    Awesome to see something to grab some winter pants for.
  4. 9mm

    Jim's General Store S1 and S2

    I gotta check this out I could use a few things. Hope to see you soon.
  5. I appreciate this guide very much. I like knowing that I can say I'm getting offline, but doing so and staying IC and roleplaying it. I glad I read this guide before I played in a server because when it was time for me to get offline I ended up stopping at a house and telling the guys I needed some rest from the long travel we had. Really good stuff OP.
  6. Wow! After applying these settings my frames have increase at least 10+. It's so much better having those extra frames in big cities. Thanks a bunch OP.
  7. 9mm

    Staff Feedback

    This is for The Spartan, Brad, Dom, Doug Quade, and K-Jack. All of you helped me with my final app and gave valuable feedback and advice on getting it right on my last try. Y'all kept me confident that I would get it and understand the rules as they should be when I felt a little down about my last attempt. Appreciate it so much everyone.
  8. 9mm

    A General Store

    That sounds like so much fun. Could you invest in some protection for the store from bandits?
  9. How's it going everyone? I just joined today and can't wait to have some fun in DayZ with everyone and get to know your RP character. After watching some amazing YouTube videos of some DayZ RP from various YouTubers I decided to join here myself. I always wanted to RP in DayZ from the first time I watched a couple guys being taken hostage in a video. After watching that I bought the game, but had little to no luck in the public servers in accomplishing that. I want to have great interacting experiences in game in this community and share them with everyone. After what I've seen I'm almost positive that here I will be able to have the DayZ experience I've always wanted. Thanks for viewing everyone see you all soon.