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    100 Slots Servers - Thoughts?

    i have played in 75 man servers and loved it. I like thinking i have a chance of running into someone somewhere other than electro.
  2. when explaining the 2 KoS exceptions i did them like this 1. You are within 500 meters of the hostile situation at the time of occurrence and 2. You were recently a part of the involved parties group. This was only because it fit best with my wording and i felt it was the best way to explain it. The rest was all my own and it was my second one (thought we got 3?). I have tried really hard on these apps and typed alot more in the second one to make it better.
  3. Hey guys I have been banned and never even been on a server. I have only made one post and have tried to follow all the rules. I really want to play RP but cant seem to get anyone to allow me to play. I have filled out the application twice now. The first time I was told I didnt explain the rules well enough and then i re applied 24 hours later and got banned. Not sure why i was banned but a year ago I tried to get server access under the name lester lewis but I dont think I ever put my guid in. I never got an acctivation email for lester lewis so i just tried to re apply and used my new gamer name solidstatenate. Could someone please help me because all I am trying to do is play DayZRP. Please Please Please help me and tell me exactly what I need to do. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Wasn't given a link, just a red box that said im banned and will never be lifted. Also said the Ban Reason was Account blacklisted? Why the verdict is not fair: I have only made one post and never even been in a DayZRP server Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Just looking for an explination and what I can do to fix it and gain access to the servers. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Exactly why I was banned and hopefully get to play some RP one day. What could you have done better?: Not sure....I have tried to do nothing but obey the rules and all I want to do is play some serious RP. I am a ligit player and take gaming seriously. Not trying to cause any problems here.
  4. I agree that there is too much loot but it is better than no loot at all....I have faith that they will work it all out in due time.
  5. Thanks Roman. What posts do count if I may ask?
  6. Hello all! SolidStateNate here. This is my first post as a community member of DayZRP. Really looking forward to getting to know all of you! Hopefully I will be whitelisted soon and can join everyone in the servers....Cant wait for some true RP gameplay!