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  1. Hi, Terra. Myself and Fez were both applied on previous occasions (Around late 2014). Fez sadly did not have a sufficient computer to run DayZ at the time. Because of this and some other issues preventing us from putting time into the community, our accounts were deactivated after a months time of not playing. However, before sending in our previous applications, both Fez and I put our applications in a shared Google Doc in which we could both check each other’s work to ensure good quality on both ends. We both had very different applications that got accepted. Fast forward to now, we both decided to once again make applications for the server. Upon returning to the Google Doc to reference our old applications, the only one left was my older one (issues with saving). We both decided to work off of it for reference, which would explain a similar application, but we even checked between each other to make sure that we had distinct applications for the final draft. I could understand the concern with copying, but I believe in our circumstances this could be omitted. (Especially since applications will not vary very much if following the rules properly anyway. In fact, we even went over the app with a set of community helpers, both of which gave the thumbs up). I’m not sure if you can look back that far into old applications to 100% confirm these statements (old username the same as this one) but if you could, you would see there is no real reason we would copy each other with the same application. If you require any more elaboration, feel free to ask. I’d also be willing to do a verbal meeting if you prefer something like that for further discussion. And if you want, we could completely revise our apps and start from scratch. I apologize for any stirrup this has caused. Hopefully we can resolve this issue soon.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Unsure what to put here as all I see is this: Why the verdict is not fair: Well, I can't really answer this as I don't know why I was blacklisted. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: This ban seemed to be issued shortly after my second application was turned in, and I have only ever received one denial of my application so that can't be the reason for this. If there was some exceptional issue with my application that I'm for some reason unaware of, I'd be happy to discuss and change what I did wrong. Not knowing exactly why this occurred doesn't help too much. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I'd like to gain access to the server, as I've been interesting in becoming a member for quite some time. I've heard nothing but good things about the community and hope to soon be with you all. What could you have done better?: Not sure...