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  1. .61 Current Issues and Information

    Is there a way not to die within 30 minutes when it rains...?
  2. Resento's Garbage & Stream [OFFLINE]

    Woody is introduced into a cult and uses it for his own benefit
  3. The Fall of The ZBOR

    Does anyone but the Zbor have IC knowledge of this? As far as the civilians are concerned, we woke up to all hell in the town with the police station, the offices and some of our houses burnt down, with Zbor nowhere to be found. To this moment I fail to see the valid roleplay reasoning behind this "rebellion" randomly striking the town and its residents, but with the Zbor's move from the town, I don't see how one can IC'ly conclude something else of this.
  4. Zelenogorsk, The Capital of New Chernarus

    Just another farming day [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LxU4USYtBM&index=8&list=PLfjQd5VK98oRPTVIFl-6CVXqJY_hGWafh
  5. Resento's Garbage & Stream [OFFLINE]

    New video Woody spends the day farming green peppers, accompanied by fellow citizens
  6. 195.0 [Open] The Zelenogorsk Rebellion

    * Paxton's voice emits loudly from the slightly smashed walkie talkie lying on the table beside Woody's bed. It cuts off Woody's snoring and wakes him up at once. He blindly reaches to his right and grabs the walkie talkie, then brings it to his ear and listens. His thumb is already on the PTT button to respond. * [mp3]http://puu.sh/n53lz/dd489e7234.mp3[/mp3]
  7. Perma-dead characters.

    Quoting myself from another thread of the same subject; Went through a couple of replies above and I note to you guys that we're not talking about forcing someone to permanently kill his character, we're talking about someone willingly permanently killing his character (and doing so publicly and fully roleplayed in a way that leaves no chance for anyone to survive like beheading) then some time later deciding to bring the character back. At the very least, a player in a situation like that should request permission from all of those who were present at the character's execution and people influenced by the character's past actions.
  8. S1: Mass-KOS in Zelenogorsk - 06/02/16

    Said by a Zbor, not by your side. And even if it was by your side, how does it matter? Does that supposed noncompliance somehow justify spraying (without initiating, either) random people, moreover when they clearly are no threat?
  9. Zelenogorsk, The Capital of New Chernarus

    The citizens have proven themselves to be useful during times of emergency [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU9ORF_pxFc&index=7&list=PLfjQd5VK98oRPTVIFl-6CVXqJY_hGWafh
  10. S1: Mass-KOS in Zelenogorsk - 06/02/16

    That means you were more than the 500 meters KoS rule limit away from the situation. Of the Zbor, it is only Pavel who initiated on Cathal; not sure which members of Cerna Liska, but surely not all of them. Regardless, even if I had been a dynamic member of the group like you claim I was (even though I wasn't - for a reason my character (and other citizens/passersby) were just sitting quietly against the wall throughout the trial and for a reason the citizens of Zelenogorsk aren't a part of the Zbor forum group) - you still would have had to initiate first, as you weren't granted KoS rights (then again, not only that, but also I wasn't a part of the dynamic group: I was but a witness like others). No, it doesn't mean that. It means civilians are to clear from Zelenogorsk's streets and to remain in a quarters (e.g. the school building) until situation is concluded, as written in the official Emergency Procedure.
  11. Zelenogorsk Bulletin Board

    For a while now, even before LIF, I've been thinking about suggesting a whole Bulletin Board forum, much like the Radio Chatter. Just like anyone can grab a radio and report to an open frequency (and posting a thread), anyone should be able to grab a pen or even a spray paint (both are by the way in-game scripted items) and roleplay writing something on a wall/board/whatever (not even limiting it to Zelenogorsk only, but to the entire Chernarus). If possible, people would even take a first person screenshot of the spot they roleplayed writing on and then with some editing program would edit their character's writing onto that spot.
  12. Server and location: S1: Zelenogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 06/02/16 - somewhere around 00:00 Your in game name: Woody Russell Names of allies involved: Zbor, Cerna Liska, citizens and passersby Name of suspect/s: Jack Lemons Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): [video=youtube]https://youtu.be/O83kxf1aA3E?t=29m8s (https://youtu.be/O83kxf1aA3E?t=29m8s for KOS moment) Detailed description of the events: Reapers member Cathal Boyle was taken hostage by Zbor and Liska and led into Zelenogorsk's school gym for his group's actions in order to put him on trial. A bunch of citizens of the town (not official members of the aforementioned groups) and passersby were present to watch. At one point a flash-grenade went off. Later, as seen in the video, when everyone was heading outside as Cathal was sentenced to death, shots were fired and the citizens and passersby dropped to the ground. At that point Reapers member Jack Lemons sprayed us with his firearm, killing several of us.
  13. I actually find it realistic, considering the setting of the game and the circumstances provided in your example. Also, as stated here, I can't blame them with all the occurring robberies.
  14. RP on Dayz Guide *video*

    Watching as you were posting the thread. Amazing job!
  15. Interview with JohnnyThunders

    I've been waiting for this interview!