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  1. Why so hard to find food?

    0.58 is the first update I almost starved to death in, I spawn near Berezino an made the mistake of heading north instead of going straight inland.
  2. New Gestures. W.I.P

    I like this very much.
  3. This has happened to me twice on public servers, I starved to death as I did not have anything to kill myself with, wish I knew this at the time.
  4. Your favourite weopon set?

    I've been having a lot of fun with the crossbow lately, on DayzRP.
  5. What junk do you pick up?

    PET bottles, many many PET bottles.
  6. Sickness: For Dummies

    I almost died from overeating a while back, I wasn't near a pond and it took forever to remove the status once I found one.