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  1. *Emilio Santiago would press down his PTT* Hey vatos, this is the cartel We have recently taken control of green mountain and are looking for some survivors and traders to come through. Everyone is welcome, There will be stands for traders to sell your goods to the people that come through *He smokes his joint then speaks again* There's also a fight arena for you hardcore fighters, There will be rewards for the winners Oh and we also have a charity box outside in honor of hunter *Pull up, He releases the PTT*
  2. Thanks man! was nice to finally rp with you
  3. tbh it is cool art but i'd prefer if you draw me and vlad biting eachother
  4. Will do i'll add a nice little red outline so the homies can see it better Appreciate it, Black on black to me i like but if its not for you then i guess i can add a red outline or something Im also working with loremasters on custom drugs that's why theres not much on it yet, but as the group develops with IG relations we will start to introduce it Thanks bro
  5. Much love man! It was fun! can't wait to see how this unfolds!
  6. My POV : Me and my boy jimbo are driving when the server is so dysncy for me and i end up hitting someone by mistake, i then get out and feel bad and roleplay with these guys. They ask about my arm band and what it means and i tell them i'm Santiago, he asks if im a drug runner and then the group proceeds to surround me. This makes me anxious as you see me say why surround me and i move back. I heard my dynamic drop an initiation so i proceed to do so as well.
  7. I understand completely that the server is Roland and he may not trust anyone with the access to it. However i feel as if you're admin and worked your way to that position that some responsiblity should be given to them as rolle can't be there to do it all the time, hence the server down now and when he sleeps or is busy nothing can be done about it
  8. Thank you man, can't wait to bump into you Sweet bro sweet
  9. sexiest lieutenant around thank you kind sir
  10. Thank you Thank you very much Thanks vato Appreciate it homie Thank you!
  11. My big friend JimRP let me have those graphics and i mean they're kinda the same but it's the same thing Mob/cartel the goals will be similar but a lot more lore will be added soon involving some new drugs being made. Thanks man Thankkk you
  12. Delete please its over don't worry my bad spoke to the person, my bad for wasting ur time staff team
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