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  1. RavenousRP


    Idk about DayZ Lately It Just Feels Like The Community Is Just Out To Get Each other 😕

    We Really Need To All Be Friends

    1. Rover


      100% agree. I found myself contributing to this mentality recently and have actively been trying to avoid falling back into the same trap of 'us vs them' mentality. 

    2. Saunders


      We're not going to get anywhere by being out to get each other all the time. We must work as a team to better the community at all times! This is exactly why I stay neutral in all drama and we all need to work together to find a neutral zone where we are all enjoying the types of RP people prefer because all this leaning to one side stuff is going to ruin the feel of the community.

    3. Phoenyxx


      huddle up go team GIF by MANGOTEETH

    4. JackZRP
    5. ZorullRP


      I feel like things would go a lot smoother if people didn't take IC actions OOCly I've been seeing that lately tbh, and it just brings toxicity out.

    6. RavenousRP


      Yep IC should stay IC don't take it OOC

    7. Saunders


      That's a big thing I've seen too. 100% agree that IC beefs should stay IC. Things done IC are ROLEPLAY, it doesn't mean a person hates you. And people should stop taking OOC beefs IC too because that also happens. If we actually worked on issues ooc and listened to others qualms about the type of RP they're providing for each other this would be such a better place

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