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  1. Ravenous

    Ravenous New Discord Chat

    Bring fruit.
  2. Ravenous

    Ravenous New Discord Chat

    You're a nasty man. I hope they never let you become an RP
  3. Ravenous

    Ravenous New Discord Chat

    Joking i was a bad man and now i am punished Free me
  4. Ravenous

    Ravenous New Discord Chat

    This is a secret thread to advertise ERPing at lop barn
  5. Ravenous

    Ravenous New Discord Chat

    Only the elite get admin.
  6. Ravenous

    Ravenous New Discord Chat

    This is a new discord since i was removed from the old one! @NozzyRP You are now admin of my new text discord Wow this discord is popping Thanks man i made it myself Yeah g this discord is lit So many new members! Welcome all
  7. Ravenous


    Not allowed in discord, Bring back TS

    1. strider



      hey man this is a joke don't hurt me free this man

    2. Ravenous


      😞 R.I.P

  8. Ravenous



  9. Ravenous

    Puncture's Media Thread

    A Beast in the making
  10. Ravenous

    The Asylum [Open Recruitment]

    o7, You guys did amazing.
  11. Ravenous


    3000 word essay due in for tonight... Wish Me Luck


    1. JackZRP


      Smash it son

  12. Ravenous

    German bush man song

    Well i know where i'm heading to RDM someone tonight
  13. Ravenous

    Change my displayed username

    No. Just ask them to delete your account or deactivate it yourself "The word being please" instead of demanding
  14. Ravenous

    Bad Version - Server Rejected Connection

    https://www.dayzrp.com/join/ Follow this step by step and make sure your game is not on experimental
  15. Ravenous

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @EaglePleasure to rp with you for 5 seconds before you told a bad joke and crashed the server
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