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  1. Oh, okay. So if I'm talking with someone in person I need to make sure that my radio in game is off too.
  2. I don't know if title is accurate but... nevermind. Just a few moments ago I relized that I don't know certain things about in game radios although I used them a lot in the past but never in a way I will explain in a second. So anyway... I'd like to know something - if I'll switch my walkie talkie on while its in my inventory will I hear someone talking and if I do will they be able to hear if it's ON and it's still in my intentory (not in my hands)?
  3. Tewudin

    Černaruská Republika - Media Thread

    Awesome pics. Especially the one taken in the woods north of Pulkovo.
  4. Tewudin

    Post-lorewipe - Have you enjoyed it so far?

    Can't really say because I have yet to meet anyone in game. As always had problem with that but seeing as other people enjoy it so far I'm full of hope.
  5. As you probably guessed it already, I'm going to post some screenshots of my adventures in DayZRP in this thread. Maaaaaaaybe some videos too but I seriously doubt that. Pictures mostly. Road to nowhere I shall call you... Bianca? Here I thought that it might get better. The weather, I mean. Boy, how wrong I was...
  6. I agree that this map is'nt really needed. I get why you would make it but still don't you think it's more fun and interesting for people to find out about those things IG instead coming to forums for that kind of knowledge?
  7. *Another round of static can be heard and occasional sounds that could've been words or maybe something else. After a few seconds you can hear a man breathing heavily. Gregor did overheard someone answering him on this frequency. As he starts to speak you can hear that he's a bit quiter.* I think someone is in the house with me. *After that nothing, just silence. Few minutes pass and you can hear another transmission. This time a man on the radio is breathing heavily* I'm fine... God... this guy tried to attack me. Had to... *Small pause follows as he tries to calm himself and looks around in hopes that there are no more surprises for him. Fortunately the infected outside didn't heard his struggle with house owner. Soem of them lost interest in the building he was in but some still were looking for a way in. He pressed the button on the radio again* Who are you?
  8. Tewudin

    [GAME] Would you save the person above you (IC'ly)?

    No because he says my avatar is too small! :C
  9. Tewudin

    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    Still nothing! Get to work! ?/10
  10. Tewudin

    [GAME] Forum Games Addiction Level (Of the person above you)

    9/10 cause you've serious problem, mister!
  11. Small avatars matters too! Hm... okay, what the hell 10/10 cause I really like WW2 themes. ^^
  12. *While scavenging for some food for another day or two, Gregor stumbled upon a lost radio just sitting there on the table. It was a bit busted but he also found batteries not so long ago. With them, Gregor made this radio working again so he decided to make the most of this opportunity* Hello...? Hello? This is... is this thing even working? *You can hear some mumbling in the background* Okay, let's give it a try. Hello... my name is Gregor. I'm... I need help. I was with a group of people. We were traveling south along the coast when we got seperated by the sick ones. *You can actually notice that there are some sounds of growls and banging in there somewhere* Um... I managed to hide for now. The people I was with said something about refugee camps. We were trying to find one. *After that there is a long static with words but there is too much interference to understand anything except for the last few bits* ...please... anyone... ere? *Nothing but static follows this few words*
  13. Hm... I think it deserves 9/10. P.S. I really need to see that movie soon.