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  1. I can say with confidence that this was one of the best (if not the best) groups I've ever been a part of. Such diversity in terms of characters, their core values and end goals. So much ups and downs along the way. Truly a unique experience. I'm honestly sad that irl circumstances forced me to abandon DayZ for the past couple of months because I'm sure I missed a lot of great RP. Happy Birthday Redwood Radio o7
  2. "Small map = more RP" More RP doesn't mean better as quantity rarely goes along with quality Just saying.
  3. Honestly, I'm on the fence. Not going to vote either YES or NO for one simple reason. Even though this map is US based and would love it to be like what @Hofer suggested, it's ultimately going to result in the same thing that happened to Deer Isle. We will come up with a lore explaination why Stuart Island isn't a place close to US but rather it's an island somewhere off the shore of Chernarus or on Baltic Sea (closer to Livonia). Which sucks. If I believed that we, as a community, would really go through with the idea of having this map being US based and therefore having a mechanic of two characters, one each locked for either Livonia or Stuart, I'd definitely vote YES. Sadly, I don't believe this will ever happen so if there was an option to abstain or I DON'T KNOW, I'd pick it.
  4. Tewudin

    Trash Fairy

    For her wrath is terrible!
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    Conquering the Clinic

    Even Maggie was better than him!
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    A Deaf Girl's World

  7. Tewudin

    Meet Olek

    A fellow TextRP-er I see!
  8. The new people that are saying "I joined fairly recently and would like to see the beginning of the apocalypse". A word of a veteran from this community. You will only enjoy it for like the first 2-3 weeks After that it will be business as usual. It always ends the same, no matter what, and we had countless lore wipes before. Like I said in my first post, I'm strongly against the lore wipe for a various reasons. 1) Why lore wipe when we ALL know (well, at least those that already lived through a couple of lore wipes) that its going to end the same way it did a dozen times before? Sure, we will all enjoy early apocalypse but in less than a month (full month if we lucky) it will be back to the same thing we are doing right now. 2) Looking at #1, why then should we lore wipe since we will only enjoy our early apocalypse for a few weeks before its back to months and months of what we have right now? Why destroy all the storylines, the friendships, groups that are just now developing in favor of something that will not last long? I just don't really get it. I'm not trying to be rude but every time I see another thread popping out about "We should lore wipe, it will fix this and that, it will be awesome" and "it will be different this time", I'm reminded a simple yet accurate quote that I think applies to this (I know it's cliche but) - “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” Edit: 3) Also, again, not trying to be rude but I just remembered another argument. Don't say "we have LM team that is passionate, they will guard our lore and we will have awesome events". I heard that same thing before every lore wipe. I'm sure that if they are passionate, they can come up with something amazing with the current lore as well
  9. Tewudin

    Long Distance

    I only take credit for that photo
  10. I voted NO because lore wipe never solves anything. Its good for like 2-3 weeks, then everything is back to normal.
  11. The idea itself is really interesting in theory and if we could pull it off, I'd be in favor but as it stands, it'd be really, really, really hard to organize. Not to mention the amount of mods we would have to use, especially the ones altering the map so it doesn't look like a couple of months/years into the apocalypse. Also getting rid of zombie spawns for the duration of the events so only admins can spawn them gradually. Tl;Dr Great idea in theory, hard to execute in practice
  12. Tewudin

    Polaroid 10

    Thats awesome, nice Also my character's posture xD
  13. I take great offense when you say Russia is much more interesting Nobody wants to go to Poland? You know how many turists we get in a year? Especially during winter season? Also you're kind of missing the point. Deer Isle is a map that is supposed to be placed in US but you know WHY we decided that no, it'll be an island off the shore of Chernarus? Because architecture was clearly eastern europe, not american, so even with english names for cities it didnt make sense for it to be America. Livonia is established, even by DayZ devs to be a region around Poland, Belarus, Russian exclave and Latvia, it uses polish language everywhere you look, it even uses polish names of the cities and unlike Deer Isle, there is no issue with buildings, infrastructure etc. not matching its setting, where its suppose to be.
  14. Since Livonia, as a map and region, is basically imported from Arma 3 (with additional changes to suit DayZ), I will just drop this link here to show you WHY exactly some people believe it's in Poland. Technically it's not. It's supposed to be a seperate country but still. https://armedassault.fandom.com/wiki/Livonia I will also drop the screen that might explain why Livonia isn't part of Russia and especially not part of south russia regions
  15. Honestly, I'd love to see guitar returning into our server. There are so many people that like to RP out playing one and it makes it weird when instead of an actual guitar, they're holgind a wood log or something like that. Yes, I'm looking at you @Basko Anyway, yes if it's possible, bring them back!
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