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  1. Tewudin

    I am the Law!

    Clearly you didn't even noticed when I snapped that photo so you can do nothing!
  2. Tewudin

    I am the Law!

    There are no rights in Russia
  3. If possible, and I can't stress that enough, if possible then I don't see why not. I agree, there is a fair share of people who don't wear any type of vests at the moment (myself included). I imagine that it'd probably take some time as our devs are probably busy with other things. Other than that, yeah I don't see why we shouldn't have something like that, assuming it's possible in the first place. At the same time yes, clipping might also be some kind of issue in this case but let's see what our devs are going to say about this idea.
  4. That you? I saw you yesterday from the distance then!
  5. Here is a thing do - archiving the group happens only if the majority of it is breaking rules. Just like it happened with the last group that was force archived.
  6. Honestly? I agree. There is a lot of things that is so hard to find at the moment but it's not just civilian loot in my experience. While I don't focus on military stuff as well at this very moment, I noticed it's rare for me to see certain weapons, clothing etc. that is specifically military. At the same time I don't believe it's because anything is broken. Quite contrary. The way I hear about it is that with so many mods adding so many new things (and our devs still working on adding more things) there is simply not enough "room" for all those items to spawn at the same time. Some do, some don't. It's sort of a gamble. Pair it with the fact that Bohemia reworked loot system (as I understand loot is supposed to respawn every 24 hours), it makes it extra difficult to find some things that used to be more common in the past. For example, I haven't seen a single poncho anywhere. The only reason I have one is because someone found it for me. I guess it's just something we have to learn to live with, unless Bohemia decides to scrap the current loot system and switch it back to how it was... or maybe fix it so it's better but still different. I guess we will have to see.
  7. I think that me and some other people only managed to get to Cherno at the end of the whole event because it showed that most was already tired from screening and processing everyone. Not meant to be taken as a jab towards you! Actually it's a compliment! Your RP was still very good, your cooperation with medical staff really nice and I enjoyed all the interactions. It even had influence on me because irl I was tired as hell but just hearing some of the soldiers authoritive voice telling me to "stand there!" made me pay more attention and listen just in case I don't miss anything. Already hyped up with what may happen next time!
  8. Alright, here we go. Character page seems alright, nothing special but I still enjoyed reading it. Of course, there is always room for improvement. 7/10
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