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  1. Tewudin

    Apartment Shelter

    I wasn't the one to put it there so don't judge me. The owner though didn't mind cause windows were all broken. I guess he wasn't concerned about table made of wood.
  2. Tewudin

    Dead City

    Yep, thats the plan, I guess.
  3. Tewudin

    Power Tools: Balancing the Easy Way

    Massive +1 from me. I also get it, why time to destroy walls was reduced from 28 hours to 15 minutes but it still should be an effort for someone to break into such places not a random dude with just a simple axe. In favor of power tools, if it's possible to add them. If not, we have to wait for their official implementation.
  4. Tewudin

    The troubles of base building, and how I propose to fix it.

    Basically a big NO for coping bases on all the different servers. I don't even think its possible, especially when we are talking about storage units. That and imagine having your base in the same spot on two servers. Whole group is on server A while base on server B is completely empty. See the issue here? Also I voted NO for trees giving you more logs after cutting them down as I think its already a good amount and more than that would be unreasonable. I voted YES for tools degrading slower. I think that's a reasonable thing to ask, especially with how fast it sometimes goes from worn to damaged.
  5. Here we are again and I had another day of amazing RP. I'm meeting a lot of people recently so of course its hard to remember everyone. Some are hard to find so if you aren't mentioned here, I'm sorry. In any case, after yesterday's playthrough I wanted to send thank you to @Daisy @Aron73 @Watchman I want to give an honorable mention to @Phoenix because while our interactions were brief, your RP as always was on point. Yet again, if I played with anyone else but forgot about you, I'm really sorry. My memory is my archnemesis sometimes.
  6. I get it why queue cap was introduced but it shouldn't have been introduced in the first place. I'm sorry if I'm going to sound a bit hostile but why the big man even cares about queue? If someone wants to wait an hour in it to join thats their decision and no one should interfere in that. Also I don't think that this tactic will make people suddenly go to S2. I can honestly say that most of the people trying to join S1, not being able to even go into queue, will probably say "F that" and outright dismiss all desire to play at that current time. If people don't generally care on which server they play thats fine too and me personelly, Im one of those people but i will never, never be in favor of new mechanics that restrict something, especially a thing that wasn't even an issue. Do I believe queues are an issue? No, why should they? They're integral part of most of the servers these days and if someone wants to join a specific server (for one reason or another) but its full, he/she is placed in queue and player can do other stuff in the meantime while waiting. Like I said, if someone is willing to wait an hour in a queue that's fine, that's their decision but of course some people said "No, its not their decision, its ours and they should play on the other server instead of waiting". That's a big NO from me.
  7. Tewudin

    Text Role Play

    +1 Yes, if this really is an issue among our playerbase (especially newcomers) then I'd be strongly in favor of this being explained somewhere. Not necessarily in the rules but like in a guideline somewhere.
  8. Tewudin

    Text Role Play

    I know, I know but I just decided to engage in a discussion as I find this opinion weird. Like I said, you don't have to like someones RP but is it really an answer that its best to remove the ability to perform it?
  9. Tewudin

    Text Role Play

    Some people say this server should be VOIPRP only? Okay, okay - but then what's going to happen with our stance about "everyone is free to RP characters they want and provide the RP they want"? Remove the ability to TextRP and you're instantly restricting people that heavily depend on it like for example, people RPing a mute. ICly they can't talk, obviously, so how do you expect them to RP without TextRP? You don't like playing with TextRPers, thats fine, but don't try to restrict someones RP because you dont like it. If you're scared of being hit with "avoids RP" report just engange for like 5-10 seconds to tell them that either you're in a hurry somewhere or plain and simple you have no desire to speak with them.
  10. Tewudin

    Musical Day

    Haha, yeah I know but if I did, I'd have told you your voice and music overall was excellent.
  11. Tewudin


    Literally my ONLY screenshot that fits Seaside Theme of this month's contest.
  12. Tewudin


    "I'm the guardian of this sacred passage! You must choose - the door on your left or the door on your right? Know that if you choose poorly, dire consequences await you!"
  13. Tewudin

    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    8/10 - I like your background, I'm also a big fan of aesthetics here. It's short but I was always an advocate of content that is short but precise and on point.
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