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  1. Yeah and also this kind of thread would be really something back in a day when we still had zero base building. Now that we do, people are more spread out on the map so you can honestly find people in the areas that were previously pretty much deserted. My advice would be - just go with your gut. If you're looking for people than try to find as much information as you can IC, use radio threads too because sometimes people actually post locations of their settlements or trading outpost.
  2. Tewudin

    My plans for a new DayZRP Group

    Exactly, sounds like a few groups that are currently running around Chernarus but who knows. Maybe yours is going to be something else. It definitely sounds interesting in the concept and I'm always someone who says that "if you have idea for a group you know you'll enjoy and invest in then you should go for it". So... go for it but I understand you need to find people first to form the basis of your group.
  3. Tewudin

    Wanderer's Pictures

    Day-to-day story of Gregor Morowsky
  4. And you might want to look at what Roland said in that thread when he stated that just because report 1 had verdict of NVFL doesn't mean that report 2 will have the same verdict. Reports aren't suppose to set any precendce and every situation is to be looked at individually because every situation is different, be that different people, circumstances or staff reviewing it.
  5. But you're forgeting something. Kill rights are called rights for a reason. He or she doesn't have to kill you but its an option that said person can and has every right to use. You say killing somebody effectively destroys any future RP. I say killing somebody forwards RP. Maybe not for the person that was killed but for others. His enemies or allies that might've been present.
  6. Okay but you're looking at it from the perspective of "Okay, guy A threw a punch and guy B shot him effectively ending any future RP" but you can also look at this situation from a different perspective. "Guy A threw a punch risking consequences for it and got killed effectively ending his RP because of a mistake". You're right, not every situation has to end with someone killing somebody but IMO this kill wasn't invalid. A guy, who from my understanding was a sworn enemy of the shooter, punched him so if I was in a shoes of a shooter I would've done the same thing. Some people say "But he punched once!". Okay... but what gives you an impression that if the shooter didn't killed him he wouldn't continued with punching? At current state of the game it doesn't take much to render somebody unconcious you know. Sometimes it even takes only one punch. So I think the shooter was well within his rights to defend himself as he was a target of a hostile action againts him. Doesn't matter if it was with someone fists, its the same thing as trying to shoot somebody or stab with a knife.
  7. Tewudin

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  8. Tewudin

    Increase the amount of Zombros in towns and cities

    I mean sure, I'd be all for increasing numbers of zombies (though I suspect devs are going to do that in the future along with implementation of hordes) but only if we also made them as slow as regular zombies. Otherwise huge amount of them would basically mean suicide if you fired one shot.
  9. Tewudin

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    This ^ and always this. It shows especially with what happens currently in the Northern part of the map. I've been traveling all over there and seen a couple of relatively peaceful settlements that in the span of a week or two became deserted because of hostilities. It's the same thing over and over again. There is an abundance of hostile/bandit groups on the server but whenever a neutral/peaceful/hero group appears and makes its presence known, they instantly become a target of hostile group/s. In the end it ends with "victim" group either running away and eventually repeating whole cycle or archiving which results in yet again another situation where the only groups on the server are mostly hostile oriented. I agree with you, its apocalypse so obviously there are bound to be hostiles here and there but what's wrong in the current situation is that some hostile groups are so persistent in their attacks against some groups that it makes it impossible/unenjoyable to even perform any other types of RP except for hostile RP. At least that's how I see it.
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