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  1. Tewudin

    Make Offline Raiding not Allowed?

    Of course but UNTIL said solution is found I think its very impractical to create a rule that you're suggesting. Therefore, for now, I voted no.
  2. Tewudin

    Eastern Military Equipment

    +1 yes please! We already have quite a number of stuff in game but it'd be nice to have something eastern themed.
  3. Tewudin

    Make Offline Raiding not Allowed?

    Its impossible to enforce. Why? You say - we have logs. I say - how the hell does said raiders can possibly know if the owners of said camp/base are currently offline? Like what? Are you expecting everyone to just metagame whose camp it is they just encounter and then spent the next 10-15 minutes, at best, to find out if the owners are currently in-game? No offence, I agree with you. I think offline raides are annoying but its very hard to enforce such a thing. Not to mention it would be impractical because everyone would be required to metagame whether owners of said base are online or not which may take time and may not always be possible since said raiders might not even know whose base it is.
  4. Some items might be buggy and because some other stuff isn't, doesn't mean that this one will work too. I agree thou - it should be in the game but lets give our dev team a chance to test it out first.
  5. Tewudin

    Survival mod?

    I don't know what you're talking about. I've played today for straight 3-4 hours and only had to eat can of food once. Unless you're sprinting, then its no wonder you need to eat a lot in game.
  6. Tewudin

    Wanderer's Pictures

    Day-to-day story of Gregor Morowsky
  7. Tewudin

    Should drugs give you extra HP?

    I voted no because I'm a firm supporter of drugs being important in the game but in a different manner. Meaning I'd be all for disabling health regeneration after bandaging yourself and making it so the only way to increase your health or get out of your injured state is to actually seek medical help/supplies. Making drugs give you extra HP isn't a solution because it can be easily exploited. Inb4 for hordes of super soldiers with extra hp.
  8. I'm against it simply because of past experiences. Whenever I saw community implementing enforced permadeath rules, protocols etc. it wasn't long until said community ended up dead. Roughly in a month or two. That's why, while I'd like to saw some consequences being present in the game, I'm against enforcing permadeath on someone's character.
  9. The thing is, you people are trying to solve unsolveable problem. It's has plagued many communities in the past, it continues to do so and it always will. No matter how good the community was, they always lost their playerbase whenever something like that was implemented which was forcing people into things they didn't wanted to do. Don't get me wrong, I think that people fearing IG consequences would be a good thing but it's never going to happen. At least not in enforced manner. I mean, sure you can try to come up with the ideas to somehow enforce that but then there is a high possibility of damaging the community's playerbase in the process... if not completely destroying it. At least, that's how I see it.
  10. I know what he said but what he described is some sort of automatic process in my opinion. Like, whenever you die in game, you'd be unable to spawn again with the character of the same name. The problem with that idea is that people dying from glitches and bugs would still be registered as deaths and their characters blocked.
  11. Tewudin

    DayZ leaving Early Access December 13 Trailer - LUL

    How about more broken than it is now?
  12. I mean, how do you expect this to work when the game is so unstable that people die because of bugs and glitches on daily basis? Can you imagine the anger when someone creates a character, starts playing it and dies an hour later because the stairs killed him?
  13. Tewudin

    DayZ leaving Early Access December 13 Trailer - LUL

    "We keep on surviving"... say what now?
  14. Tewudin

    made it to cherno

    Oh I'm sorry... not so fond of jokes then. Just hover over the picture with the mouse and you'll see the title.
  15. Tewudin

    made it to cherno

    This is description, my not-so-observant-friend.