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  1. Tewudin

    Testing a new map on S2

    I think @Roland already answered that. Map has typical eastern European architecture so it's either Chernarus or other slavic country.
  2. Tewudin

    Testing a new map on S2

    Cool idea but I'm also waiting for the lore to pop up before joining S2. Especially on the topic of where exactly it is located and how we can traverse from mainland to that island effectively without making it too silly.
  3. Tewudin

    A Wanderer's Pictures

    Day-to-day story of Gregor Morowsky
  4. Tewudin

    Locked to FPP when holding any weapon?

    Yes but actually NO. This is an RP server not PVP server or even RP-PVP server. It's RP server. If anything we should make changes that benefit RP and not PVP solely. That and I also love making screenshots with my weapon out. Like I said, NO.
  5. Tewudin

    DayZ Update Thread

    Damn, those patch notes look sick. Especially about vaulting/climbing and voice levels (shouting, whispering etc.). That last one, I think, will be especially welcomed by a majority of people here.
  6. Tewudin

    Cycle of Survival

    Maybe one day they will meet again, who knows.
  7. Tewudin

    George's Orb

    It's an alien orb! I think you should prepare for the visit of little grey men
  8. Tewudin

    Cycle of Survival

    Maggie is busy somewhere else, the time has come for Gregor's reign!
  9. Tewudin


    Drink that blood while it's fresh.
  10. Oh well, the depths of insanity are infinite.
  11. Don't get me wrong but who in their right mind creates a Battle Royale mod for DayZ? I mean, this game is already a battle royale of sorts when you think about it. You spawn on the map with pretty much nothing, you have to travel around to gather supplies, weapons, ammo, clothes etc. and then not only fight off other players but also environmental dangers. Like I said, DayZ is already a battle royale game in a sense. To answer OP question, no I don't think we need a server for that. You want to play a battle royale-ish game, go on public servers.
  12. Tewudin

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    I've noticed that phrase being thrown every once in a while. "People want to be the hero of the story, therefore they must always win". It's only half bad IMO. Why, you may ask? Well, in my experience it's not really bad for someone to want to feel like they're the hero. They're. In their own sense, they are. After all, we are all our own heroes of our own, personal story. What people SHOULD realize is that even the heroes of the story sometimes lose. They don't always win. In other words, while its not bad to have a "Im the hero of the story" mentality, it should be known that even the "main" characters lose sometimes too. They even die! (I know, shocking, isn't it?) I can vouch for people commiting hostilities and then painting themselves as victims. Without giving out any names (cause I dont want to start another argument, its pretty recent) I was a part of the group that was attacked on the road to our camp. The guy responsibile was punished. Staff determined he had no kill rights, no initiation was given and that the kill was invalid. The group that he was part of should've looked at themselves, what people they're RPing with and maybe fix the way they do things. No, it's not what happened. Instead OOCly they blamed me and my friends for what happened. In their mind (I guess) it was our fault that their friend commited KOS. We really need to try to show new people how things work around here because rules aren't a guidline, they must be followed. If your friend was punished for rule break, there is a clear evidence of that and you still blame the ones that were actual victims, then there isn't anything wrong with the community, or the rules. There is something wrong with you and how you do things (ofc Gatorr, it wasnt pointed at "you" specifically, I was talking in general now).
  13. Another one of these threads? Alright then... NO. No use in forcing people into playing first person only, especially that some simply can't due to health concerns. Others, like me, prefer 3rd person. We're customizing our character to the letter (with clothes ofc) so we like to see our character.
  14. Tewudin

    Lore wipe and map change?

    Alright, thank you for you answer. Myself I'm not really in favor of this idea either but I was just curious what LM thinks of it.
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