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  1. You know that right now emote wheel doesn't work for some people because with 1.0 release they added the keybind for it into options and its no longer ".>"? What you simply have to do is go to your option settings in-game, keybinds, find it and change it to whatever key you want. ? Just saying.
  2. Tewudin

    Vampire Car!

    Weasley's Car!
  3. Tewudin

    A monster in the woods?

    This disease you have must re-write your DNA and change you into something else. ?
  4. Tewudin


    Amazing shot ?
  5. Tewudin

    Wanderer's Pictures

    Day-to-day story of Gregor Morowsky
  6. The trouble is, new players usually either prefer playing by themselves or alongside their friends who also might be a newcomers.
  7. Yeah, as some people pointed this out, this will virtually kill our community. I've already seen that happening on few occasions so naturally I'll be against forced permadeath. As much as I'd like to see it become reality, it just never works. Eventually people are just fed up with their characters dying on a weekly basis and need to create new ones over and over and over again. At some point it takes the joy out of the RP. -1 As much as I love the idea in theory, in practice it'd probably prove to be disastrous to this server.
  8. Tewudin


    You must've wasted SOOO much ammo doing that ?
  9. Tewudin

    No more Offline Base Raiding

    People say "there shouldn't be any offline raids" but how the hell do you want to enforce that? I mean, how do you expect people to KNOW who's the owner of the base they just encountered? I'm sorry but you're asking the impossible. Not unless you also enforce players to reveal the locations of their bases on the forums so it's info that is easily accessible. Raids are part of the game and they don't ruin RP in any way. They just make people cringe about their lost gear. Tough luck.
  10. Tewudin

    Map Change

    I don't get why everyone love Namalsk. I tried it once and honestly I think it's the worst. An island with nothing but mountains, some forests from time to time and occasional (former) human settlement. Even the current Chernarus is better IMO.
  11. @derNils It was nice meeting you after so much time since we last RP'ed together. We mainly just talked but it was fun. We exchanged information, talked about our current predicaments etc. Hopefully we will meet again at some point. Also a shout out to your friend but sadly I don't remember his IG name nor do I know his forum name.
  12. Tewudin

    Settlement Protections

    Yeah but the current staff says that when you're not online, you're not necessarily asleep in your base. You might as well be away somewhere, doing scavenging or other unreleted stuff. This came up because of the recent discussion about "offline" raids of someones base when owners are not online but someone break inside and steals their things.
  13. I wanted to give thanks to a woman I met yesterday named Tatiana or Tati, I think. It might've been just a simple RP of traveling together, talking and surviving for a while but I always enjoy those whenever I have an opportunity to experience them. Thank you. ? P.S. I'm don't know your forum's name.
  14. Tewudin

    Roleplay Suggestion for the DayZRP Mod.

    Honestly I like your idea for group gui, claiming system and journals. Sounds like a really good things to add into the game, if at all possible. Now the only thing I'm skeptical is the profession system. Mainly because I'm afraid it will only limit people's RP. There is simply no way you can include every profession possible. There is so many of them. From simple doctor, chemist, policemen or IT specialist to truck drivers, reporters, politicians, etc.
  15. I mean, you shouldn't really expected otherwise. I mean, its not like it WILL happen but its always a possibility. Haven't you seen a lot of movies or read books to know that large and powerful groups of people always prey upon the weak? ?
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