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  1. Tewudin

    Borea Aurealis

    I'm not sure. It was my first time seeing it.
  2. You actually remind me of a story I heard yesterday. Some guys encountered a person being chased by zombies and got stuck inside a garage. When they cleared out the zombies and called out to the survivor, no response. Checked the garage, no one there. OOCly I know (suspect?) that the person probably went inside and just logged off to log back in later when zombies will despawn but yeah, it does add to the mystery. Were those guys having a hallucination? Or maybe that person crawled through a window and escaped?
  3. I wholehardly disagree. A lot of people said their piece so I'll tell you a story about infected. I had the best and the most annoying run I've ever had yesterday on DayZRP. Infected were so numerous that I actually managed to get myself stuck in the apartment complex! I was then faced with a choice. Try to kill them one by one by carefully bringing 1 zombie at the time inside the apartment, wait them out or jump out of the balcony, which surely would break my leg. If not for recent updates, I'd jump out of the window in a heartbeat. Right now the game actually makes me hestitant and consider
  4. Here is the question though. If Namalsk proves successful in having a consisent (even small) number of people, will it stay or will it be closed when winter ends either way? Other than that, I'm hype for a change of scenery! Even if for a while.
  5. Great shot! I love it Will you be making more in the future?
  6. It's an RPG first and foremost but yeah, I doubt the multiplayer will be like GTA or RDR in which they created FiveM/RedM to facilitate RP servers. Who knows though, maybe some fans will surprise us in that regards? Time will tell.
  7. Kill cause he's trying to defame me
  8. Kill for spreading lies about me
  9. Kill to avange my own death (as a ghost ooooooooo!)
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