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  1. Code: Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Cannot access link because of ban Why the verdict is not fair: I feel like it isn't fair on my side because I went through some miss understandings. I felt like I was not banned for a reasonable cause Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I made two accounts on the same IP attempting to find this passphrase. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I am hoping for an unban. I was really looking forward to having a good time and meeting new people and this sadly got in the way What could you have done better?: read up on more forums so that I didn't make this expand account for no reason. P.S sorry for the bit I attitude Staggs: Edited for you
  2. Okay so I spend two hours on this application half the time finding this "secret passphrase" I read several things saying how different accounts had different codes. I sat there for and hour looking for this code read the rules over and over again. So I read something that said I will find the passphrase In another set of rules little did I know it was and outdated forum from the dayz mod . After about two Hours I finally got everything finished and I was excited. The other account I just made to see if I could find the passpharse on there. A little while later I got a message from a mod saying that I must explain myself for having two accounts on the same IP. So I did....but I got insta banned. Really!?! I'm not even white listed on the server what could I have possibly done wrong. And can't you tell that the account was made like an hour ago. What could I have possibly done that would have been terrible if I'm not even white listed to the server to break any rules. And yeah sure even if making two accounts was a rule I'm sorry but I was trying to find this pass code little did I know it changes spots after every time you refresh the page. I feel like this isn't very fair on my part and I was looking forward to playing. And if it would help I will delete / deactivate the other account if that's asked of me. Thank you for your time ~ Brendan