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  1. Eccentric as we may or may not come across - I don't think they are enough to say "Wake up!" to an unconscious body. I've played numerous times with them, and that just doesn't sound like them. Also, with the "I think he is just pretending to be asleep" is a little far-fetched to say if one of them beat you into unconsciousness... Don't you think? I went in and out of the barn quickly, as my knowledge of DayZs shock and other mechanics like that aren't something I know a lot about. So I wanted to get you up as quickly as possible. I found one of the 2 pens you said were there and used it on you. I didn't see any on your character, just a lot of morphine. That's why I ran into town to get some. "You knocked me unconcious and all you said was that you would not kill me. And that's it." - Well, it was said that we're getting you up and not going to kill you. Whether or not you were actually in the channel at the point of it being said I'm not too sure. Are logs kept for giving aid like pens, blood bags & IVs? Or is that unfortunately not a thing?
  2. Ah right, thanks for clearing that up.
  3. From my perspective and why you didn't see me down there robbing you as I was overwatch (as Ricky) to my understanding the other two were down there conducting the robbery and at some point asked you to sing. At some point (apologies for vagueness as I said I wasn't actually down there) but as I see from the logs you were hit in the head, reasoning; I'm not sure. BUT: When the guys came up to me and told me you weren't waking up I ran to the medical hut in town and got some epinephrine. So you saying we made no attempt to get you back isn't true, also tried compressing you and we took the handcuffs off to avoid you dying if you were to log out. One of the guys in my group MAY have a recording of this encounter, but that's my perspective and I think it was just a glitch. Whether or not you were hit in the head was on purpose I don't know. Also we took your gear off your body so you wouldn't dehydrate and should've been in the barn, we didn't take ALL of your gear. Plus the only voice heard was yours when you joined our TeamSpeak to ask if you were knocked out and we actually told you then that we are trying to get you up. So that's my view and I think it was maybe a strange glitch or something which was just a long unconsciousness timer.
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