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  1. What did you mean by the post on my profile? 

  2. Michael has always lived in Chernarus, he was born in the small town of Staroye in the year 1992. His mother died giving birth to Michael, her only child in the Staroye Medical Centre. For the first 12 years of Michael's life, he lived with his father in a small house north of Staroye on the outskirts of the forest. Michael was always happy as a child and loved the small community where he lived. Michael's father was a teacher at the small town school. He was a well-respected man in the community and was a key person to all of the people in the town, to all generations. When Michael was 12, the small school where he attended and his father taught was closed due to not enough funding. Michael and his father, as well as others from the town, moved south to the large city of Elektrozavodsk. From here, Michaels father took up role as a teacher in the large High School where Michael was due to start. They moved into a top floor flat in the centre of Elektro where they lived happily. The city did not have the same feel as their old home Staroye, however they saw the benefits that came with living in a city. Michael was happy at school and was a very bright student. Michael wanted to train to be a teacher like his father, who was his role model. He travelled to a bordering country to enrol at a University to study to become a teacher. Because of the vast forests and deserted lands all across the continent, the only feasible way for Michael to travel was by Plane. Michaels father used his life savings to pay for Michael to attend and to stay at University. It was a very long 3 years. Michael missed his father, his old home Staroye and his new home Elektrozavodsk. The only for Michael to keep contact with his father was letters. Michael wrote letters to his father regularly and waited with great anticipation for a response. His father was very proud that his son, born in Staroye had travelled a great distance to follow in his footsteps. As the 3 years of Michaels University Education came to an end, Michael prepared to travel back home. He booked a flight and in 2014, he flew home on a Boeing 777. There are many reports about what happened to that plane, and the total number of deaths is still unknown. Michael was a survivor of the crash. Since then, nothing has been the same.
  3. We all have other, real life commitments. We only play together and if one person has to go we generally all leave so that we are together later. If you look at the logs we rarely ever leave or connect on our own. We always play together. I have never been on my own, always at least being with Myles.
  4. I understand what you are saying about food, but that is my food (Michael Gramlin). I am not sharing my food with anybody even if they are in my group. I need to do what I can to survive. Myles is the one who said he needed food, not me. You say you had 3 epipens on your character, you didn't have 1. We did literally everything we could to try and wake you, even going and searching for an epipen. I am sorry that it happened, it was a mistake on my part.
  5. Hi, I did record it all. You can not hear my voice as I had Shadowplay set to record output sound only. I have changed this now for future. It was a genuine accident. Yes, I probably hit him a few too many times and that was completely my fault. Initially I thought he was lying about his walkie talkie, and the second time his song was... not very good. We did all we can to try and revive him. You can see that he did not have an Epipen in his bag and we went into the village to find one. Hope this is sorted soon.