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  1. I had to shoot to go and eat. That's kind of why I cut the RP short. Not sure about the rest.
  2. Sorry I've been at work, here's my perspective on the matter: We were running looking for food for ages. Maybe a couple of hours and we'd found only enough to get by. We agreed that even though we didn't want to, we'd just hold up anyone we saw and take what we needed. Fortunately, we got the drop on Alin and I instructed Ricky to flank round a bit and scan the area, then meet up with us. Upon speaking to him he said he had friends in the area and that he was going back to camp. Desperation took hold of myles and he called him out on that fact, and said lets go to your camp. (thinking there might be a big steal possible) It quickly became apparent that there was no camp, or friends, so Myles went for it. We got him in the barn and handcuffed him. At this point, I COULDN'T take anything from his inventory, and every time I tried it fell on to the floor. I hold my hands up and say I should have figured out what was going on with the bug (but it was very dark and I didn't see right away) but I did tell him repeatedly, your gear is on the floor next to you, I apologise for taking it off. Anyway, at this point I ran up to the far end of the barn to watch out, in case he really did have friends that were coming. When I came back, he was unconscious and I heard Ricky say he was going to the medical building for an epi pen. We tried epi penning him a few times, but it was dark, I couldn't really see what was going on (I just assumed Rickey was epi penning him. After that we told him he was free to break of his cuffs and we'd be on our way, again repeating that his gear was on the floor next to him. I did say that I thought he was staying lay down after we epi penned him because Rickey said he gave him an epi pen, so either he lied (which I'm fairly sure he didn't) or the epi pen bugged. I went offline shortly after that as my food was ready, I didn't know they both stopped playing as well. That's my account of the events. In regards to the TS accusation. You joined the TS channel we was in at the time to speak to us, you know we weren't meta gaming, or you'd have caught us. Yes I feel sorry about the glitch, but that happens. Hopefully Michael Gramlin recorded the whole thing with shadowplay but we'll have to wait until he sees this.