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  1. This is bullshit.

    Can I also offer a suggestion? Log out of the forums and back in. I didn't find it until I did that. Jus sayin...maybe? could be? perhaps?
  2. What song best describes your character?

    This song seems like the song best suited for Tace. She's trying to convince herself to keep going. "I won't lay down, I won't give in." [video=youtube]
  3. What do you listen to ?

    This is currently the most played song on my playlist. I do however have a long list of what I listen to, but this is where it falls right now. [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWDICcuFJvQ
  4. Hey Y'all

    Finally got myself in order after getting my whitelist application approved and wanted to drop a note to say hello to the Community. I prefer to be called SilentRev or Silent. I'm in my 30's, pretty laid back and chill. Just here to have fun and scavenge. Haven't been part of a gaming community like this in a while, but have been RPing on and off for over 10 years. Say hey and check ya later.