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  1. totally that dude How do i delete it dude i cant find the delete button
  2. Sorry man I didn't realise, should I delete this one
  3. Will I be able to play on the server when streaming on twitch if I get on the whitelist
  4. Thanks a'lot guys i've been on the website all day its very good wish I came across DayZRP along time ago
  5. Hey guys I'm Humblebee, I'm new here looking forward to getting to know you all and playing some real RP with you if i get on the whitelist Peace and Love
  6. What's your funniest moment in DayZ; I will start with being hand cuffed possoned and then feed to Zombies
  7. Cant wait for the stable patch getting 20 more fps in .58
  8. Humblebee

    What does your RP character look like?

    I'm about 5 foot 8 inch's, I have a long beard about 30 inch's a scar across my forehead, blue eyes , black ragged jeans a stripy yellow and black top and a yellow beanie hat.