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  1. I agree with Wulfe. The gray areas keep the trigger happy characters in check, which helps creativitiy.
  2. sweettea33c

    Chernov's Bandit Guide

    Excellent tips to help a no account rogue ply their trade.
  3. sweettea33c

    Guide: Tips for Writing Entertaining Stories for the Forums & WhiteList

    I'm a noob wanting to write a story that is worth reading. This guide is a gold mine.
  4. Got excepted yesterday and wanted to say Hello to all but did not get the chance to do that, but I have the time now. I went in game, dang near got lost, almost starved to death. Anyway, I've been reading posts and faq's . Checking out the site. I like what I see. This is going to be fun. Hello again, I hope to meet you all. Lofty ambition I know, but you gotta have a plan. Lets begin the journey.
  5. Great idea. A friendly, relatively safe place to get a drink and something to eat. A place to trade. I like it, but I think your going to need persistence to make it easy. "That will be two shotgun shells please."