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  1. Neither do I. As I said, I made a request in-game via voice chat and you didn't comply, not sure whether it is your error or an in-game error. No idea. I cannot see how I have broken any rules whatsoever.
  2. We did indeed ask you once again to put your hands up as you were still armed. You failed to do so and kept walking, so you were failing to comply, as you had weaponry and had failed to comply I shot you for my own safety. We asked you to put your hands up, you didn't, so I shot you as you were armed. That's how it went, perhaps you didn't hear? I gave you 10 seconds to reply and I told you to put your hands up twice.
  3. So, at Green Mountain we held you up as you were alone and had weaponry on you. We held you up and asked you to drop your gear multiple times ICly and you didn't, at all. You didn't comply so we decided to let you off and invite you into Green Mountain and be somewhat friendly to lure you into a false sense of security. All of us entered the main building and then as you had your back turned, I screamed at you to put your hands up, yet again you didn't fully comply and kept walking. I gave you 10 seconds to do something but you just kept walking away. As you were armed I was afraid that you would leave and come back with either friends or try and kill us yourself, I gave you a chance to put your hands up and we would've taken your weaponry and never killed you, however you didn't comply. Also at first when we asked you to put your hands up you said in voice chat that you couldn't drop it and I asked you that was ridiculous, you asked if you could put your hands down to drop your back pack and weapon and we said that you could. Then you said in OOC text chat that you couldn't drop anything apparentely and you also was complaining about this in voice chat, which is clearly metagame on your part as you meant that you couldn't drop anything due to a bug. You were shot fairly for not complying at all in the second situation, we gave you the benefit of the doubt at the first situation however when we saw you had arms on you we were very cautious. When you didn't listen at all to our demands and kept walking, I decided that you were being hostile as you were armed and you failed to comply, so I killed you. You were armed with an MP5 with a loaded magazine the whole situation also which I thought was a threat as you failed to comply completely.
  4. Welcome mate! I'm sure you'll have a great time here!
  5. Welcome! I'm sure you'll have a great time here, just like I do!
  6. PaulD

    The Wolves

    This sounds really cool, good job!
  7. PaulD

    Andrey's Graphics ~ Requests: [OPEN]

    Thanks man that's awesome! I appreciate it
  8. PaulD

    Andrey's Graphics ~ Requests: [OPEN]

    Could you change the font in the signature to a more blocky style? That would be awesome, good job dude!
  9. PaulD

    Andrey's Graphics ~ Requests: [OPEN]

    Signature/Avatar/Other stuff: Signature Preferred Text & Color: 'Paul Dunn' in a similar style to Henry's with the union jack as the text also someone in a ghillie suit holding a rifle, something like one of these with a border of whatever colour looks best in your eyes Imagine(s) to be used (in links): Something like this behind the text if possible, if not then it's okay!: http://dayzintel.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/lqtdZQK-672x1024.png Additional Notes: Thank you very much if you get round to making this! Signature/Avatar/Other stuff: Avatar Preferred Text & Color: No text just the picture of the ghillie above if it is possible with the same colour border as above. Imagine(s) to be used (in links):http://dayzintel.com/wp-content/uploads/...2x1024.png Additional Notes:Thanks if you get round to doing this
  10. PaulD

    Army calls for me aswell

    Good luck!