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  1. Shortround

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    got a tk, lit
  2. Shortround

    Two Mod Suggestions

    DayZRP will never put non-dayzrp mods in due to them not being able to "pack" it into their own mod. But, DayZRP can always make their own weapons, etc.
  3. Shortround

    Proposed change to the wording of rule 4.6 (CL)

    whats the point considering that each report is done on situation and if someone lawyers up and tries to loophole its not gonna work
  4. Shortround

    PsiSyndicate needs your help!

    how long until this gets taken down.
  5. Shortround

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    me, house
  6. Shortround

    Arma 3 Exile

    I don't think it would be any different from the number of servers DayZRP opened on arma 3. People would play for a week and then it would be empty. Yes, DayZ SA is declining, but so is ArmA 3.
  7. Shortround


    terrain in-game 


  8. Shortround

    The House

    the mansion
  9. Shortround

    The House

    12 active to 40 active
  10. Shortround

    Development Blog #2

    It can be done via proxies + attachments via .cfg but It's a bit wacky.
  11. Shortround

    S1: Invalid Kills in Vybor Military Base - 23/11/2018 20:52

    @Sleepyhead I yelled an initiation along with people in the irish, idk who said it in the irish.
  12. Shortround

    S1: Invalid Kills in Vybor Military Base - 23/11/2018 20:52

    Shortround POV: I walked into VMC where I met the OP along with various others, our side and I decided to initiate on the men and when we did one of the OP allies ran with his gun out between me and @Pep with the clear intention of either escaping or trying to retaliate. Me and Pep killed him, before I locked my sights on the others. Only two died at first, I didn’t see the first one die nor the third. Those that did comply were taken into the building. I stayed on the outside to make sure nobody came to retaliate. One of our guys got shot at while on the outside and killed the guy, I made sure nobody else was attacking, before I left VMC shortly after.
  13. Shortround

    Time for an upgrade...

    got a 1060 6gb with a i7-8700k and i get like 70+ fps while recording, 90+ while running and dipping. It's Dayz though, don't use it as a benchmark.
  14. Shortround

    My Current Character is KOSable

    let me kill you
  15. Shortround

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