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  1. i dont remember u at all
  2. 1. Watchman answered and pretty much that is the reason. 2. There are things we can and can’t do. It depends on what that is, really. The reason we can’t add new shirts, pants, and shoes is because we have no way of really knowing how it is done. Yes, we know how, but we don’t “have an example of how to implement them (and its probably not worth the time to figure it out)”. Generally, if we can’t do it we will try our best to tell you that. To put it simply, if we see something we can do, we will more than likely attempt to put it in. If we see something we can't do at
  3. It is definitely something down the line I can make for ourselves (that way we don't have to switch maps/mods back and forth every X months and we can just rely on a certain aspect in order to change to and from the seasons), but it wouldn't be priority for me to look at right now. As for external mods, very "eh" as stated before. It looks good, but overall not my decision.
  4. I think I remember a long time ago when V3S's were around, that if you caught someone knowingly stealing your vehicle it's considered a hostile act, but that was a long time ago. Your base is "your base", the same as your items. It's property and if property is stolen from you, you should be able to get it back. I'd wait for staff, though.
  5. Adjustments have been made to zombie SPEED, nothing else, will be in testing. //Zombies will only sprint as fast as the player can sprint, and are able to be "juked" if you cause them turn more than 75 degrees while sprinting. (They will stop/slow down to turn in relation to you) -> will soon be on testing server.
  6. I want to yes, only because I honestly no longer like the whole "forum-ic" thing. I want these interactions to be in-game or on some other medium. Dunno.
  7. Reasoning behind the downgraded items is because of BIS's terms. You can't sell shit that gives an advantage over other players. Theoretically, buying the same item that others have to find in-game is considered an advantage. That's my belief as to why everything is downgraded.
  8. why you leaking dev work I like the fog. ?
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