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    Outtie for two weeks. Work :(

  2. wheres my interview jk love u redbond. nice seeing u again even tho we didnt even talk at all in this reply here.
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      Your profile song is a fuckin meme.

      And not a good one.

      The gif is pretty good though I'll give you that.

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  3. The Resistance [Open Frequency]

    *Viktor picks up his radio and slides his finger along the transmit button while he yells.* LONG LIVE THE FEDERATION! *Viktor sets his radio down onto the table and chuckles heavily as he looks at his fellow friends.* It's time.
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    Streaming The Long Dark and other games. https://www.twitch.tv/jdoberman
  6. @Adamski @Chalbano @Debastante @Dodnl @EvilOwl @Jake Knight @Lucky @QuadJosh @Stara @Totally_Toasty @CallMePeki @Chorrbs @Diabolai @EpicDEAD @Ghost of Gijs @Kudjaaa @mach @StanThaMan @tiiiksuuun HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOIS.
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  9. J. Doberman's Twitch Stream

    J. Doberman's Twitch Stream https://www.twitch.tv/jdoberman https://discord.gg/YQNEe5V https://www.youtube.com/c/jdoberman I will be streaming DayZRP and various other games in the future, even though I have already started. I personally only seek to entertain whoever is watching, I don't really want any monetary gain from this as I am only trying it out. If the time comes though, in the far future which grants me the ability to do this, that I do need some type of monetary gain I may or may not use this as a way to gain it. Come check out the stream and my crappy accent! Clips: UN kills orphanage of children - https://clips.twitch.tv/ManlyPlumpShrewKappa
  10. WHO Hostage Rescued from VDV camp

    *Viktor chuckles slightly before he transmits a message.* When the questions arose on the civilians of that camp, they stated that men in orange armbands left with this doctor. If the United Nations claims that they have rescued said doctor, is it that they are now affiliated with the men in orange armbands? The men that have been heard robbing others and taking the supplies from the innocent? It makes me wonder if this... United Nations man is even United Nations anymore. I think he's rogue and a man that wants his own power. A man that only acts in the interest of his fellow followers. You knew that the camp lead by this Taryn woman was allowed by the VDV forces in the area. You knew that the doctor was there willingly because of the fact that she walked around the camp without chains. You knew that by taking her, that actions would be drawn upon the civilians in that camp. It's your fault that they now must relocate. Think next time. *Viktor slides his finger off of the transmit button on his radio and looks towards the field in front of him.*
  11. WHO Hostage Rescued from VDV camp

    *Viktor picks up his radio and begins transmitting a message.* I was told that the United Nations killed an orphanage of children, though? What's that about? *He slides his finger off of the transmit button and chuckles slightly to himself.*