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  1. ImDeZ

    Shoes Thread.

    I don't like high-end jordan-look-alike shoes that shine more than the sun when you walk with bright colors.. I just wear a pair of black converse.
  2. This would be really nice in my opinion, please make this a thing!
  3. Hello there. My absence has been really, really long. And I've been so focused with studying and maintaining my apprenticeship(a lot of people wants it) so I can't be absent from my job or school at all. And after a long time, I finally returned(I got this week off). And for some reason my main computer won't work properly. It really, really sucks. And I'm hoping it will be fixed really soon. I really miss being in-game here
  4. It was a nice little vacation away from school, and I got able to play lots of DayZRP , I love the community and all that, but school is more important, the purpose of this thread is just to announce my inactivity again, I may be able to play at weekends, but rarely on weekdays.
  5. ImDeZ

    Rock Music Appreciative thread!

    Thank you for showing this. I love it. Now I have to listen to everything I can find about them. That's awesome , I'm glad you liked them!
  6. Hey man! Welcome to the community! Have fun surviving
  7. ImDeZ

    BDU Pants. W.I.P Preview

    Really cool, looks big tho
  8. I met two guys outside of Vybor, and his friend, I keep forgetting, Rasji or something was acting insane, and it was so realistic, man.. I loved his Roleplay.
  9. Hey what's up man! Welcome to the community
  10. I've tried to record CSGO footage, but it just gets really laggy, and my computer is actually really good, it won't lag when I record it, but the result is painful to watch. I would RR that guy, if I could. If you're recording just for possible reports, you don't need HD quality. And if you're playing a bandit or just in case of a robbery, it's good to have even a low-quality proof. True that, I'll try to consider it in the nearest future, thanks for the tip
  11. ImDeZ

    Rock Music Appreciative thread!

    [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6LM-5-oC-k Violent Soho - An assuie band that I love. [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYWp3Eb7Iws Pregnant Whale Pain - Smal band, give them some love people , they're really good.
  12. ImDeZ

    Narcos: A story of Pablo Escobar

    Heard of Pablo before, and the trailer gave me goosebumps , seen it too many times on youtube ads
  13. Welcome man! I hope you'll have a great time here on Dayzrp, I'm willing to help you with any questions, and I'm easy to approach, but I'd suggest you to ask Community Helpers if you want more professional help
  14. Hello man, welcome to DayzRP, I hope you'll have a great time here.