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  1. Mick Warner

    Mick's overall life was regular, generic and safe. Growing up in a densely populated city he became accustomed to all different types of people and groups around his area. Socially Mick was known but not very popular, forgettable if anything however if one was interested in similar things to Mick they could develop a good friendship perhaps. He values his close friends and family over himself and would take the blame for various things if it meant helping them. When it came to work he was on and off really, working in food stores or anything he could find that would provide an income. While working in Tesco he made close friends with a coworker - Damian. Due to similar interest in weed and other drugs they searched for places to socialise with other people of similar interest, and they found out about a psychedelic rave going on in Chernarus. This was perfect to them; big open fields and plenty of places to see whilst under the influence. Little did Mick realise he wouldn't be leaving Chernarus, and so he continues to travel with his mate Damian.
  2. joey's dayz art sh!t

    i am so sorry you had to see these. just a bunch of paint/pen or photo esc art i've done over the past year in school - taking alot of inspiration from dayz/stalker/metro. hope it's pleasing to your eyeballs. i may add more soon it's just hard to decrease file size without making it look potato. (( also please tell me if i've posted this in the wrong area, as i haven't posted in over a year... i'd feel guilty as hell if i did :') ))