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  1. Time to Watch One Piece Again, to Long i Have Forgotten about this Great Anime 😄

  2. Mhh thinking of coming Back to Dayz Rp, Since the German GTA Rp scene is full of Dickheads and Meta/Scripted Rp. Is it worth it?

    1. Lyca


      Of course 😄

    2. Method


      been alot of fun for me 

    3. cheeks


      don't go to hotspots and you'll most likely be good. FivemRP wasn't for me either.

    4. Son of Odin

      Son of Odin

      @cheeks German Rp servers dosend run on Five M German GTA Server run on Rage MP with 500 Players no NPC and this stuff, it was fun but German Rp communitys are Shit ass fuck They Cry to mutch. I like the International Rp Scene Like this here for its Chill, seem like UK/US Players are the better Players. ATM i Hate to be a German 😄

    5. Lyca


      Same tbh. 😄

    6. Son of Odin

      Son of Odin

      Maybe i Give it a try Soon,But most of the Old guys I had Know are gone, its a Shame, but hey so i can feel Whitename again 😄

    7. cheeks


      500 players? How did that server still run?

    8. Son of Odin

      Son of Odin

      @cheeks Its because of a good Net Code, but ALT V ist better then Rage Mp and Supports 1000+ Players Lagg and Desync free, with a hit detection like in GTA online.

      only problem is that Sync and al this stuf you must Self Build on Rage and Alt V

  3. I need a PS4 Kojima the God of Games!



  4. Trailer good game Still Shit, but most of the Problems are fixed with Mods
  5. @Bot Elmo Was one of the Best Rp Storys I ever Had in this Community.
  6. GoT its Over Season 8 Was Shit....

  7. Mhh last Episode of GoT was not so great, you can see that 6 Episodes to End a Series is not a good Idea, what ever was a good Series Next Week it is over with a bad taste in my mouth.

  8. For the love of decent avatars and transparency, use this please as you're avatar. you are welcome baby ❤️



  9. Today I feel Scottish

    1. Crim



    2. Son of Odin

      Son of Odin

      Because Scottland is a Lovely Country 

  10. Try out the Dayz standalone Launcher, it donwloads alle mods you need but put your Character name in, or you will be get kickt of the game.
  11. Valar morghulis!

  12. Some one Knows how I can Edit Dayz Maps? Dont find a Editor to Edit the Map and stuff.

  13. What for a Epic Episode of Game of Thrones.

    1. Lemons


      Hell yeah!

    2. Mando



  14. 1 Day to go for Epsiode 2 of Season 8 Game of Thrones 😄

    1. Mando



  15. Then you Dont Understand the Fact that DAYZ is a Zombie Game and Zombies are not Hard to Fight With Fist or what ever. I think you are Only Bad at the Game.
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