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Monkey D Ruffy

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"To be Forgotten is worse than Death!"

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  1. Monkey D Ruffy

    Monkey D Ruffy

    Mhh thinking of coming Back to Dayz Rp, Since the German GTA Rp scene is full of Dickheads and Meta/Scripted Rp. Is it worth it?

    1. Lyca


      Of course 😄

    2. Method


      been alot of fun for me 

    3. cheeks


      don't go to hotspots and you'll most likely be good. FivemRP wasn't for me either.

    4. Monkey D Ruffy

      Monkey D Ruffy

      @cheeks German Rp servers dosend run on Five M German GTA Server run on Rage MP with 500 Players no NPC and this stuff, it was fun but German Rp communitys are Shit ass fuck They Cry to mutch. I like the International Rp Scene Like this here for its Chill, seem like UK/US Players are the better Players. ATM i Hate to be a German 😄

    5. Lyca


      Same tbh. 😄

    6. Monkey D Ruffy

      Monkey D Ruffy

      Maybe i Give it a try Soon,But most of the Old guys I had Know are gone, its a Shame, but hey so i can feel Whitename again 😄

    7. cheeks


      500 players? How did that server still run?

    8. Monkey D Ruffy

      Monkey D Ruffy

      @cheeks Its because of a good Net Code, but ALT V ist better then Rage Mp and Supports 1000+ Players Lagg and Desync free, with a hit detection like in GTA online.

      only problem is that Sync and al this stuf you must Self Build on Rage and Alt V

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