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  1. Kunkka

    Dayz RP Was fun now Playing GTA 5 RP the better Game :D

    1. Lyca



    2. Kunkka


      its not ewwwwww on Alternate-Life :P

  2. Show some love <3

    You doing great always fun to Walking in you Ingame.Its nice to see what for a Roleplayer you are <3
  3. At what point are we giving up on SA?

    Already gave up on Dayz, Only Play it for Rp if all Rp server get Closed I never touch this game Again.
  4. The Last Light

    Thx @All
  5. @Faith Liz and all the guys from The Last Hope great Rp from you I like you guys you do a great Job.
    • Kunkka
    • Mademoiselle

    You are so a good Roleplayer thats Epic, thx for the last days and the Great Rp  I enjoyed every second of it <3

    1. Elmo


      @Kunkka still coming for you bitchboii

    2. Kunkka


      Hope so but atm not on my main char @Elmo :P

    3. Elmo


      @Kunkka no balls get back on him

    4. Kunkka


      @Elmo maybe next week, to Play the Kid ist Really stress but also fun :D 

  6. Thx @Faith @cheeks and @Dino for the great Rp today Love all of the last light Guys your Rp is Perfect. Dont Forget @Sarilla
    • Kunkka
    • Razareth

    Officer No-Fun <3

    1. Razareth


      I'm not Officer No-Fun :(

      I just saved your ass!!!

      I'm Officer Hero

    2. Kunkka


      Sure your are :D thx for the Rp dude

  7. @cheeks Really fun Rp with your Guys in novaya was a lot of Fun looking forward for more was a good day thx. Sry that i dont know the names from all of you But also nice rp from Officer No Fun
  8. Jayden Schmidt

    Maria and Martin lived in a small village near Lübeck. Maria had found a job in a local supermarket and Martin worked in a large car dealership in Lübeck. Her greatest happiness was Jayden. They loved their little son over everything, even if he was a little sodh and a bully.He was always doing stupid things, but they just could not be mad at him. Two years later, Sophia, her little princess, followed. Jayden and Sophia were inseparable from now on. Jayden helped his little sister where he could. Even if it was still before lunch to steal some freshly baked cookies from the kitchen4. During their holidays, they traveled to Chernarus, where their grandparents had a holiday home near Olsha. Her grandfather taught them to start a fire in the wild without tools or to build a fishing rod for themselves. The years went by and Sophia was now 8 and Jayden 10. They packed as usual the suitcases, left their house to the neighbors and took the plane to Chernarus. Once there, they met with their grandparents and drove with a borrowed car out to Olsha. The next 4 weeks were just to enjoy the tranquility of the forest, the lake and the fields. The last day had dawned and the two brothers and sisters mourned it very much. With drooping heads, they walked to the lake with a glass in their hands. Sophia and Jayden had caught a few tadpoles there at the beginning of their vacation and now it was time to release the little frogs, even though the two took each frog and they reluctantly released it The bags were already stowed in the car and everyone was waiting for them as Sophia and Jayden came dripping wet around the corner. Of course, her mother was startled and wanted to know what had happened when she quickly moved the two on the car. The last frog, the smallest of them, was hiding in the bottom of the glass and just did not want to come out. The two decided to help him, maybe he was just afraid of the big lake. So they went with the glass and the little frog Peter into the lake and waited until he left the glass floating. Then it was so far the big departure. After half an hour driving over bumpy country roads, they arrived in Krasnostav. It took another hour before the plane took off, so they checked in and just wanted to go to a cafe when panic broke out. One man ran bleeding into the airport's large concourse, followed by three other men, but they behaved in a weird way, screaming and bleeding from their mouths. Sophia and Jayden were immediately torn away by their parents from the protective glass walls that separated them from the concourse. Then everything went very fast. The people panicked, they ran all over, here and there the two caught a glimpse of streets were dead and for the next few weeks they heard nothing of the outside world. Their supplies were running out, Maria and Martin, their parents decided to go to the city to get new food. Meanwhile, the grandparents took care of the two little ones: hours passed and nothing stirred, the next day their grandparents decided to look. Jayden and Sophia were brought into the house. Her grandfather handed Jayden the front door key and ordered them to lock up behind them and open them until they came back. After 5 days, the two siblings were alone in the house, their parents and grandparents were still not back. What you should do? The 4 cans of spaghetti and the drinking water were now used up. Jayden decided to go find something to eat alone, left his little sister in the house and told her to wait for him. It was only planned that he would go into the forest, look for berries and get some water from the lake. But everything turned out very differently. Jayden had just arrived at the lake and wanted to fill the water bottles when he heard something on the other side in the forest. He laid everything on the shore and crept quietly into the thicket. What he saw startled him. There were strangers everywhere, everyone had blood on their clothes or bleeding wounds. The pale skin color and moaning did not make the sight any better. Jayden took a few steps back and the wood broke under his feet. The people turned around and Jayden ran. Behind him he heard screaming and moaning and then suddenly they were in front of him. The only way out was the lake, he swam to the other shore and ran into the forest. At some point, the forces left him, he stumbled and fell on the forest floor where he fell asleep exhausted and only awakened at dusk. He looked around, everything looked so strange, so scary. Where was the way back to his sister? Were there still people hunting him? Why did they even chase him? He got up, brushed the dirt from his clothes, and went in search of Sophia.
    • Kunkka
    • theyareCHILLIons

    ChilliVanilli <3

    1. theyareCHILLIons


      Was geht ab! 😁

  9. Kunkka

    January my new PC comes Save for the Next  Years :D

    1. Kunkka


      CPU I7 7700K @ 4,5 

      GPU ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti STRIX GAMING 11GB DDR 5

      Ram Corsair DIMM 16GB DDR4-2400


      Power be quiet! Dark Power Pro P11 750W

      SSD Samsung MZ-75E250B 250 GB

      HDD Seagate ST2000DX002 2 TB

      Case be quiet! PURE BASE 600 Window

      CPU Cooling NZXT Kraken X62

      Windows 10 Pro 64

  10. Kunkka

    1. Sarilla


      jeah nice 

      much love to you sweetheart


  11. AMD Ryzen?

    Take the Ryzen the AMD CPu is on the Same Lvl as a I7 7700K and in some games better then the Intel CPU.
  12. Kunkka

    +1 If you Like Rapist Rp :x

    1. Lyca


      omg... I hate you. 

    2. Kunkka


      Love you too <3

    3. Ender