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    Hey Old men how is it Going xD

    1. Western

      Its going good, making a return, wby? :D 

    2. Kunkka


      Maybe a Short this Community need some Mexicans right @Frisks For Radio:P

    3. Western

      oh yes xD 

  1. Kunkka

    So Most people play on S2 Right? Thats meen to get Good Rp S2 ? 

    1. Oliv


      One can hope

    2. Chewy


      Aye aye. Most of the stuff kicks off in Cherno on S2. :) 

    3. Kunkka


      Good to Know thx @Chewy

  2. Hello

    @breda Bad choice its a Salt Community, hahah Just Kidding nice to See New People Around Good luck on your Whitelist, Read some Reports to see what you Should better not do Ingame best luck and Have fun in this Epic Community.
  3. Lyca Nude Leak 2K17

    @Hunter You Are Late with that Have seen it Befor all of you
  4. Kunkka

    Thinking About too Play Today should I or better not xD

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    2. Kunkka


      mmh then its time to play as a Dick head again 


    3. Jonal


      Its what you are best at my friend !

    4. Kunkka


      True @Jonal so many think in my Head what i would do with this char but its too early to do it :D

  5. Kunkka



  6. Kunkka


    1. Ninja


      dad got.gif

  7. Kunkka

    The Nightking Has some New Toy :D

  8. Re-Whitelist

    Sure we All Have, but After 2 Years some Big Changes have hit the Community and Rule Section so its not too BaD after so a Long time Away to get Up to Date with a Re whitelist, best Luck on it.
  9. Jánská - Media

    Like the Style of the Screens and Text Stuff keep it Coming.
  10. Kunkka

    Some VDV Titel Song xD


  11. Kunkka

    Perfect NATO-CFOR Group Titel Song xD


  12. Kunkka

    Perfect CDF Group Song xD 


  13. Kunkka

    New Liked Band :D

  14. Kunkka


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    2. Kunkka


      Mabye Dont know it Really

    3. Ninja


      He will otherwise ill stab him.

    4. Kunkka


      After 0.63 Hits Stable yes and some good mods coming to the game atm it is to Lame