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  1. Kunkka

    • Kunkka
    • Sarilla

    Love You my Girl4914727-cute-images-of-love.png

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    2. Beni


      Um.... Um... This better be a joke. 

    3. Boston


      What's your real name, Kunkka?

    4. Sarilla
  2. Kunkka

    "Tasty crocodiles go YUM YUM YUM" - Sarilla

    1. Sarilla


      and the bad mens with her rwww rwww rwww

    • Kunkka
    • Babyface

    1. Babyface


      Thanks Mr banana!

  3. was fun and a Big Shout out too @AFT3R_8URN for the Nice Rp you a Epic Rper and yes @Babyface first time we are friends ic
  4. Kunkka

    Hate to be Sick.

  5. All what i Can say is WE ALL WAS WHITENAMES. But its not a Secret that you Run sometimes in Guys/Girls with Bad Rp but hey we have a Mentor System and if you See some one that make Bad RP in your opinion, talk to him on TS and Make sure that he Knows About the Mentor System, or take him with you and Teach him too RP. Its Easy too Say hey that Rp was Shit but only from this nothing Change.
  6. Kunkka

    So Profile in Hobbit Style, Like the Avatar :P

  7. Kunkka


    1. Sarilla


      i love this song ^^

    2. Kunkka


      An I love you <3 @Sarilla

    3. Sarilla


      and i love you too so much!! <3 <3 <3 @Kunkka

  8. Kunkka

    Dont understand a  Word but i Like it :D

  9. GL guys hope too Run in you Guys in the Future
  10. Was a fun and good event Realy good organized .
  11. Kunkka

    First Win after 3 games NA, Eu Server are Shit!20170429183753_1.thumb.jpg.ed1e8f0cc6fcbdb3704ca08033001079.jpg

    1. IpERRY


      Holly fawk , I love this one !

      The music on your Profile i mean.

    2. Kunkka


      Me too dude MGS OST is Great

  12. Kunkka

    I have Titts and a vagina Give me Beanz 

  13. Kunkka

    Thank You Merkel you Fucking Bitch!

    1. Lyca


      That is funny to be honest ^_^:ph34r: