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  1. New Gaming PC Since Dez 2

    Intel Core I7 8700K

    MSI 2070 Armor Edition 8GB

    MSI Z370 Carbon Mainboard

    16GB DDR4 2666mhz Ram

    be quiet 750W Power

    be quiet Dark Rock 4 Pro CPU Cooler

    Sharkoon TG 5 RGB Case 

    And Dayz Still has FPS drops xD


  2. POV: Was Taken Hostage with Sarilla, they have bring us in a Garage in Zele Militär Base, Sarilla has Putt ther Stuff on Ground i have dont Comply try to shoot Zain and get Killt.
  3. 0 Hours Played whats Wrong ?

    1. fat man here

      fat man here

      If I am correct his computer is still fucked. 

  4. Ah ok then F1, F2 looks stupid
  5. Like the Titel, what should i Do if some on Say i should putt my hands up? The animation is atm not ingame right? Have nothing found on the Emoteweel .
  6. You Are also Alive , Nice to see you back my Evil Twin ?

    1. Castiel


      Hello my evil twin ?

  7. Kunkka

    Hello Everyone

    It was time my Friend, nice to See you Back, Brokers Again? ?
  8. You cant be a torture master without Levent being there ? 

  9. this background xD

  10. @ChipotleDragon You Are Alive ? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kunkka


      ist a Shame @Crim but you Are Alive ?

    3. Crim


      Barely ?. Good to see you back 

    4. Kunkka


      I was always Alive, but With 0.63 this Game have me back with Some dank RP ?

  11. @Gaylaxitive❤️ You Are Stille Alive my Dude?

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    2. Kunkka


      Good to Here hope that i can Rp with you in the Future

    3. Gaylaxy


      I think I met you last time you were on I was with Lyca and Demab on the northern highway?

    4. Kunkka


      yes you have, was good to see that you are now a Great RP Player My Padawan ?

      Miss Really the Angel Time ?

  12. How Long do it Take to Display the Costume Member Titel on Profile? @Roland have Buy it with Account credit ?

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    2. Kunkka


      @Sleepyhead thx for the Info ❤️

    3. Quiet


      or go here and make a request

    4. Kunkka


      @Sleepyhead na if a Admin have Time they will Take care of it 

  13. Its Time that 0.63 going on Live Servers, its Hurting me if i Look At Night on the Server Player count.?

    1. Master


      I know right, absolute agony! 

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