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"For Odin! Valhalla awaits."

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  1. Had some Nice Rp with @Jade and @Sarilla was a good day
  2. Kirby Kunkka

    So Server get DDOS Again how many Times this Month? Server is From Gaming Deluxe so Maybe talk to the Support to get a better Protection. 

    1. Sarilla
    2. Hebee


      I would imagine Rolle has already contacted them and is working with them to get the issues resolved, these things however take time. The last time we were getting dosed it took like 2 months to properly configure the protection. Be patient.

    3. Kirby Kunkka

      Kirby Kunkka

      Hope he becomes a IP from the DDOS Kid and can do stuff Agains them.

    4. Stoobs


      Who on Earth could possibly be this salty to DdoS AN RP SERVER for this long?

  3. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    For me Personal, i Love to Roleplay in this Community but i dont Play atm because most of the Rp i run in is not so Great, most of them is for me Personal Troll or bad RP but thats only my 2 Cent.But Dayzrp is still Growing so after Beta hits the life server it will be full Again Maybe 2-3 Servers are full then? We Will see.
  4. Kirby Kunkka

    Character background Musik :D 




  5. Kirby Kunkka

    A masterpiece of Gaming Soundtrack 


  6. Kirby Kunkka

    Server get a DDOS or is it my shit Internet ?

    1. Jonal


      Yeah being DDOSed hard

  7. Kirby Kunkka

    1. Lyca



  8. Kirby Kunkka

    Vaping in Subohm is Epic :D

    1. Kirby Kunkka

      Kirby Kunkka

      but must watch out or the firealarm in the apartment of my gilr goes on xD

  9. Al-Takhari Mujahideen

    Good Luck
  10. Kirby Kunkka

    Any One has Some Happy Makers? Need some.

    1. Kirby Kunkka

      Kirby Kunkka

      I dont Talk About Drugs btw only Saying what Ever no body Cares xD

    2. Sarilla


      jeah i have some

      take this

      *kiss him lovley* 

  11. Kirby Kunkka

    Vikings is a Fucking good Series :D

  12. Chernarus Redux.

    What for the Beta Update after 2-3 Month later we will have the good old Mod time Back, so its no need for a Arma 3 Rp
  13. Get out of jail card idea

    All what i Say is to get A Perma bann in this Community is Really Hard, if you are so Dumb to get Perma Banned its your Own Fault and now a Pay to Play Again? Na thats not the Way only think is some good Rpers are Perma banned but hey thats ther Fault.
  14. Falcons Militia

    Nice nice Hope to Can hop on Soon after Rust let me go Next week we can play a lot
  15. Kirby Kunkka

    That Happen when  Sarilla has to mutch Time in Rust :D20170915163734_1.thumb.jpg.f803d9ceec22641927bdc6652d0f5e43.jpg


    Thats what guys become if we Raid them :D



    1. Kirby Kunkka

      Kirby Kunkka

      all of them Made by her with a Mouse crazy shit 

    2. Sarilla
    3. Ramon


      Looks pretty good! :D My paintings are always empty :(