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  1. Editor's note: The following are newspaper clippings from the Zelenogorsk Gazette which printed around the early days of the outbreak, and later clippings from Petrovsky's personal journal. The posts will not be in a particular order. I have taken care in trying to remain consistent with the lore established. If you believe there to be an error, please let me know. The clippings are written by Editor-in-Chief Nikolai Petrovsky of the Zelenogorsk Gazette. Petrovsky was one of the few journalists to cover the original outbreak and later epidemic. Most of these clippings were confined to Zelenogorsk and did not reach the outside world due to the restrictions put in place by CDF forces. Following the epidemic and outbreak, Petrovsky continued to cover the event, mainly through first-hand accounts of survivors. Nikolai Petrovsky In the midst of the outbreak while reporting in the regional capitol of Chernogorsk for the Associated Press after Zelenogorsk had fallen, Petrovsky was arrested in an attempt to prevent him from reporting. Petrovsky was able to escape and make it out of the hot zones. An avid hunter, Petrovsky was able to start living off the land mainly as a survivalist. He was able to make it to his home in Zelenogorsk to retrieve his bulletproof press vest he used to cover the 2009 conflict, his hunting rifle and some pens and paper. He then had a duty to continue to do what he knew best -- report. CIVIL CHAOS CONTINUES EDITOR-IN-CHIEF NIKOLAI PETROVSKY ZELENOGORSK, CHERNARUS – Civil unrest continued for a second day in Zelenogorsk leaving dozens killed and many more wounded. The unrest follows five days of mysterious behavior by local citizens and unexplained movement by Chernarussian Defence Force (CDF) armament and soldiers. Gun fire erupted shortly after 1 p.m. outside the medical clinic on Zelenogorsk’s south side. Both CDF and Zelenogorsk Police Department (ZPD) officers were seen shooting at citizens. Authorities did not respond to requests for comment. According to witnesses, the shots appeared to be in self-defense as civilians began attacking CDF soldiers and climbing barricades. “(The people) just started climbing over the fences they (CDF) placed around the clinic and began grabbing and hitting and biting the soldiers,” said Edgar Yaroslavovich, a cashier at the local supermarket. “It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. The people were doing anything to get in. It was like they wanted blood.” Prior to yesterday’s incident, Yaroslavovich was told to keep working at the business located within a block of the clinic. The CDF told him the situation was under control and there was no reason to disrupt locals needing to shop. “We started closing early two days ago as CDF began setting up roadblocks along the highway,” Yaroslavovich said. “We thought we might be in danger, but they came and told us to continue. So we figured they wouldn’t lie to us.” After the gun fire erupted, CDF began ordering the residents to remain indoors. While officials won’t call the move a quarantine, that’s what many locals, including Yaroslavovich, believed it was. Despite the announcement to remain indoors, the unrest only seemed to grow. Several stores downtown were looted as people began gathering supplies fearing an extended period of unrest. Late in the evening, a group of citizens armed with rifles normally used for hunting stormed the ZPD headquarters on Zelenogorsk’s north side. Witnesses told Zelenogorsk Gazette photographers there were multiple officers and citizens shot. “It was like a military firefight in my own neighborhood,” said Boris Sherstov. “Back in 2009 we had some minor conflicts around the area, but this sounded like all-out war. I saw one gentleman walk out with a high-powered military rifle he retrieved from the department. He was bleeding from the arm, I’m pretty sure he was shot.” After the firefight, citizens many are calling “the sick” converged on the area. “It was like they were attracted by the gunfire,” Sherstov said. “I don’t know, five or 10 of them? They looked sick, I guess you could say. I’ve read the newspaper yesterday reporting on some possible sickness in Myshkino, that might be what I saw. Something was not normal about those people.” Sherstov remained inside, locked the doors and windows, and waited for the sick-looking people to disperse. “Eventually, CDF forces arrived and we heard more shots,” Sherstov said. “I’m not really sure what happened, but as quick as CDF arrived, they left.” While authorities are not releasing any information, reports coming out of Drozhino, Pavlovo and Sosnovka indicate a quarantine had also been established there. Authorities will also not comment on the apparent sickness that is spreading across the area. In a release to local media yesterday, Zelenogorsk city government called the recent events “widespread civil unrest” and called for peace. There was no mention of a sickness. However, an influx of CDF outside and patients inside the Zelenogorsk medical clinic was reported. Military vehicles clad with medical marking have also been seen leaving the medical clinic heading south out of Zelenogorsk with a police escort. A doctor who wished to remain unidentified told The Zelenogorsk Gazette that the trucks were taking sick people to a facility to receive better medical treatment. The unidentified doctor also told us the influx in the sick had rabies-like symptoms, and that this is very likely related to the recent events in Myshkino. The doctor was told by CDF officers to keep everything they saw quiet to “avoid massive, unnecessary panic.” The Zelenogorsk Gazette has been unable to independently verify these reports.
  2. At least they are persistent for a week. Slowly we're making progress. I can actually set up a little base camp which is nice.
  3. Stewie2552

    What junk do you pick up?

    I always pick up pens and paper to full my role as a reporter, so I guess technically it's junk as I don't get to use it too often. Otherwise, handcuffs are something I always grab and very, very infrequently use. That's probably the most common junk piece I grab.
  4. Good day everyone! I'm anxiously awaiting to see if my application gets approved. I have been playing since the early mod days, and I have been playing standalone since release. I've been role playing in open servers as a reporter looking to cover the outbreak and get other's perspectives, where they were, how they got here, etc. It's become increasingly difficult in the open servers as I am often KoS. So, I heard of this community and I am looking to join you all. I like writing feature stories on paper and leaving them in super markets. Anyone ever come across one? Longest one was on 6 pieces of paper, about 1000 words! I actually am an editor-in-chief as my occupation, and this game fills my spare time. So I guess I'm role playing myself! The Press Vest is my most coveted item currently in the standalone. Luckily, pens and paper are pretty easy to come by. Anyway, have a great day everyone! Looking forward to being a part of this community.