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  1. I had a blast Roleplaying on server 3 all last night. We met a bunch of people, some more shady then others . But it was great. The convasation on green mountain was perfect. I hope we get more of this. You guys can check out the video on Shadows twitch http://www.twitch.tv/sgtshadowsong/v/6819493.
  2. I got accepted! So i will most likely get on later! Thanks for all the positive replys by the way. Its cool that you guys offer your assistance when i was having truble.
  3. Ok, so i reapplied, and it is somewhat true to the Lore if you include the broadcasts... I'm crossing my fingers that this one is a home run .
  4. hmmm... I got rejected because i aparently didn't explain the rules proberly. So there will be a while before i reapply with a new application. Untill then
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome. I hope its not the biggest of problems that my carrector storie isn't completely true to the lore of DayZ. But i figured out after i posted the whitelisting aplication. That is quite a long story though. Tough read. But i hope to see you all soon ingame.
  6. Hello, My name is Jakob Berntsen. I sent in my application this other day, and i just want to introduce myself. I come from Denmark, i work in the metal industry, and i play computergames. I like proper roleplay, so i decided to check this place out, so im looking forward to getting on the server and meeting everyone .