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  1. PC build

    If you think you can build a PC go for it. If you're not comfortable, I'd reccomend buying a pre-built PC from somewhere like iBuyPower.
  2. How did you find out about this community?

    I was scrolling through the server list!
  3. You pull out your combat knife from your boot hoping to get out one way or the other.
  4. Mason's logs

    Aw, I read them all and it was sad to see hope transferr into anger.
  5. The Field Trip of Your Life

    Wow I really imagined this in my head like a movie. Great job!
  6. Cheers

    Thank you everyone!
  7. What do you miss?

    Jay misses all of the friends he had and his popularity around his hometown.
  8. Cheers

    Thank you to both of you!: )
  9. Outfits for Roleplaying

    I like to wear black baseball cap, black drybag, black vest, black pants, and a black jacket. I like to be called the "Black Knight". It sticks to my personality, quiet but manipulative.
  10. Fedor Taras - A Man With A Story

    That was great! I was expecting when his father fell he was going to turn into a Z.
  11. Cheers

    Hello everyone! As you can see I am new to this community. It looks like a pretty warming and welcoming community. I really like this whole idea of bringing RP into DayZ. This is going to be fun!