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  1. Dclawrush

    PC build

    If you think you can build a PC go for it. If you're not comfortable, I'd reccomend buying a pre-built PC from somewhere like iBuyPower.
  2. You pull out your combat knife from your boot hoping to get out one way or the other.
  3. Aw, I read them all and it was sad to see hope transferr into anger.
  4. Wow I really imagined this in my head like a movie. Great job!
  5. Jay misses all of the friends he had and his popularity around his hometown.
  6. Thank you to both of you!: )
  7. Dclawrush

    Outfits for Roleplaying

    I like to wear black baseball cap, black drybag, black vest, black pants, and a black jacket. I like to be called the "Black Knight". It sticks to my personality, quiet but manipulative.
  8. That was great! I was expecting when his father fell he was going to turn into a Z.
  9. Hello everyone! As you can see I am new to this community. It looks like a pretty warming and welcoming community. I really like this whole idea of bringing RP into DayZ. This is going to be fun!