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  1. I will just say shortly what I said to him in PM. I don't know what actually happened there, but, someone shot my IC brother, I shot the guy that I thought he was the killer and when I described what was the look of the person I killed to my friend (IC brother), he said that I killed the wrong guy. Yes, I killed him and as I said in the PM, I am very sorry and it wasn't supposed to be you AT ALL!
  2. Mellou

    S1 - BadRP/Abusing Server Restart @ GM

    -User was warned for this post-
  3. Mellou

    S1 - BadRP/Abusing Server Restart @ GM

    are you aware that lying in a report is punishable? we have video evidence of him running from outside the gates to the prison building. I've seen the Twitch video again and in 3m you can actually see Sasha runs to the prison (sorry, it wasn't me as I said in the first comment, I was running out of the prison because one of you told me). Now that I got it clear and he told me that it was him, he actually spawned near the gates and run to the prison (I don't know why, I was sure he spawned in the prison), after you started shouting at him, he got stressed as I mentioned before and then all of it happened. I have nothing to add, now it's clear to me too. -Removed by staff-
  4. Mellou

    S1 - BadRP/Abusing Server Restart @ GM

    First of all, the guy who run out from the gate was me, Ano'i Barret (I spawned and one of your(?) guys told me to just run out and leave the place). As you said, there was a guy who said "I just respawn" and it is was my IC brother Sasha Barret. After this he said that he just woke up, and he changed his words (he got confused). I am, Ano'i Barret, was actually still behind the house on the mountain and I heard how you killed him. Ofc he knew that you killed my other IC brother Allen Barret before this because I saw it and told him before he even open the game (can't I?) and it was our mistake because he stressed and started shouting at you and then just started shooting "at you" because you wanted him to come out with his hands up. Allen Barret got killed without a reason, yes, they(?) told him to go away but I was searching for him and told him to stay there and wait for me (Ano'i Barret). I said my words, I am not asking for someone to give Sasha a chance, but the admins will do their job. (Were you even talking in the game? because I was sure I always need to talk in the game)