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  1. He moved to get a position behind us, with a weapon in his hand. Not complying. People who are afraid has their fight of flight instinct make their choices. As I see it, this man moved behind us, weapon in hand, not complying to the demands and being a risk at our lives. He was aware he was initiated upon, he heard the demands, and he chose not to comply to them. Had he been standing there, turned around or something. He would not have been shot. He chose to try and get behind us with his gun in hand however. Which is non-compliance and a danger to our lives. As answered in the other report (regarding the same situation and person might I add.) the video is cut there, cause that's where I saved the shadow from shadowplay. Did you seriously not hear the guy shouting Im friendly I dont want a problem with you guys. when you gunned him down
  2. This still has no relation to warning ed once and instantly shooting him He should've complied and he would've lived. Instead of complying, he reacted to it and made his move to take position. No further responses will be necessary from me unless requested by the staff team. we never heard the turn around and your dead, the caht system was slightly broken or laggy sorry, it literally said hands above your head and cut out.
  3. Who was natalie Natalie was the female you were running with. This still has no relation to warning ed once and instantly shooting him
  4. Server and location: server 2 us south of berezino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 20:30 Daytime or Night-time: daytime Your in game name: Geoff Jones Names of allies involved: Ed Foxton, Yassin bronson Name/Skin of suspect/s:red armband, berets , names unknown Suspects weapon/s:aks, svds Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):none Detailed description of the events:After meeting two friendly people, I saw a man with an svd hiding in the woods, so I decided to engage in a friendly conversation as I did with the two other strangers. My friend ed foxton came to say hi and that is when more of the came. One said put the guns down but shot ed foxton within seconds of saying this. I did open fire as I had actually gained KOS rights. I was killed. My other friend Yassin Bronson was killed after being restrained, he did not protest.
  5. Hi Im new to this so Im just gonna warn you, The religion of geoff will dominate chernarus