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  1. McFluffyDucky

    Miscreated giveaway

    Just gonna post here if thats okay
  2. Phase 2 has been added to the backstory explaining our absence and our return
  3. Were using a separate Teamspeak at the moment as one of our members can't access the DayzRP one. PM me if you want the address.
  4. *Beckford flicks through the different transmissions half listening to peoples broadcasts until hearing a voice familiar to him* "Hello, I'm not sure if this is the person i spoke to a few weeks back but if it is, it's Julian Beckford!" *He takes a small breath* "Anyway if it is or isn't, when do you want this to be done? Me and a few of my guys should be able to help out"
  5. *Beckford Ends the recorded message and replies with pain in his voice* "I'm sure the town is safe enough with its current owners that me and my collogue ran into. Although they seemed to have the infected threat under control, I'd be more worried about them, rather than the infected". *Beckford takes a breath and ends the transmission*
  6. Well we dont really have a base of operations or an area where we hang out, we just tend to be around the map here and there but most of the time were around the Vybor, North west airfeild and sometimes over near green mountain way.
  7. *Beckford picks up his radio and presses the button* "Hello Survivors, this is Julian Beckford of the Masked Men with a message concerning your safety. We request that all citizens avoid the area of Severograd from 20:00 until 22:00 tonight. The area will be involved in severe fighting as we intend to drive back and neutralise the infected best we can. We therefore respectfully ask you remain at least five hundred metres away from the city to ensure you are not caught up in the fighting. This message is played on repeat every two minutes *Beckford puts down the radio and looks over Severograd planning for the assault*
  8. Got the same issue and spawned as a fresh spawn, tried changing servers numerous times, yet every time I switch back to server 1, my character gets reset again and I spawn as another fresh spawn
  9. McFluffyDucky

    Coldwater [Open Recruitment] [Active]

    Congrats guys! Look forward to seeing you in game
  10. *Beckford raises his radio to his mouth* "Hello survivors of Chernarus, this is Julian Beckford of the Infection Containment Unit" *he takes a breath" "You probably do not know who I am, or who we are but you have nothing to fear from us, in fact I'm making the broadcast asking for your help. We are asking all survivors to volunteer to help our cause by donating blood. The blood donated will be used for testing and disposed of appropriately when finished with. We request that all those willing meet us at Bashnya just north of the airfield in the Northwest of the region at 2130 hours tomorrow where our team of medics and doctors will collect the blood samples. Although we do not have much to offer you in return, we do have some supplies of food and drink that will be distributed after the samples are collected. We understand that you may be worried about your safety, but I promise that the area will be fully protected by our Specialists. In order to improve security, we request that all those approaching the area, do so from the road to the south." *He pauses* "If you have any question regarding this broadcast, contact me back on this frequency" *Beckford relaxes, and put his radio back in his pouch*
  11. "ohhh sorry" The smoke monster from lost gave us quite the scare
  12. Addressed the issues raised and made the changes that were discussed. -Brand new backstory written that should now fit in with the lore. -Reworded some of the sentences that were a little confusing. -Made some slight changes to the goals. Additional Changes -Changed Uniform: Blue armband now required rather than white. -Changed role description slightly.
  13. Group Page Welcome to The Masked Men media thread! This is where any media regarding pictures, videos and audio media will be posted. Feel free to post any of your media relevant to us. James King looking badass! Cooking Bambi feat Bambi's dad in the background Naomi Lyonsfield collecting the first samples "Tactical Ops" Naomi Daydreaming (Many More to Come)
  14. Would like to welcome Mellstrom as Naomi Lyonsfield to the Infection Containment Unit! Glad to have you aboard buddy! New orders Inbound...
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