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  1. Just wondering if this thread was going to be resolved?
  2. I have had no issue with what you have said in the report but this is an outright lie, you made the sounds as if you were spitting on us and now you're trying to lie for what reason? It's slightly ironic how you're turning this into a playground fight after lying in the first place? Of course its 3 versus the word of 1, you could quite frankly say anything as you just have done and are trying to take advantage of it, which i'm honestly not surprised would happen
  3. He also spat on us twice while we were asking him question. My friend put on brass knuckles and even said: "Are you sure you don't want to re-consider your answers?" or something along those lines. I at no point 'spat' on you. You at no point told me i would be shot for not telling you my name. And the 'answer' you tried to beat out of me was only one, my name.
  4. Did you tell him that he would be shot if he didn't give you his name? i can confirm that they did not.
  5. The reason i didn't give my name is that they didn't act in at all friendly manner, only repulsive and thief like; why should i give my name after I've allowed 3 fully armed men to take my possessions purely because he 'wanted one', and handcuff me? I responded calmly and correctly, and should've been treated with the respect i deserve (as clearly stated in the rules). I hadn't initiated the robbery. However, I'd been looking a loooooong time for an AK and took his accordingly. My friends initially caught him "stealing" from the guardhouse and decided to handcuff, disarm him and find out who he was, which was followed by a series of questions including us asking him for his name. As stated previously, he refused to answer. He's changing his story now saying that we kept asking him for his name when he was unconscious, which isn't true. One of the initial questions when he was concious was: "What's your name?". You ran up to me, told me to drop all my possessions, one of you took my ak, whilst handcuffed then asked for my name? Since when do you steal in a post apocalyptic world, did you claim the loot at the guardhouse? honestly, you're childish initiation of a situation and the way you 3 people dealt with an unarmed handcuffed calm person now is starting to reflect on the forums as you're accusing me of lying?
  6. i'd like to point out the robbery began before any questions were asked, as one of the players took my ak74 whom later killed me with it. Only then was i asked for my name; and i said why would you want a name of a victim of whom you're robbing? I was then knocked out. I responded calmly and accordingly, only to be greeted in an out of order, vulgar tone. I was your hostage, and i complied, you clearly catalyzed the situation to where you thought it would be okay to shoot me? Half the time i couldnt respond to your 'answer us with your f***ing name', because i was unconscious? -User received warning points for this post- (let me re-iterate, the robbing began for no reason AT all)
  7. Your in game name: Daniel Topalov Names of allies involved: - Name/Skin of suspect/s: - Suspects weapon/s:Ak74 Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):- Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):- Detailed description of the events:Considering it was my first encounter in dayz rp, i didnt think about screenshotting as i didnt believe anything bad would come of the matter! My first experience is anything but riveting and follows the guidelines of the rules, after my friends were declined as they were not fit for gameplay, i was shot dead whilst in cuffs after refusing to give THREE hostiles my name ( yes i refused to give my name ) . The situation arose at Cherno near the guard tower by the coast, i was looting whilst 3 bandits arrived and told me to F***ing drop my weapon (which i did), he then told me to count to 100 whilst take my gun for his own as his other 2 friends had me at gunpoint, i was then handcuffed and viciously told to give them my name in which i refused after their malicious actions, as a result i was made unconscious (still in handcuffs), obviously whilst unconscious you can't speak... so i didnt reply to the 'are you F***ing up yet?', when i got up again refused to give them my name and the 3rd bandit proceeded to shoot and kill me with an AK. What a great and truly realistic first experience which obviously coincided with every guideline. happened on server 2 and 23:00 gmt