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  1. Jacob is a 4th generation member of the powerfull Goldstein family. As a young banker eager to prove his worth to his family, Jabob and his brothers were given the oppertunity to temporarily move to Chernarus and expand the Goldstein family operations as the country struggled through it's economic crisis. With the help of his brothers, Jacob invested heavily in Chernorussian infrastructure and industry in order to gain a foothold in the country. Jacob and his brothers now roam Chernarus as traders, often loaning out weapons and ammo to be rapayed later with intrest.
  2. William was born in Seattle Washington to an upper middle class family. Growing up he tended to struggle socially and often stuck to himself throughout middleschool and his early years of highschool. After graduating highscholl, William attended Oregon State University, studying Mechanical Engineering . Durring the summer of his Junior year, William landed a summer internship working abroad in Chernarus in order to help assist in the final stages of retrofitting an old manufacturing plant purchased by a large manufacturing company looking to expand their operations in Chernarus.
  3. Garrett

    Ban Appeal

    Sorry it took so long guys. Unfortunately the audio got messed up as I don't really use my recording software often, it will most likely be of little use on the audio side, however you can get some idea of what happened.
  4. Garrett

    Ban Appeal

    Alright It should be done uploading in about an hour
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Although I can understand why I was banned, I was preparing to post my pov video today. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I took a road trip a few days ago and when I got back I played games for two days thinking the report would be over by then. Once I fdeo tound out it wasn't I got angry and just sort of stopped looking until last night, at which point I planned to post the video today. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: The ability to prove my innocence in the report I was involved in. What could you have done better?: Posted my video in a timely manner, as well as being more proactive in my communication on the report.
  6. Garrett

    S2: KoS in Cherno - 2017-08-27 22:00

    Please don't take my words out of context, I asked @Strawberry to clerify the rule after the fact at which point he explained to me that I broke the rule to his knowledge. At the time of the incident I was unaware of this due to the fact that stealing is technically a hostile act. As you can see on rule 8.2 it vauguely states 8.2 A character that is taken hostage may only be executed once for a hostile incident that happened in the past where the character was responsible for, or participated in the incident. At the time of the inident I was unaware that stealing does not allow you to execute someone even though in the rules it is a hostile act. I appologised after the fact once I realized I had made a mistake and admitted that I then knew that it was not allowed.
  7. Garrett

    S2: KoS in Cherno - 2017-08-27 22:00

    Two days ago 8/27/2017 at Kovars market @Raven06, @Servous and I noticed a vehicle that looked extremely simular to one which I had drove to our base earlier that day. As @Raven06 and @Servous stayed at the market I snuck away from the market to check and make sure the vehicle was still where I had left it. As I arrived I heard a car come by and I began to try and communicate while he struggled to move the car up a hill. He eventually drove off with the car as @Raven06, @Servous, and possibly @Leucifer (I cannot contact him to confirm if he was there) came to my location. After the car made it about 60-100 meters out @Raven06 fired warning shots which to my knowledge were fired away from the vehicle in order to give a loud vocal indicator that we wanted to communicate. After chasing @Tyler Chambersalmost all the way to Kozlovka we decided to end the chase. Fast forward to today 8/28/2017 I hear news from @Leucifer that a man matching the description of the car theif was located at Kovars Market. Therefore @Raven06, @Servous, @Leucifer and I met up at Kovars and decided to take @Tyler Chambers hostage in order to relocate the misssing vehicle. After bringing him into a building in Chapaevesk we learned the location of the car at which point we had him take us to the stolen vehicle. Once we arrived and found the car we informed him he had to be punished. It is important to mention that @Tyler Chambers had already icly admitted to stealing our vehicle which I had percieved to be a hostile action. At this point I go into a mental breakdown about how he had to pay for what he did and in the heat of the moment I shot him. It is important to know that I icly had to do alot of things I didn't want to do in order to find this man, like interrogating two unarmed men. 8.2 A character that is taken hostage may only be executed once for a hostile incident that happened in the past where the character was responsible for, or participated in the incident.
  8. Matthew Hanson is a 26 year old American born hunter. For his 26th birthday he and his friend Cole Smith decided to go on hunting trip in Chernarus. As chaos and turmoil erupted all throughout Chernarus Cole and Matthew were unaware as they were staying in a campsite they had set up in the woods. One night an infected came through their camp, killing cole in the process. Matthew was able to escape but soon realized the terror that had occured once he made it back to Zelenogorsk. Now alone in a country he knows little about, Matthew must learn to adapt and survive in his new enviorment
  9. POV: While scoped in on sniper hill by vybor military a man in a yellow armband told my friend and I to put our hands up. I proceeded to turn around to engage the target, then fled from the scene. Forgive me if this is not why I was called in, but I don't believe I was involved in the OP's situation.
  10. *Michael looks puts a new battery into the radio and presses the PTT* "I' think I'll take you up on your offer, I've made my way down to the coast. Do you have a radio frequency, i don't want to broadcast where I am for everyone to hear?" *Michael releases the PTT and waits for a response*
  11. *Michael Walker stares at the radio it his hand and presses down on PTT* "People of Chernarus, as many of you know, a group of criminals calling themselfs the Horsemen currently control the northwest airfield. They control the area with an iron fist, using torture and murder to acheive their own selfish goals. I say it's time we stand up against these criminals and bring them to justice!" *Michael releases the PTT and the transmition ends*
  12. *Bill Fontain looks down at the radio in his hand and presses the transmit button and begins talking in a southern accent "Most of ya'l prabably remember me as the Sasquatch man,well guess what, I'm back!" he says in an enthusiastic tone "And I'm gonna catch me a sasquatch!" * The transmission ends
  13. *A man looks down at the radio in his hand "Ta.....Taaa....ate Holl...ows" he says to himself, struggling to remember who Tate Hollows even is. He presses down on the transmit button and begins to speak in a confused voice. "Hell...hello my name is Robert Smith, I um... I think I am at least. Almost a... year ago I was a shot in the head, it um... messed me up pretty good. Thats one of the few thing I um... do remember. Anyways, I also remember the name Ta..Ta...Tate Holl...Hollows. I don't know who the hell he is or how I know him. So...um if you are listening Tate, I um..need your help. *Robert sets the radio on the ground and begins to cry "Who the hell am I?"
  14. OK, thanks for the feedback guys.
  15. I was thinking of starting a new unoficial group of us army soldiers sent by the remnants of the Us government to set up a new American colony in Chernarus and was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining. Pm me for more details
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