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  1. I am forcibly removed from DayZ

    Which I might just do, you make a good point. I believe one of the bandits made an effort to give me something so I wouldn't at least starve, but another one of the bandits took the bag. So I mean that's neat.
  2. I am forcibly removed from DayZ

    I mean there's nothing anyone's supposed to say, I just wanted to communicate the fact that an interesting thing happened to me, and people seem to think that all it means is that I'm a miserable incompetent. Which I mean that's fine if they do, I don't really care. (they're not wrong)
  3. I am forcibly removed from DayZ

    I'm well aware it's a survival, and I'm not gonna make a report. As Castiel said it's a survival game. I'm not upset, as I said before, this was more or less for shits and giggles, don't misinterpret this as me being super salty. If I was super salty, you'd be seeing this in the reports thread, not in discussion.
  4. I am forcibly removed from DayZ

    You know? That's exactly what went through my head 30 seconds before I froze to death.
  5. I am forcibly removed from DayZ

    Because I wanted to. And because I could.
  6. I am forcibly removed from DayZ

    No... no really??
  7. I am forcibly removed from DayZ

    Got robbed. Left with nothing. Froze to death.
  8. Inventory: Robbed Hunger: Extreme Rain: Pouring I am forcibly frozen to death. This isn't a post bitching or complaining. I'm just communicating an interesting thing which just so happened to have happened to me.
  9. Hola!

    Howdy, everyone! I've been on a long hiatus, but I decided to rejoin the community. I mean, I figured it'd be worthwhile to say hello, hope to have as much fun as I always have in DayZRP!
  10. Hello, everyone! Of late I've been too busy with school, and other persuasions (Fallout) to play any DayZ. I've just been wondering what I've been missing out on in my time away?
  11. What type pf character to do next?

    I definitely think the community needs more cynicism, liven up the role play a little, make interactions a little bit more valuable.
  12. What type pf character to do next?

    I think that the community needs more people who are cautious, wary of their surroundings, and cynical of others, maybe to the point of being fearful of other's intentions. More and more people are too quick to just walk up to others and spark a conversation in a world where really you could be killed at any moment. In my honest opinion, more characters like that might create a "monkey see monkey do" mentality of people being more fearful and cynical of others, which, at the moment people are complaining is creating problems with role playing, which I must agree with. Just my two cents, but that seems like a pretty good idea for a character if you ask me, certainly would be fun I think.
  13. Sin [DynamicGroup] #SaveRP?

    I've been playing as a conscripted soldier who's terrified of his own shadow. Plenty of people just sort of shrug it off because, as was previously stated, people seem to think themselves the kings of the world, and if you don't have what they need or want, you're not important enough to roll play with. (I mean, it doesn't help that he's completely introverted, and writes letters to god, but I mean who knows what might happen?)