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  1. So does anybody have any word on Vehicle persistence? Does it exist now? What's the word?
  2. I kinda... actually lost sleep over Rolle's response last night Something about it just took me aback
  3. Alright. The second civil war. Happened in 2009. Got it. Same page. So then, if 2009 is the second civil war, then what information do you have, or where can you point me to find information on the first civil war?
  4. I suppose I should mention where "1st" in the "1st chernarussian revolution" comes from. You see, it was my understanding, up until now,that the Chedaki's "movement of the red star" constituted the "2nd Chernarussian Revolution" which meant there was some other violent uprising which had happened some time in the mid 90's.That violent uprising in the 90's (following far later than the collapse of the Soviet Union) is what I'm asking about
  5. I've still not gotten an answer. Am I just experiencing the Mandella Effect right now? I don't know if it was official Arma 2 lore, or just DayZRP lore from a long time ago, but if I could get any help whatsoever I'd really appreciate it.
  6. Following the collapse of the soviet union, (to my knowledge,) there was a revolution which took place in or around 1995, well before the Chedaki's Movement of the Red Star. I'd go into more detail, but alas, that's why I'm here asking about it.
  7. I'm rewriting my character, Vasili's, biography, and one of the parts of his story is that his father died in the 1st Chernarussian revolution. However I cannot find any information on the 1st Chernarussian Revolution. I've already read through "the Big Book of Chernarus" and last I remember the revolution took place in 1995 (?) and I was wondering if anyone had any information, or could anyone point me in the right direction regarding the 1st Chernarussian revolution? Thank you very much!
  8. ComradePilgrim

    o7 folks

    Dosvetdanya, tovarisch.
  9. ComradePilgrim

    Unique Faces (22nd July 2018)

    Thank you very many!
  10. ComradePilgrim

    Unique Faces (22nd July 2018)

    This honestly looks like a lot of fun. I'd love for Vasili to be a part of the saviours if'n that's alright!
  11. ComradePilgrim

    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    I think that there's two sides to the argument. On the surface, there are a lot of different lore questions, or additions to the lore which could be made very easily by someone like a Loremaster. But then, staff already has all the powers and privileges, as well as all the knowledge a Loremaster might have considering 1, they're staff they should know these things (At least, I presume they should) 2, they have numbers; even if one specific member of staff doesn't know, another would. But on a counter to that point, staff has a lot to do already. And distributing the job of Loremaster unto all of them is a lot more on their plates, and I could very easily see the lore going under because of it. I think I'd have to +1 to re-instating Loremaster.
  12. Nope. I am aware of this glitch, but no, it was not this glitch. When we were in Vybor there were 2 V3S', a bus, my Lada 4x4, and a Volga GAZ-24. Not one of them had a driver in them at the time of the server wipe/crash (?) and all of them disappeared when we relogged into the server. All our characters were still there, barrels, even a pair of shoes sitting on the ground that someone had thrown, but no cars anywhere.
  13. Gave a ride to @UndeadRP after I found my Lada 4x4 (R.I.P) Picked up @Kriss Blade with @toomuchkvass (good luck with the radiation, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S) Also got to spend a great deal of time with @Douglas Carmine as well as getting to see @Jono the giant (sorry for lettin' you starve to death last time around) Got to spend a little less time with @Camokid95 but still, it was a lot of fun to meet 'cha.
  14. So I was just in the camp in Vybor when the server reset and all the vehicles disappeared. Is vehicle persistence removed? is it a server thing? Or is it a full DayZ thing?