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  1. That's honestly one of the nicest things anyone has ever even considered doing for me in DayZRP, thank you! ?
  2. Finally found one on S2, thank you all for the heads up!
  3. I might just have to give that a try while it's still feasible to do so, thank you!
  4. That's actually kind of shocking considering that I've run through almost every major military base in the west of South Zagoria and found absolutely nothing. Thank you, though, I do appreciate knowing that it's just the game hating me and not me looking in vain.
  5. I've been looking left right and center for the TSH-4 Tanker Helmet (Pic) which I've been totally unable to find, and at this point I'm wondering if they still exist in-game? It would suck if it didn't exist anymore because it's probably one of my favorite helmets not only in game but in real life and it fits really well with my character Thanks!
  6. Not sure why it didn't work before, but that did the trick. Thank you.
  7. When I search for S1 through the DayZ menu it would not appear, attempting to join through the DayZRP website link only lead me to a glitchy buffering loading screen that kept "loading" for half an hour, and trying to join through the DayZ launcher by putting in the IP and the port into the launcher yielded the same. I was wondering if anyone had a fix for this issue
  8. +1 to more Eastern Equipment in general I need my fix of Eastern Bloc Camouflage patterns. I will not be satisfied until we're at East German Rain Pattern.
  9. Had so much fun with @Freakshow661 that I totally lost track of time and only came-to at 3am!
  10. Great to see the progress being made with the mods and community!
  11. What's going on in the server right now? The same message keeps getting spammed over and over saying that the there's "No connection to database" and that characters won't be saved. Should I be concerned? Should I stop playing until the server figures itself out?
  12. Introduction: Emil Arturovich Cernik, now known as Marak Kalan, born the middle child of 5 brothers at the end of the Soviet Union, is a former enlisted man in the Chernarussian Defense Force who has assumed the identity of a CDF officer by the name of Marak Kalan. Before the Infection: Emil was born into a collapsing Soviet Union, and a newly formed independent Chernarussian State. His father was a lifelong sailor aboard a cargo ship, and his mother worked day-in and day-out in a textile mill. This lead to Emil and his brothers being raised by their eldest brother, Ujarak. Eventually, however, Ujarak was forced to take up work at the dockyards of Primorsk. It was in the dockyards that Ujarak was tragically killed in a freak factory accident. Emil's brothers then looked to him to take care of them, which he did until he turned 17 when he lied about his age and enlisted in the military. Only a few months later the Movement of the Red Star began, and Emil was deployed to liberate South Zagoria from the Chedaki. More to come soon!
  13. *** once again the static turns to a voice *** Trym?? Trym, where is Doctor Osaka?? *** the voice is lost almost as quickly as it appeared ***
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